Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mundo Albiceleste Podcast 01

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Another crazy idea by John, another feature on Mundo Albiceleste.

We're proud and excited to publish our first ever podcast. Something that we think will help Mundo Albiceleste's readers to engage in richer debates and conversation. Something that will become another source of information about Argentina.

In this first episode, we discuss the news ahead of Diego's official debut as manager against Venezuela on Saturday.

We speak with John about the three little guys up-front, how will our defense look and what will happen in our first competitive match without RIQUELME.

We analyze Venezuela's youngsters and we take a look at the rest of the fixtures in this round of South American World Cup qualifiers.

In order to listen to this podcast, you can either download it as an '.mp3' file and then upload it to your mp3 player.

Another way to do that, is to right-click on the headline of this entry and click on 'SAVE LINK AS'.

You can also open it in another window so you can either download it or listen to it from the resulting website while you're in front of the computer.

We apologize because I had a lot of troubles to upload this file and it doesn't look as good as we expected. We'll sort those problems out in the future.

This is our first approach to this kind of thing and I'm sure we will improve with time. We'll add some music to the podcast and in the future we will have guests and interviews with friends, readers and fans from all over the world.

Please, use the comments box to give us some feedback. You can also write at to send us your suggestions and to let us know if you want to participate in future editions of our podcast.


Sebastian said...

Please, let us know if you couldn't find a way to listen to the podcast and we'll try to find a way to solve the problem.

Roy said...

Just downloaded it and listening to it now(20 seconds in). Excellent idea guys:)

Sebastian said...

Thanks Roy!

Hope you like the first 'show'!

We'll do our best to improve it all the time.

Now I have added an audio player to the post. For those who just want to listen to it without using their MP3 player, it's just 'push play' and that's it.

Dave P said...

Hey John and Sebastian,

Just e-mailing you guys after finishing up listening to the first podcast. First thoughts was that it was excellent. Its great to hear an audio conversation about your thoughts and speculation/news about whats going on with the Albiceleste.

I stumbled across your guys' blog in 2006 and have been following it ever since, I probably visit it 4 times a day just checking for updates, being a 20 year old College student here the USA gives me a lotta free time. I may be young but am probably one of the most passionate Albiceleste fans you may ever know. I love talking line ups and follow pretty much every Argentine player in Europe religiously. During the summer I was at the USA v. Argentina Friendly Match, probably the best experience of my life.

I have not really gone to much into commenting on your blog, but I read all the updates. I don't know if you remember but I posted in the comments box for the post France game recap my own player ratings. I love doing post game analysis for the team and individual players.

Okay back to the podcast. I felt that you guys covered everything that should be covered in terms of a pre-game podcast. I don't know if you, Sebastian, actually live in Argentina now or still in Italy. But I thought it would be great to hear some direct observations and comments on training sessions that you may be able to visit in person if you were in Argentina. Also, you guys asked if you think there are some players that we thought got ignored by Maradona. I feel that right now our central defense is solid with choices of Demi, Samuel, Cata, and Heinze. But in the future I believe that Garay and Gonzalo deserve call ups to the NT.

Finally, I agree with you that when playing weaker teams the 3-4-3 can definitely be used. But when facing bigger opponents a back 4 is needed no doubt. While using the back four against bigger opponents I feel that at all times the 4 players of Gago, Mascherano, Messi, and Tevez should always being starting. Tevez's work rate is unreal.

I was wondering what you guys thought about Maradona ever using a 4-2-2-2. Back four of Zanetti, Demi, Samuel, Heinze(or Papa); Two D Midi's of Gago, Mascherano; Two A Midi's say Messi, Maxi( or Di Maria or Veron); and two strikers, Tevez, Aguero(or Milito).

Again great works guys I look forward to conversing more with you two. And look for my player ratings in your comments boxes after the WC Qual games.


Sebastian said...

Muchas gracias, Dave!

Thanks for your comments!

Keep them coming. They're great.

We'll wait for your player ratings after the match v. Venezuela.

All the best to you!

Roy said...

Great podcast guys, really liked it.

Quick question(sorry if I missed it on the podcast), but is this going to be a weekly thing? Or only before/after matches?

Again, great podcast. More than worth the download.

Anonymous said...

This is quality, good job guys.


Sebastian said...

Thanks Roy and Jack, you're true supporters! You're always here with us! I really REALLY appreciate it!

Regarding your question, Roy, well...we don't know how frequently we'll be doing this podcast.

The idea is to have another one in-between the matches v. Venezuela and Bolivia and then another one right after the Bolivia game.

I guess, in the future, we'll see how it goes and we'll decide whether it'll be a weekly thing or something we'll do every second week.

Around Argentina matches and if everything goes according to plan, there'll be more podcasts as the information and the expectations are broader and bigger.

Thanks again for your comments! Don't hesitate to send us some feedback and ask us if you want us to discuss a player in particular or anything that you have in mind.

johnny said...

Congrats to Seba and John for the podcast ! Go Cata Diaz !!

Sebastian said...

Gracias Johnny! You can take Cata out of Boca, but you can't take Boca out of Johnny, can you? hahaha!

messidona19 said...

congrats for this podcast!! it was great and covered up everything . i just really love where this site is going , i would love for you guys if you could discuss up and coming players like pablo piatti of almeria and buonanotte of river and salvio of lanus , it would be cool if we readers could also join in the podcast for interviews between us and you guys :)
keep up the good work!!!

Sebastian said...

You've hit the nail in the head, Messidona19!

That's exactly what we want to do. We want to have as many readers as we can taking part of our future podcasts.

Count on that!

For those who want to do that, just drop us a line at: and we'll arrange for that.

Anonymous said...

I am listening to this podcast and it is quality. I normally listen to World Soccer Daily but this seems so much better because it's all about Argentina!

I have to agree, Riquelme is far more important for Boca then Maradona. He spent more time Argentinos Juniors then Boca. But as a diehard Boca fan, I try to have a division between Argentina and Boca. But I agree I think it is time to move on from Riquelme.

I got bought this magazine called Champions(Or Maybe Championship) and the cover is Leo. They did a lot of interviews from Argentine players. Messi,Aguero,Cavenaghi,Demichelis. And it also talked about some of the coaches in the history of Argentine football. This is a British magazine as well. They said Messi might not be the new Maradona but it just might be Piatti if he plays to his potential.

Just a friendly FYI for John, distance from Kuala Lumpur and Buenos Aires is around 10K miles.


Anonymous said...

great work guys
Vamos argentina

Lopez,india said...

hello brother,

Nice job done. you guys are really amazing ..


Rune said...

Hi Seba and John!

I've been following your blog for almost 3 years now. I am also a regular on the worldcupblog. You are doing a great job! It was really interessting to hear you podcast. Keep up the good work, guys!
Vamos Argentina!!

Rune, Norway