Saturday, May 01, 2010

Carlos TEVEZ and Lionel MESSI

European football is heading into it’s crucial week as at this moment, including for both Carlos TEVEZ and Lionel MESSI. Both players responded, in view of their respective clubs objective during Saturday’s fixtures.

In the English Premiership, Manchester City ensured they are still just one point on Tottenham Hotspurs tail after a comeback win over Aston Villa. For one moment they looked to be in trouble as the Villain took a surprise lead. Then in the 41st minute, the referree pointed to the spot after Adam JOHNSON was foul in the penalty box by Stephen WARNOCK. It was third time lucky for the Citizen after being denied in previous claims.

TEVEZ stepped up to take the penalty and he smashed it right down in the middle beneath Brad FRIEDEL to level the score. Further goals from Emmanuel ADEBAYOR (just two minutes later) and Craig BELLAMY (just a minute from time) ensured the Citizen take three points, setting a winner takes all showdown against Spurs next Wednesday.

Next up is the Spanish La Liga, and for Barcelona it was all about putting their European disappointment behind them and keep focusing on their quest to defend the league title. And they responded with a classy 4-1 away win against Villareal, thus taking a four point lead at the top of the table.

Lionel MESSI, after being criticize for his part in Barca’s mid-week lost, hit back at the critics with two goals against the Yellow Submarine. He opened the score in the 19th minute after being by fed by XAVI with an angle shot that took a slight deflection. He completed Barca’s rout two minutes from time after slipping behind the defenders and chipped his shot against onrushing Diego LOPEZ.


Anonymous said...

no news on aguero moving to chelsea? where art thou?

johnny said...

I love Carlitos, but it looks like he is about to burn another bridge. Do we have a chronically disgruntled Carlos Tevez on our hands ? Never able to get along with them authority figures ?

I'd hate to see any argentine play for Chelsea, but if it's going to happen-it might as well be Aguero.

John said...

Johnny, I was surprise too about Carlitos being outspoken on Roberto MANCINI’s considering that it was only since the Italian arrival that he seems to have found his best form. Hopefully it’s nothing too serious. I wouldn’t like the idea of seeing him switching clubs again after settling with Manchester City.

As for Kun, in the end it’s all about two reason’s; the chance to win honour and money. Considering that Chelsea can able to offer him both, there is every reason to believe that Stamford Bridge might possibly be his preferred destination. One thing is for sure, he will have a tough time fighting for first team place with Didier DROGBA and Nicolas ANELKA.

Anonymous said...

im a tottenham supporter "comon you spurs"

Anonymous said...

im a tottenham supporter "comon you spurs" HOW SAD


Anonymous said...

[John] Barnes got to the by-line, crossed the ball and [Gary] Lineker headed in to pull a goal back for them. Ten minutes later Barnes did it again, he crossed and Orlaticoechea cleared it off the line. Argentina played well that day. I remember after the game was over, at the press conference, the journalists asked me if Maradona had scored with his hand. I told them I hadn't seen it very clearly from where I was and that I'd answer the question if they let me see the video. The second was the best goal I've ever seen in my life. As for the first, Diego said what he had to say at the time. It's a game I look back on with a lot of fondness, because that's when we started to click and people began to believe in us.

I was really caught up in the game, as you always are when you watch a match. We were 2-0 up and Barnes, a winger, came on. He started giving us problems because we were only playing with three defenders. I had a full-back on the bench, but Barnes kept getting round the back and the boys told me, 'Bilardo, make a change, make a change.' I told them I wasn't going to change the system as we'd been working on that formation for four years. I could have put a full back on and switch to a flat back four, but I wasn't going to.



GK said...

Samuel scored the winner for Inter today to put them back on top the table!


Sebastian said...

Regarding the full-back, I think you tried to make a point and you ended up favouring those (like me) who would like to see 2 FB.

Why? Because Julio OLARTICOCHEA (similar to ZANETTI in that he could play as RB-LB and RMF) was precisely and primarily a FB. And he was the one who saved it with the back of his head.

I think playing with 4 defenders and using 2 out of position could be understandable at club level where you have suspensions, injuries and all sort of different problems.

At a level as high as the Argentina national team...I don't see why you should keep using players out of position. I find no reasons. Except if it was for a few minutes in a match where things went wrong or funny and you need to make up for an injury or a couple of red-cards coming your way. But to use it as a system? Come on!

You don't like the FBs available? None of those born in Argentina?

Fine. Then use a back line of 3 CB (1 as a sweeper) and 4 MF with 3 up front (or 5 and 2).

To play them out of position (without enough time for them to get use to their new roles) is just unnecessary and could turn out to be too risky.

Anonymous said...

fuck 2 FB's its generic and its english we dont want that shit 4 cb's and one fb wen reqiured

i think maradona wants a 4 like a back 3 but a extra man to help nulify the fullbacks atttacking ideas of brazil,england etc

a anti 4-4-2 so to speak im liking it as i hate english style 4-4-2s anyway always have flat non inteligent lines that messis/zidans/romans/aimars destroy with ease i also like how jonas cuts into the deep midfield to stop any play building in the hole very clever i think its guna work