Saturday, March 14, 2009

MASCHE Redeemed, HEINZE, From Hero To Zero

First of all, I was very happy to see Javier MASCHERANO redeeming himself with another strong performance against Manchester United. After this, I’m sure people will see the best part of him (the part that we all knew a long time ago) and forget about what happened in the same correspondent fixture last season.

Real Madrid badly needed a good result so that they can recover from their European Champions League hangover. They did get exactly just that in a thrilling 5-2 win over nine men Athletic Bilbao.

Within a space of two minutes, Gabriel HEINZE showed everyone the bright and the dark side of him. I’m sure with a performance like this, many Albiceleste fan will have something to be concern about seeing him playing in our National Team. I know I am.

First in the 34th minute, he headed to put Real 2-0 up courtesy of a curling free kick from Wesley SNEIJDER. Then in the 36th minute, he ended putting the ball into his own net after he was trying to clear a cross. Gonzalo HIGUAIN completed Real rout after he scored from the penalty spot in the 85th minute.

Martin DEMICHELIS scored for Bayern Munich in their 3-0 win over VfL Bochum with an easy tap in in the last minute. In France, Mauro CETTO was in target for Toulouse in their 2-3 defeat to Monaco.


Roy said...

I watched the first half of the Madrid match and just when you think Heinze can do no wrong... The second I saw it, I had a flashback in my head of the 2007 Copa America final with Ayala. Brought back some baaaad memories.

Anyways, I don't care how much talent we have on the team, it's going to be difficult to win anything with Heinze playing:( Is there seriously no one YOUNG and GOOD who can play for the National Team?

messidona19 said...

yea roy u're spot on. i gotta admitt that heinze was pretty damn good when he was at his best with manutd and was thinking of him as an ideal replacement for ayala but i guess he really flops when it really matters nowadays. we do have samuel who is better than him , we have garay too and both can be good for the centre back position , but as for the left back position , heinze also has a stake there , i don't want papa to stay in that position because he just isn't good enough , betis' monzon could have been good for us but he's not a regular at betis, so i'm hoping that insua really makes his mark at liverpool in time for the world cup because till now he's lost his place again since he went to the south american u20 wc . i wish milito comes back too sooner than later from his year long injury , but whatever the outcome , heinze shouldn't play again for argentina , he's a liability!

Anonymous said...

Dear Seba,

Diego may be one of the happiest person on plant now coz there is no more Juan Riquelme in National Team . The Player who lives on His Ethics, on His principals. Diego never has this types of divine values. In spite of gr8 player he also cheat the world with his devilish act ( i am not talking about Hand of God here ). But take my words, Argentina not even qualify for heading world cup without juan Roman Riquelme. I wonder how u shown ur back to the Riquelme . I felt very sad. Since our national team has won 2 games everyone including diego is very happy but i am not afraid to tell you that Diego will show his color when team loss any match. Take my words ..

One more thing I would like to highlight you why there is no Gonzalo HIGUAIN in out team ?cos its a selfishness of our best payer of century. Diego doesn’t want HIGUAIN to take place of his beloved overrated sun in law Kun Agearo .

I love two things about football Argentina and Diego . But We should not love blindly. If something goes wrong then we must raise our voice then only good things will take place. Hope Diego will realize this soon.

Vin, India

John said...

Firstly results from Sunday’s fixture….

Kun AGUERO was on target for Atletico Madrid in their 3-2 win over Villareal.

Napoli drew 1-1 with Reggina with Ezequiel LAVEZZI scoring the equalizer.

FC Porto defeated Naval 1° Maio 2-0 with goals from Mariano and Lucho GONZALEZ.

Eulogio ZARATE was on target for Grasshopper in their 2-6 lost to Bellinzona.

Hi Vin,

Welcome to our blog and thanks for your comment. I truly understand where you’re coming from about all this Diego/Roman saga.

Let me tell you that I am a big admire of Roman and all his ability. He is truly a genuine playmaker and we will miss him. But lets get something clear here, no player that I can think of turns his back on the National Team not just once but twice. Not even David BECKHAM. I do not agree that just because Roman’s larger than life attitude he can get whatever he wants, that includes defying a coach order. After all, Diego really wanted him on his team.

Yes as human being we all have ethics and principle to live by it that includes me. But my ethics and principle is something that is personal to me. It is never appropriate to bring them into your working life. Let alone if your job is the National Team football player.

What Diego wants from his players is to obliged to the same attitude that made him and his teammate World Champions in 1986. In case if you haven’t read his autobiography, you may wish to go find out just how much of sacrifice the team had to make in order to win the World Cup. I also think it is very premature to think that we would not qualify for the World Cup with the group players that we have.

I’m also on your side that Gonzalo HIGUAIN should be included into the team sooner rather then later. But I wouldn’t use the excuse that Diego overlooks him for the sake of his overrated son-in law Kun. Before you start labeling him as OVERRATED, here is some facts that I would like to share with you.

Gonzalo HIGUAIN has so far scored 15 goals where else Kun has manage 13 goals. But I think it is also fair to see the class and quality players that surround Gonzalo at the Bernabau furthermore with Van NISTELROOY out injured.

That is one privilege that Kun doesn’t enjoy in Atletico, with exception of a few players. Let alone he had to live up to the demand of the Vicente Calderon faithful after the departure Fernando TORRES.

At the end of the day, it is no longer about the names but it is about the team.

Forza_albicelestes said...

Plz dont think about calling KUN overrated.He is one of the best strikers in world football right now at the age of 20.He has 2 play with Forlan who is pretty selfish.The only service he gets is from the 2 wingers,Simao and MAXI.Even with such minimum service he has already got 13 goals to his name.

Although I agree that Hoguain shud be on the team albeit as a supersub.
Aguero is much more skillfull than Higuain

Sebastian said...

Vin, I just sent a comment about the RIQUELME thing in the previous comment, but I'll write again here.

What I think is that if you are entitled to take sides and support RIQUELME, I have to have the same right and support MARADONA and the national team.

I don't agree with your forecast and I think we WILL qualify to the World Cup without RIQUELME.

I don't want to write a thousand words to try and say what I could say with only two: "RIQUELME quit".

There's nowhere to go from there. It's not like MARADONA excluded him. In fact, he called him up and was planning on using him in the next couple of matches and the rest of the WC Qualy.

What can you do if RIQUELME quits? Put a gun to his head and force him to play? No way. He is not bigger than the national team (or even MARADONA for that matter).

If the national team is not important or vital to him (the two times he resigned really prove my point), we better start thinking about the future without him on our team.

Sebastian said...

Regarding HEINZE, those who are reading Mundo Albiceleste for a long time now already know I'm not a fan of him. Actually, I'm the opposite of what a fan is! I want him out of the team.

However, MARADONA is not using him (and won't use him) as a left back. And I have to admit I like HEINZE as a central defender. I think that's his natural position and since he is a very committed player and always gives his everything for the team, I'm willing to give him as many opportunities it takes for him to win me over.

I won't say the same if Diego ever plays him as left back as I think he isn't even half of the player he is when he plays there.

It was interesting to see how Rafa BENITEZ used MASCHERANO as a right back the other day and how Martín DEMICHELIS has now played two matches (scoring in both) as a midfielder instead of a central defender.

It's a good thing to know that Diego has plans for them and he will used them in their natural positions.

I'm eager to see Argentina take on Venezuela and see what the team can do.

Dave said...

For the last couple of years I have considered Claude Makelele the best defensive midfielder in the world.

But now, Makelele has reached a point in his career where the title needs to be passed on ... and I think Javier Mascherano is the player ready to take over that title.