Friday, March 13, 2009

It's getting REALLY silly now!

The consequences of RIQUELME's resignation are still coming in waves and Diego MARADONA himself has lost his patience with one character that had nothing to do with this matter but decided to open his big mouth.

The day after RIQUELME quit, it was reported on Olé, the sports newspaper, that almost 10 regular national team players have called Diego from Europe to give him their full support.

Asked about the RIQUELME v. MARADONA situation, Néstor GOROSITO, River Plate manager, said he understood the player and what concerns him the most is not the fact that a player resigns from the national team but: "Other players calling MARADONA to say they were pleased to see RIQUELME go. That is something only a snitch* can do".

* GOROSITO used the Spanish word: 'vigilante', which literally means 'watchman' or 'vigilant' or 'security guard', but the best word I could find to describe what it means in Argentine slang is: 'snitch'.

It came as no surprise how angry MARADONA got with GOROSITO. He said:

"I don't want to talk about GOROSITO, but he is giving me no choice. I want him to take back his sayings and I'll give him time until Saturday for him to clarify this before I start talking about him".

"I swear on my daughters and my grandson that not even one player has called me from Europe. Not one".

"I won't tolerate GOROSITO insulting my players. I'm the captain of the ship now and I won't stand for someone like him to disrespect my men".


Sebastian said...

Well...just as I typed the last few quotes (from an interview I heard with MARADONA this afternoon), I'm reading in the media that both him and GOROSITO have spoken and have sorted out their differences. It's all cool now (apparently!).

Roy said...

Good for Maradona standing up for himself and his players. Gorosito has no business going around saying what he said. But, glad to hear that they sorted out their differences.

I posted a comment in the post before this one concerning the list for the Qualifiers that was released. I'm really surprised that Cambiasso is not on the list. And same thing for Higuain. I'd give him a shot over Lavezzi right now.

Sebastian said...

Thanks Roy! I've just published the list in a new post.

Everyone we published before except for DENIS.

Forza_albicelestes said...

Grt for Maradona taking a stand.Looks like he is 100% with the players.Hope to see him as a players manager

andaman said...

Right on boss!

johnny said...

I'm with Diego. Why is Gorosito running his mouth about this mess anyway ?! Why would he care ? Doesn't he have enough on his plate with Los Pollos Feos ??!!

Anonymous said...

agree with you roy where are cambiasso and higuain