Sunday, March 22, 2009

NBA News – Clutch Shooting From Scola, Rockets Leads Division

When San Antonio Spurs welcomed the Houston Rockets for their head to head encounter, they were given a hard lesson by a player whom they’ve let go to their rival Divisional rival. The Rockets overcome the out of form Spurs 87-85 to grab the second spot in the Western Conference, and the Southwest Division lead.

Spurs still without Manu GINOBILI have once struggle to make things happen and could be in of jeopardy of losing ground in their Conference with the Denver Nuggets closing in on them. However it was all about the Luis SCOLA show this time.

It was the Spurs who drafted SCOLA and then traded him to the Rockets in 2007. He finished with 19 points and 17 rebounds plus 4 assists, 3 steals and made a pair of key baskets in the final minute.

SCOLA took a nice pass from YAO Ming and sank a lay-up with 29.3 seconds left, to make it 84-83. Spurs were in front again, but the Rockets reclaimed the lead, after YAO faked a jumper and instead passed to SCOLA for a lay-up with 11.2 seconds remaining.

"He made the right play," Rockets head Coach Rick ADELMAN said of YAO. "He got the ball, saw Luis cutting and they all responded to the pass out to him in the last one and Luis made a good play. You got to give Luis credit for being open and cutting to the open area."

Tony PARKER's floater in the lane hit the front of the rim and bounced off to SCOLA, who was fouled with under a second to play. He sank 1-of-2 foul shots, as the Rockets escaped with the win


VJ Rabid said...

John, while I'm not happy that my favorite team San Antonio lost, I must definitely give Scola his props - he's a beast!

Also, as we talked about months ago, I've written one summary column about the World Baseball Classic.

Dave said...

Nice quote from Popovich

-- So had the media and fan message boards, especially after a game early last season. Then Scola stuck 20 points on the Spurs, and Gregg Popovich reacted accordingly.

“It kills me to have him on that team,” Popovich said. “Enough to make you spit.” -- Ouch!