Tuesday, March 10, 2009

RIQUELME steps down after fight with MARADONA

Another chapter in RIQUELME's troublesome personal and professional history.

Last Thursday I wrote about some of MARADONA's comments in a television show. He said he would like RIQUELME to play for him and he needs him to be able to dribble past one man and work together with his team-mates up front.

All the major newspapers, radio stations and television channels informed today that MARADONA called RIQUELME several times over the last few days and the Boca player never picked up the phone or called him back.

Apparently, RIQUELME, hurt after listening to Diego's comments has been maturing his decision and today he moved all his media contacts to ask for a live television appearance on Telenoche (the most popular news show).

Here are some of the quotes I could get from him. As you'll notice, he never mentions Diego MARADONA by his name. Instead, he says: "the national team manager".

"The national team manager doesn't have the same codes I have. We don't have the same way of thinking. We can't work together. It hurts me a lot. I love the national team and I love to play for them, but I have my ethics and I can't go against them".

"I'm being perfectly clear. I'm hurt because I'm going to miss out on the next World Cup. I'm hurt that I'm not going to represent my country anymore."

"I've heard on the radio that I was not going to France. Nobody called me to let me know".

"This is not about a missed call or something like that. This is about some things at work that I don't share with the national team manager".

In a future post, I'll share my thoughts on this subject with all of you.


johnny said...

The ongoing saga of Riquelme ! Well, maybe it is the best for everybody concerned. Roman hasn't looked on top of his game for almost two years now. Not since the Libertadores before last. Even as a Boca fan, I would say that if Roman is not in top flight form, the NT might be better off without him. We know he won't accept playing unless everything is exactly as he wants it, and if he is not tip top, then why put up with his controlling manner ? Even at Boca it is clear that his relationship with many players has suffered since Boca got booted out of the Libertadores last year. He no longer has the friendship of Palermo, and I think a number of the more experienced players at Boca view him as a nuisance and as two faced. In fact, you could speculate that some of Roman's negative influence could account for some poor morale at Boca right now.
Hey, this is Diego's team now, not Coco's team, and Diego is pretty much going to have it the he wants it (unless mafia boss Grondona gets involved). So, more power to Diego and if Roman doesn't want to play, so be it. Diego is trying to get a motivated team together without distractions and with that being the case, there may be no room for pain in the ass Riquelme.

messidona19 said...

unbelievable this news! out of the blur clear sky it just shocks me! same incidents were when bielsa quit , riquelme retired after the world cup and when basile left although the last one was much to my delight. i agree with u johnny somewhat but we will surely miss riquleme's goals , assists and holding possession skills. i believe that he left the national team bcoz he was not anymore the focal point of the national team , he was not the true number 10 in the team anymore because messi overtook his throne . it's a big dissapointment to see him not in terms with the man who loves him and the boca shirt , maradona...
i'm dissapointed too that veron could be the next number 10 of the team because he lacks that certain style , touch and panache that only riquelme can bring to the game
i wish he could come back and grace the argentine shirt for the 2010 world cup so that not all focus will be on messi and aguero but divided among all team members.
please come back riki

Anonymous said...

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