Tuesday, March 10, 2009

RIQUELME quits. Here are my thoughts

First of all, my feelings are a mix between anger and disappointment.

I'm angry because this is not the first time I have to write to inform you that Juan Roman RIQUELME has quit the national team. That is never a pleasant thing to inform, but one thing is when a player is forced by injury or a special situation and one very different thing is when a player is willingly deciding to abandon ship.

For much as I love RIQUELME as a player, I'm clearly taking sides with MARADONA.

After all, for me, it's the same as for Diego: the national team comes first. End of. Period.

First it was because his mother suffered for the criticism he received. Now it is because he doesn't see eye-to-eye with 'the national team manager' (as he says).

Well...there you go. He is on his way.

MARADONA have publicly said RIQUELME was on his plans for the coming fixtures against VENEZUELA and BOLIVIA, but he also was adamant in saying he'll never have a place back in the squad if he quits.

RIQUELME has decided and he is writing his own fate.

One more thing. I don't believe RIQUELME when he says he'll be suffering while being away from the national team because there's nothing he loves more that to playing for his country. Well, Roman, you're doing this to yourself.

You don't like your new boss? Why did you tell me (face to face in Beijing after you helped us winning the Olympic Gold medal), that you have such a special relationship with MARADONA? Were you lying to me?

You don't like your new boss? Mate...you're not the only one in the world suffering from such a situation in his job. Do you see all of those people quitting? Or they try to do their best and cope with the situation?

Some rumours I'm hearing?

It is believed that after Argentina defeated France in Marseille, the players were very happy and singing in the dressing room a song that (reportedly) went like this: "We don't need anybody else here", in clear reference to RIQUELME. This could also be a reason for him to want out.

I will miss your magic. I'm not lying to you here. But if your presence is going to create more problems than your absence, then I'm sorry but I'm putting the national team in front of any ego of any player.

Goodbye RIQUELME. Thank you for the memories. I just wish you were a little different.


johnny said...

Seba-I completely agree. See my post below.

Sebastian said...

Well said, Johnny! I read your comment in the previous post.

I think you hit the nail in the head and since you're a well informed Boca fan, you see more of him and his team than I do.

Anonymous said...

Well this is going to hurt the team on set piece plays. Riquelme as one of the best FK's in the game. When he is on he is ON when he is off the entire team falls apart. So if Argentina does not win the WC and Riquelme is not a part of it, then we will hear the what if's. Just like Redindo was not a part of the 98 squad. Both are grown men and both are acting like children. The other day Diego said he would give the #10 to a player who deserves it. So am I shocked, not one bit. Diego likely wanted him coming off the bench.So I guess we just move on.


andaman said...

Spot on Seba. I'm a die-hard Riquelme fan but I agree fully with Maradona on this thing.

Adios Roman. Thank you for everything.

messidona19 said...

unbelievable this news! out of the blur clear sky it just shocks me! same incidents were when bielsa quit , riquelme retired after the world cup and when basile left although the last one was much to my delight. i agree with u johnny somewhat but we will surely miss riquleme's goals , assists and holding possession skills. i believe that he left the national team bcoz he was not anymore the focal point of the national team , he was not the true number 10 in the team anymore because messi overtook his throne . it's a big dissapointment to see him not in terms with the man who loves him and the boca shirt , maradona...
i'm dissapointed too that veron could be the next number 10 of the team because he lacks that certain style , touch and panache that only riquelme can bring to the game
i wish he could come back and grace the argentine shirt for the 2010 world cup so that not all focus will be on messi and aguero but divided among all team members.
please come back riki

LaTiNo said...

I have always been a fan of Riquelme's way of playing. If I had to choose a player to 'be' it would be him.
But I also think he's an asshole with a EGO even bigger than the average Argentinian. He behaves like a little child. A bit like Maradona himself has done quite a lot in his time. But in this case I stand besides Diego. He should shut the fuck up and play for his country!

On the other side, maybe it's better for the group. And maybe even for the team, because when he's off the team plays with 10 players.

Anonymous said...

in his heyday, maradona as same as riquelme. maradona is an ego-maniac too. but the different is: Maradona never abandoned national team. Fullstop

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