Monday, March 02, 2009

NBA News - HERRMANN Provides Scoring Spark Against Celtics

The Detroit Pistons coach Michael CURRY turned to his bench for some help, and he got what he wanted. Walter HERRMANN scoring in the first half was critical in Detroit's 105-95 win against the defending NBA champion Boston Celtics. He scored all 11 of his points in the first half on 4-for-5 shooting from the field.

"I feel so comfortable now," HERRMANN said. "When you make your shots, you want the ball."

After the win, CURRY explained why he has played HERRMANN more lately.

"When you're trying to search and get some things going team wise, I thought that if we played Walter HERRMANN and Tayshaun PRINCE together, we'd be able to post two guards," CURRY said. "That's sort of our goal, playing those two together." It worked well against the Celtics, who on a number of possessions, had 6-foot-9 HERRMANN defended by Stephon MARBURY, who is only 6-2.

"Walt is a capable scorer on the block, we just have to continue to get him reps and get him some time. I think he can be a big contributor for us."

It appears HERRMANN will get an opportunity to play consistently, which has not been the case most of this season. He relishes any opportunity to play.

"You need to be ready every time," Walter said. "We are professionals. You don't know what will happen, so I try to be there."

Luis SCOLA on other hand earned another double-double as the bigger size Houston Rockets overcomes the smaller Minnesota Timberwolves 105-94. He posted 15 points, 11 rebounds and even had four crucial assists to help the Rockets course.

Fabricio OBERTO had 4 points, 6 rebounds & 1 assist, as a helpless San Antonio Spurs were trounced by the Portland Trail Blazers 84-102.


VeRonda said...

Good stuff, John.... That's funny about him being paired with Marbury. I Hubby that was the worse match up, ever. Period! LOL! I mean, Marbury is a bit rusty and not in up-an-down shape, and you could tell. Man, I'm glad to learn of this guy. And, I hope he does get more playing time. I'm glad he was ready for the opportunity.

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