Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tickets to watch Argentina on high demand

The tickets sale for Argentina v. Venezuela started on Wednesday morning in Buenos Aires and the demand has been impressive, despite an increment in prices of about 35%.

The cheapest seats have already sold out and it only took one hour for the eager fans to do so.

The expectation is increasing and on Tuesday's training session, it was like a Argentinamania at the AFA headquarters in Ezeiza.

One girl fooled the security personnel and approached the players as if they were pop stars. Carlos TEVEZ was quick to react and he asked the security guards to treat her nice, he gave her a hug and a kiss and the girl started crying and got emotional. Then the security guard escorted her to the nearest exit and TEVEZ returned to his training session.

The match is approaching fast and here on Mundo Albiceleste, we're planning on treating you with a surprise that we hope you like.

If everything goes according to plan, you'll be able to enjoy a new feature in our blog, which we hope will be here to stay.

Stay tuned!


Soy_de_River said...

Just in response to the poll question. i think that all three can play together. I would make carlitos our number 10. His work rate would totally dominate other teams.

p2bn said...


What's the surprise guna be? Live streaming? That would be illegal under blogspot, so not that? Live reporting, that is basically already done in comments section albeit slow. OO, I am excited. Hope I can watch the match as I got work on Saturday

Roy said...

I think I know what the new surprise is, since I "accidentally" found out. But I won't spoil it for everyone else. I must say, it's a good one:)

As for the poll/match, I'm not sure I would start the 3 midgets up front. They didn't play well against Bolivia last time and they just don't "click" together. But hopefully I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

I will likely miss the game because I have a final on Saturday as well as a mid-term!! I also agree that playing 3 short players might work against some teams but it should not be the way the team is during the WC. Imagine if they go up against a much larger team?


Lopez,India said...

Dear Seba,

High expectation from national team. I hope national team will not disappoint us. It looks like most balance team and paying at home will be most advantage.
We have best attack on front Tevez ,Messi and Kun. Carlos Tevez has good opportunity to prove himself . This time there will not be any excuse, we are expecting sensible football from Tevez. Any Idea about possible 11 for team . I heard Veron would not be playing due to toe injury.

messidona19 said...

well i like all 3 players to play as strikers but tevez has not impressed me in the argentine shirt, he only has like 7 goals in almost 50 , and seems to be getting more red cards than goals , so i still believe that higuian should take his place but since he's not in the team , i'll stick with tevez just bcoz of the fact that he's impressing at manutd

Anonymous said...

Argentina have no defenders of any quality.... and Heinze is rubbish, I hope they continue to play him. Without no target-man Argentina will struggle to score goals against the tactical European teams (Germany, Italy, and hopefully England).

god save the queen

Sebastian said...

We appreciate views from fans of other national teams, even from those who call up a defender that clearly isn't fit enough to play and is not even doing any training apart from the one he does in a swimming pool.

Good luck to your team. Here's hoping they do qualify for a major international tournament this time.

Anonymous said...

Wow, making fun of a man.... who is easily one of the best centre backs in Europe on the day he plays, sadly he can only play a game a week. If he was fully fit (which he can never be since he has degenerating knee condition) he would be starting ahead of Terry and Ferdinand as the automatic first choice. Heinze is rubbish, he was rubbish at Old Trafford see how much better Man utd are since Evra became first choice. Heinze was had by Dirk Kuyt both home and away, and he was consistently weak last year.

John said...

Ah you 3 Lions supporters! As always being a pest on other people's backyard. If I were you, I would be more concerned about your team than wasting your time coming here giving us unproductive comment. Thanks for the visit, the exit right there!

Sebastian said...

Let me disagree with you, John. I welcome fans from other national teams.

Just to clarify, I wasn't making fan of Ledley KING (a great player, indeed). I was referring to the fact that he got called up even if it was clear -even for me, an average Argentine football fan- that he wasn't fit to play. Was him?

I'll never make fun of a player that goes through what poor Ledley is going through.

HEINZE (if you read this blog in detail) is a bad player in my opinion. I have always said it. However, he was voted by United fans as Player of the Season when he was there. Even when they played him out of position. He is not a left-back, he is a central defender (see where MARADONA uses him).