Thursday, April 29, 2010

NBA Playoffs News – Maverick Manu & Spurs Progress

When the SA Spurs were paired against 2nd place Dallas Mavericks, it was expected to be an unforgettable match up. It was indeed, more so for Manu GINOBILI.


A lot has happened to him throughout this series. First he announced that he would not be traveling with the National Team (later this year in Turkey for the FIBA World Championship due to the birth of twin sons), getting an unpleasant facial makeover (thanks to Dirk NOWITZKI) and even being grabbed around the neck and pulled to the ground (gracias to Eduardo NAJERA).


It didn't matter in the end as the Spurs rides on to Manu GINOBILI recent hot form to win the series 4-2. Despite of the spirited effort from the Mavs, the home team hang on to win the game 97-87, with Manu being the top performer posting 26 points, 2 rebounds, 5 assists & 1 steal.


Eventually it was sweet revenge for the Spurs after being eliminated in the same round last year by the Mavericks. This victory also clearly shows how much they've missed him, as he was absence through injury back then.


Now in the Western Conference semi-finals, Manu & Co will await the winner between the Blazers/Suns series


Mohd said...

the wierd thing is that if you see NBA reports (online and TV) you see everyone's talking about the heriocs of George Hill!! Ginobili's stats are way better than Hill and yet not getting the deserved recognition!

but i am very disappointed about his decision to not play in the WC.

Kenny said...

Ginobili's stats are better than Hill's, but Hill stepped up, whereas Ginobili did what he does when healthy, and what makes him one of the better players in the NBA. When both of them are playing well, the Spurs are darn near unbeatable. I see them going to the NBA Finals now.

Anonymous said...

fact maradonas 4-4-2 is highly adaptable all these other 4-4-2s are all doable via subs and slight changes in the starting line up,,so theres no point in being up set etc thats the whole point he has a line up and other line ups can come out of it simple as pie...

if people are seriously suggesting veron isnt better than banega cambiasso and he cannot play 90 minutes look at the factual evidence

veron running the show for 90 minutes in a cup final

johnny said...

Off Topic-Poor Busquets !!

Anonymous said...

mascharano 83% tackler rating best in prem

mascharano passing 83% best in prem

mascharano is officially the best midfield player in the prem league and clearly his passing game is still improving he and veron can be lethal

Anonymous said...

if 2002 manager the chile manager guy was in charge now we would have a lethal 3-4-3 (ironically)i always forget how to spell his name...


that is simply a fantastic looking team

salvio supporter said...

Wouldn't it be better if we had a forum instead of a blog? All entries get off topic sooner or later!

LM10ARG said...

Johnny, I know u r an inter fan and busquets was acting. But Motta was already on a yellow and hand to face is at least another yellow if not staright red. In any case, Motta was gonna be sent off. So stop being hypocritical and be gracious that Barca got ROBBED. Or do i need to remind u that ur 2nd goal in 1st leg came after a foul on Messi and the 3rd goal from Milito was offside. Or do i even need to remind u that Bojan's goal was perfectly fine? Even every dog has its day and inter just had their. ANTI-FOOTBALL will be brutally punished sooner or later. I think u forgot what happened to greece in euro 2008 after their anti-footballing victory in 2004. Still there is a final to be played, as a fan of FOOTBALL, I just hope that inter gets drilled by Bayern and Van Gaal. It would be as sweet as watching Messi receiving the balon d or. It is such a shame Zanetti is the captain of a team who doesn't even play FOOTBALL. Inter play pushing and shoving. Go Demichelis, go Bayern.

johnny said...

LM10ARG-Actually I like both Inter and Barca and it was a tough call for me as to who to pull for. I pulled for Inter because of the larger Argentine connection and because Barca has had alot of glory lately and Inter has not. I also thought that Mourinho is such a modest and self effacing guy that he needed some long absent recognition.:)

LM10ARG said...

Hmm I see but the point is not about having 2 or 4 Argentine players, the point is Barca got ROBBED on both legs. From an Argentine point of view, Messi needed to win CL to retain FIFA WPOTY. Now it looks bleak for him.

Anonymous said...


Does it really matter what an award says? Who cares who wins the award. Maradona was only awarded this once(Not towards FIFA because they did not have this but yet by some magazine. Which is a joke because he would of easily won this award 6-7 times)It is just based on paper. And also it has been a tradition from the last few WC's whatever nation win's the WC, one of their star player becomes FIFA WPOTY. Is it really that important, believe who you think is the greatest and not care who wins that award. And btw he will still win the ballon d'or for a second straight year, so you can be happy about that.


johnny said...

LOL !!

Anonymous said...




Before leaving for Mexico you had to finalise the squad under intense pressure. Does that kind of pressure have any influence on the decisions a coach makes?
From a professional standpoint, perhaps not. It's my job after all. But it can have an impact. The press has a lot of influence, even on governments. And it goes without saying they can influence a coach's mind. But I had some good teachers at school and university, in the faculty of medicine. There's one example I'd like to give you. It might be useful for the youngsters because it certainly helped me a lot. I was at Alvear Hospital with Dr Desoldati, who was one of the best cardiologists in Argentina at the time. He was head surgeon. What they usually did there was give each student a patient so they had something to refer to, and the doctor/professor would do the rounds with the teaching staff. I had this patient one morning and when he got to my bed the doctor asked me, 'Well then, Bilardo. What's wrong with the patient?' I had already checked his heart out and I said that the patient was fine. Then he said to me, 'No, he's got a murmur.'

So I listened to his heart again and I said, 'Yes, he does have a heart murmur.' But the doctor said to me, 'No, Bilardo. He's your patient. We can share opinions but the person who has to decide is you.' That's something I'll remember for the rest of my life. When I took over the national team, I listened to everyone - the fans, the journalists. I read and I watched before making a decision. I did a lot of travelling because when you put a national team together you have to listen to everyone. That example that my professor gave me, though, had a huge influence on me and showed me the way for the rest of my life.



Robby Lim said...

Hi John,

Thanks for always dropping by at PS and giving us your take. I'm crazy busy right now so I can't get back to you the soonest.

For this series, two players made the difference for the Spurs. Last year when the Spurs were eliminated in the first round, MANU was hurt and Coach Pop don't have much faith on George Hill.

NOW, they are the once that made the right plays for the Spurs when it mattered most. Of course Duncan and Tony had their share, but in my opinion, it was Manu and Hill who did it for the team.

Sebastian said...

It is BILARDO. I heard those comments. He made them on TV last week (C5N was the channel) and it would appear got it from there.

Anyway...don't forget this is the same BILARDO that used to pinch his rivals with pins when they were trying to head the ball after a corner kick.

The same guy, who as an Argentina manager, allowed one of his staff to give Brazilian players (most famously BRANCO) contaminated water during that Italy 1990 knock-out stage clash.

The same who said, when he was coaching Sevilla, 'When your rival is down, you have to step on him'.

So no...I don't like BILARDO. I never did. I never will.

Anonymous said...

You may not like Bilardo but the man did reach 2 WC finals. Not too many coaches can say that.

Dave said...

Congratulations to Manu Ginobili and the San Antonio Spurs. That was the toughest matchup of the first round and they won it well.

Phoenix is up next. San Antonio match up very well against them so the Spurs should be on their way to the Conference Finals once again!

Anonymous said...

ive been a spurs fan for a while and ive said to people i think the 1st round they will do and then gone, saly theyare not good enough to win it this year but i wil be very happy to be proved wrong bu the spurs :)
why spurs bacuuse i have supported tottenham hotspur football club(spurs) because of the great ossie ardiles (whowas my hero at the time)in 79 and because san ant were the same folowed them since 2000
oh no it makes me old thinking about 1978 wc win (i just remember it) and ossie signing in 79 for spurs

Sebastian said...

To the anonymous saying: "You don't like BILARDO but the man reached 2 WC finals".

Not enough reason for me to like him. Not at all.

Real Madrid have won 9 UEFA Champions League/European Cups and I don't like them.

MOURINHO has won I don't know how many leagues/cups/trophies and have not lost a league home game since 2002 (I think) and I still don't like him.

You see...I don't measure the 'likeness' based on trophies.

I I have to like Brazil?

Hell no!

Anonymous said...

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