Sunday, May 30, 2010

Argentina to wear the Albiceleste shirt vs. Nigeria

As you know, Albiceleste means White and light-blue or sky-blue. The most common Spanish word for White is Blanco, but Albo is synonym. And "Celeste" means light-blue or sky-blue. Well, according to what I hear, that's the shirt we will see Argentina wearing when they take to the field on June 12 to face Nigeria (wearing their traditional green shirts) at the historical Ellis Park in Johannesburg.

For the second match (June 17 at the Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg), Argentina will also wear the Albiceleste to face Republic of Korea and their furious-red shirts.

The lovers of the blue shirt with which we defeated England in 1986 (and 1998), Greece in 1994 and Serbia & Montenegro in 2006 -to name a few matches-, will have to wait until the third match Argentina will play in Group B as Greece will wear white.

Just thought I'd tell you this during this quiet days in which our team is training behind closed doors at the University of Pretoria's High Performance Centre.

A few bullet-points for you:

- The players will talk to the press on June 3. That will be their first contact with the media since they arrived in Pretoria.

- The only Argentina player using Twitter is Sergio AGÜERO (@aguerosergiokun). All the others are fake. Take my word and don't follow that 'Official MESSI' liar. Like Lio would be Tweeting in English, yeah...right.

- Some info from the camp regarding who shares bedrooms with who. Here are the pairings and the surprising 'lone wolf' that had to stay on his own because the numbers are odds.


BOLATTI-PASTORE (both were team-mates at Huracán a couple of seasons ago)

Maxi RODRIGUEZ-AGÜERO (shared team at Atletico Madrid before Maxi moved to Liverpool)


Clemente RODRIGUEZ - PALERMO (were team-mates at Boca Juniors)

POZO-GARCE (team-mates at Colón de Santa Fé)

SAMUEL-BURDISSO (been team-mates at Inter for a long time)

HEINZE-MASCHERANO (kicking each other to gain the right to use the bathroom first???)

MILITO-HIGUAIN (watch out maids! These two will score if you give them a split second! If you allow me to play such a cheap joke! hahaha!)

ROMERO-ANDUJAR (surely no need for house-KEEPING in that room)


And the loner?

Yep, you have deducted it correctly: Carlos TEVEZ will be alone with his latin music!

More news as I hear them...


koma said...

I love the black goalkeeper jersey but couldn't find it anywhere. Does anybody know where i can purchase that beauty?... I still believe that the 2nd jersey should be a little bit darker (maybe my hatred towards Chelsea fc clouded my mind)..

Anonymous said...

I was expecting a Mascherano-Tevez Combo :P Because of their past

Anonymous said...


I could sense that other than football, these two will chat on hair grooming, shampoo and conditioner plus the latest style of pony-tail.. ha.. ha..


Maxi Lopez said...

Poor Leo...

Haha Milito/Higuain & Tevez.

Allan said...

Yeah I thought Mascherano would share with Tevez or Maxi Rodriguez.

And I thought Aguero would share with Messi. If I remember right they shared a room at the 08 Olympics.

Or Maybe Aguero should have been sharing with Diego? Pretty sure Giannina would want daddy to keep a close eye on him...

Cabañas said...

Haha.... I love the cheap jokes..

Here is my Albiceleste shirt collection:

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
Pic 5

awe_sengih said...

nice blog..

Allan said...

I just made a comparison between the 1986 (WC Final) and 2010 (potential starters) teams:

1986 = 2010
Nery Pumpido = Sergio Romero
Oscar Ruggeri = Walter Samuel
Jorge Luis Brown = Martin Demechelis
Jose Cuciuffo = Nicolas Burdisso
Sergio Batista = Jonas Gutierrez
Ricardo Giusti = Juan Sebastian Veron
Julio Olarticoechea = Maxi Rodriguez
Hector Enrique = Mario Bolatti
Jorge Burruchaga = Angel Di Maria
Diego Maradona = Lionel Messi
Jorge Valdano = Gonzalo Higuain

Anyone fancy taking this further by comparing the whole squad?

Anonymous said...

hola Cabañas
dude what a cool collection of shirts.
i have the 1986 h, 1990 gk, 2006 messi a and crespo a and 2010 messi 10 and some training shirts.

p2bn said...

Messi and Veron; maybe for the intelligence and better assimilation I guess. Just a guess though. Thanks for the heads up about Messi's twitter; I just hate people who do that, what's the god damn point! Need to learn Spanish fast to understand everything better.

Vamos Argentina


Nigeria's Final World Cup Squad

p2bn said...

BTW guys, alot of our guy's birthday are coming up and guess what; on the day we play Nigeria, it's Milito bday. Would be great gift to him if he can play and score. The source was the wikipedia link below; great information there about our team members.

andaman said...

I read somewhere or was it here that Messi is quite good buddy with Veron since they played together in Copa America 2007. So wasn't surprised to see them be roommates.

Thanks for the update.

GK said...

What a coinincidence. Me and my brother were talking about the word Albiceleste just the other day. We were wondering why Argentina's nickname isn't Blancoceleste (ala Lazio). We just assumed it was a spanish slang way of saying it. Good timing for clarification Seba!

As far as roomies go I think it should hav e gone by pairing. Example: Samuel and Demichelis together, Higuian and Messi together, even Otamendi and Heinze or Burdisso together, leaving Pozo on his own. Ah well, just my opinion.

Anonymous said...


i was hoping someone would compare teams 86 and 2010 thanks for that above i bet diego would agree

Anonymous said...

so tevez snores ugly people always do lol @tevez

Anonymous said...

my fav are 2010 and the reebok shirt that sadly got dropped before 2002 went back to adidas and we floped out in group YOU DO NOT CHANGE YOUR STRIP LIKE THAT ITS BAD LUCK whilst in the reebok shirt they were untouchable the best by far they went back to adidas and are luck changed

dont want to alarm anyone here but argentina havnt won anything in adidas kits hoping the retro shirt and the white stripes help end the curse

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