Thursday, March 26, 2009

MARADONA: "I want my players to be applauded"

Here's what Diego MARADONA said at a press conference on Thursday night:


On whether he has decided the starting lineup:
"I'm thinking of a few minor details, but I have my team in my head and I'll make a decision shortly".

"I won't tell if I'm playing with three or four at the back".

"CARRIZO is my choice for goalkeeper. ANDUJAR will be the substitute keeper and VILAR has to be ready for anything. I like VILAR. I know him for a while. I think with him we are sending a message. We watch EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY has a chance with us".

"MESSI and Maxi will be the set-piece takers".

On his expectations ahead of the match on Saturday:
"My dream is to have a packed Monumental stadium and for all my players to leave the field applauded by our fans".

"I'm not nervous. Euphoria is a good thing but it's up to my players to show it. They will be the ones that will transmit that to the fans and viceversa, but I have to keep a cool head".

"I only want to thank our supporters. The people want to see MESSI, TEVEZ, KUN, MASCHERANO. We have to think about the people but we don't need to get too carried away by their passion. We need to concentrate on playing our best football and the result will come".

"Coming back to the River Plate stadium, all I want is for MESSI to get a standing ovation the way I used to received it when I played there. I want all my team to receive the affection from the crowd".

"We will throw all our history on Venezuela's faces (in a good sense). We will attack them with all we have. We have to own the ball. Don't give it away to Venezuela. I insist to my players all the time that we have to play the ball with precission".

On whether Argentina will secure a ticket for South Africa if they win both matches against Venezuela and Bolivia.
"I don't think we'll be qualified if we win these next too matches. We need to take one step at a time and then we need to think of winning all of our remaining World Cup Qualifying matches".

On how he feels personaly ahead of his official debut as a manager:
"I'm living this dream with a lot of intensity. I'm in a place I never thought I was going to be able to be even a year ago".

"Don't talk to me about pressure. Pressure is only felt by that man that goes to the street every day and needs to earn 10 pesos or as much as he can so he can feed his family. That's pressure".

On how can he emulate an environment for MESSI to shine without his team-mates from Barcelona:
"Thierry HENRY and Samuel ETO'O are not Argentines, but we have AGÜERO and TEVEZ instead. And we've got Lisandro LOPEZ and Diego MILITO too. MESSI will have plenty of company and I'm asking him to find his place on the field and move wherever he feels comfortable to be able to play his best game. I think MESSI is the best player of the world whether he plays in Barcelona, Argentina, Cameroon, Nigeria...anywhere!"

On Venezuela bringing up several U20 players:
"I'm thinking FARIAS (Venezuela's manager) must know them very well. If he brings those kids along, it must be because of something. We have experienced players and we have to play our game".

On whether he will change tactics and formation according to the opposition:
"Yes. We'll always play our game, but we will also change according to the rival we are facing".

On whether he'll give MESSI some advice ahead of the Copa del Rey final -MARADONA had a fight with several Bilbao players when he played for Barcelona-:
"Times have changed. Players are respected much more than they were when I was playing. I had a very difficult time in that final against Athletic Bilbao and I hope nothing like that will happen to Lionel".

On the reactions from Boca Juniors fans whom called MARADONA a traitor:
"I can't control how people react. I have always conquered the crowd through my ability to play football, not for something I do outside the pitch. I'm at peace with myself because I know I did nothing wrong".

On how is his relationship with Carlos BILARDO coming along:
"My relationship with BILARDO is fine. We had a conversation over the last few days and it was a great one to leave some difference behind, but I won't say anything about what we have spoken".

On RIQUELME's absense:
"We don't have Roman. We need to adapt to a new situation. We have great players anyway and they need to take more responsibilities on the ball. We don't have the guy to give us that final pass or that precise assist, but I'm confident we'll be able to overcome that".

"I insist, my team is composed by Javier MASCHERANO + 10".

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messidona19 said...

"Coming back to the River Plate stadium, all I want is for MESSI to get a standing ovation the way I used to received it when I played there. I want all my team to receive the affection from the crowd". was the best quote of the bunch as well as the last one which was about mascherano + 10 players..
what an inspiration maradona is to argentinian fans

johnny said...

Diego is quite a guy. Always nice to see all those quotes in english. Thanks Seba. Despite the fact that I am a big Boca fan, and still like troublesome and troubled Riquelme, I fully support Maradona.

John said...

Just finish reading all the post and comments that was uploaded here while I was asleep.

Firstly a BIG thanks to everyone for the love and support. We value all your feedback so keep them coming. Truly appreciate it and I can’t wait for our next episode. I’m sure there will be more to talk and discuss by then.

I love the way Diego values his player and I’m sure by doing this he has earned their respect and attention on what he wants from them. At least this is a good sign that the harmony in the dressing room is all under control.

Even the players themselves have express on what it means for them to play for him. So I can clearly say it’s all good for us.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Argentina, you have the support of argentine fans worldwide, Will cheer on the shirt and whoever wears it. PRONX (Australia).

Anonymous said...

hey seba just a question im planing to go back to argentina later on in the year... well to see arg vs bra i was there last year and loved it... frist time back in 20 years seeing i was born there.... anyways what would be the best way to get tickets thanks mate

Roy said...

Oh man I love this right now. Diego really seems to have them motivated. I've never read or heard the players so motivated before a match. Hearing Tevez say he would do anything for Diego and how the rest of the players really want to win this match... It's great.

I also like how he came out and said that Carrizo is his goalkeeper. As a goalkeeper myself, when a coach says that he has confidence in you... it really boosts your morale. And Carrizo needs it right now with his situation in Lazio.

I'll comment more in a bit, I gotta head out. Just wanted to say that I'm loving this version of the National Team much more than Basile's, by far.

Anonymous said...


as an englishmen i would like to add my comments, like the argentinians do on the various blogs on english newspapers (bbc, guardian, etc). I find south american footy quite interesting although i don't quite fancy young 16 and 17 year olds leaving their country to come play in the EPL where they would be better of playing in their country longer. I guess times have changed, eh. But your friend john... has told me to leave... albeit for making a comment without using foul language and just expressing my opinion. Y'know?


Sebastian said...

Yeah, I saw John's reply and I apologise if you felt offended. As you can see if you go to your original message, I welcome you and I will never have a problem in having you here.

I'm a big fan of English football myself (QPR being my favourite team for more than a decade now).

Please, keep coming and writing.

Have a nice weekend!

John said...

Mr Anonymous, I'm sorry for my part if my comment to you was harsh and disrespectful. My intention wasn't that way. I was saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Truly apologize for it.

We do welcome fans from other teams to give us their comment. Just as long if they are constructive.