Tuesday, March 10, 2009

MARADONA: "RIQUELME won't return while I'm boss"

Perhaps being in the know, MARADONA said, minutes before RIQUELME made his announcement: "A player that quits my national team, won't play again for me for as long as I'm the boss".

He then added that he was planning on using RIQUELME for the upcoming World Cup Qualifiers against Venezuela and Bolivia.

"On Monday we worked on the 27-player squad we've got in our heads for the next two matches and Roman is included" added MARADONA.

Also, before RIQUELME's comments, Diego said: "I don't even think of RIQUELME quitting. I've spoken to him when he was in Tandil (with Boca Juniors in the offseason) and he wanted to play. I don't know what he would think now. He's got everything to win. A team to manage on the field and the chance for all of us who want RIQUELME as our national team leader, the guy to provide that perfect assist".

Then, just moments after RIQUELME's announcement, Diego said: "I won't cry over this. If he wants to quit, so be it. It's his decision".

"I'm really sad because of his decision. I'm sorry because he had the chance to prove everyone that he was able to play a key role for my team".

"In my opinion, he took a wrong decision".

"The player who doesn't want to be in my team, is out".


John said...

Well if Roman wishes to kiss the National team goodbye so be it. Once again, he has betrayed the trust that we as Albiceleste fan have placed upon him. I’m sad as much as anyone for all this to happen.

I was looking for the moment to see how he does fit in Diego plans. Looks like that will never happen. I guess we will just never understand just exactly what does go through his mind.

Diego is the boss, so therefore he has all the right to make the decision on what is best for the national team. That even means asking Roman to do a bit more for the sake of the team.

It is about time we move away from the idea that our beloved team is always depending on one man. We have plenty of gifted players who would die for being given the chance to wear the jersey.

I call upon every Albiceleste fan to move on from here. The National Team needs our support more than ever before.

Diego, you have my backing on this.

Anonymous said...

John, I am not taking sides here but it is pretty clear Riquelme is not really wanted on the team. You have to see his side. But you know what, it is what it is. His place is going to be very hard to replace but maybe a free flowing game is what Argentina needs instead of a #10 who stands in the middle of the pitch.


John said...

I understand where you’re coming from Jack! I agree with you that we will never find another gem like him.

But still, he needs to be more humble in his approach and understand that he is no longer the only important player in the national team. There must be a reason why the others have discarded him (as reported in the dressing in the friendly match against France).
Roman can’t go on thinking “it’s either his way of the highway”. And I believe Diego wants to make that clear with him.

To be honest, I’m love Roman more than I ever love Juan Sebastian VERON.

However in the end, it seems that La Brujuta is showing the right attitude on why he wants be reunited with the national team again despite the constant criticism he receives from many (including myself).

That’s the kind of the spirit we need in our national team.

FADZIL said...

So sad when i heard that Roman Riquelme not wish to be part of the Argentina's squad for the World Cup 2010. I like to see Roman to be the argentina's captain for the WC.

I wish Roman will think about it again. For me, football is not just for individual satisfied.. But bring the trophy to the country is more "touch heart".. So Roman, you should think about it..

StrikerNumberNine said...

Riquelme is a problematic player. Better out of the ANT, there are better players now out there!

Sebastian said...

Appreciate your comments. Now, for those still wishing or dreaming RIQUELME will turn around the corner and change his decision, better start turning around the corner yourselves. I don't think the situation will change.

He is out of the national team radar for good. It was HIS decision.

He did it to himself.

I agree with the last comment (StrikerNumberNine) and I add: we need players that are 100% committed to the cause.

I have faith in Diego and his loyal players.

Anonymous said...

he can do nothing without Riquelme

Anonymous said...

He doesnt want to play for Maradona, as he cant manage a football team. thats it. Maradona needs to get sacked.

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