Saturday, March 21, 2009

Meet our (temporary) 3rd choice GK: Federico VILAR

Excuse the image quality, but the idea is to show you a selection of some of the best saves from our, somehow, surprise third keeper for the upcoming World Cup Qualifiers against Venezuela and Bolivia: Federico VILAR.

He is a product of the Boca Juniors youth system and he is playing for Mexican side Atlante, but to be honest, I haven't seen much of him and I'm taking the opportunity to introduce him to you.

Due to injury to Sergio ROMERO (MARADONA's second choice for goalkeeper after Juan Pablo CARRIZO, Diego has called up the Lazio custodian and Estudiantes' Mariano ANDÚJAR as his back-up. Waiting in the background and surely thrilled to be in the squad even if he stands virtually no chance of playing, here's Federico VILAR doing what he is expected to do...


John said...

Not a bad addition to the squad. Certainly what from we've seen on this clip, he can give the rest our keeper a run for their money.

Eazy said...

Look, it's not to say anything bad about any keeper from Argentina, but honestly, I think as of lately, Federico Vilar is the best goalkeeper born in Argentina, he is very good, considering that I have been watching him play for a lot of time now, I think that in Mexico, either Vilar or Guillermo Ochoa are the best Goalkeepers, most of the country seems to thinks that, but trust me, he is a very good goalkeeper. Most of it is, he is very consistent, he is good all time around, I think right now, he is definetly better than either Carrizo or Abbondanzieri, this guy is very good. And about the video, he has a lot more good saves than that. I'm not an Atlante fan, but he is one of the best goalkeepers in the Americas. To be honest, he is the complete opposite of a European style goalkeeper, the Europeans are disciplined, tactic, calm, Vilar likes to be flashy a little, his long passes are excellent, he likes to play with the ball. Hopefully he ain't (Temporary), as you say, because he is definetly the best keeper born in Argentina. This is just my opinion.

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