Thursday, March 26, 2009

Diego: "I haven't decided who'll wear number 10"

It's media day in Ezeiza, but I'm at home. So I'll be relying on what MARADONA and the players say on television.

Who was the first one to talk (even if it was for a brief moment)?

Diego Armando MARADONA.

Here's the most important things he said:

On the high expectations to see the team and the fast-selling tickets:

"This is something my players have generated. They changed their attitude in the friendlies against Scotland and France and people are responding to that. I expect a capacity crowd and I hope we can make them happy".

On who is going to wear the number 10 shirt:

"We haven't decided yet. We probably won't decide it in the short term. Players have their favourite numbers, so we will wait and see if in the future we make a decision regarding the number 10 shirt".

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