Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hello! Did you know Diego MILITO before tonight?

It would be cheap from me to tell you: "I told you so!" regarding Diego MILITO.

Well, there you have it! I'm cheap! hahahaha!

I take it most of you watched the game or parts of it and so a match report is not exactly the best thing I could write right now. There will be highlights for you to see wherever you live or available on the internet.

I feel the best thing to do for me right now is to give you my opinion and my initial reactions after the final.

You know I have always told you that the only thing Diego MILITO needed to shine with Argentina were MINUTES. If a player is not selected, how can he score?

I've been going on and on about how a complete striker he is and how he plays for this team rather than just seeking his personal glory and a goal-scoring record (like many strikers in the world).

I've also said that he is the most underrated Argentina player and how the media keeps ignoring him whilst elevating other players instead to almost mythical figures proportions.

Today, at the world's biggest stage when it comes to club football (which is where players earn their right to represent their countries), Diego MILITO stood up for it. Not only was he up for it, he put on a kind of performance that would absolutely ridicule his doubters.

He did what he does every time he plays 90 minutes. He simply plays great football. He plays for the team and he scores goals at an insanely good average rate. But he always keeps a low profile and he doesn't sell many shirts.

Not only he scores plenty of goals, he also scores the important ones. He scores when it matters.

The title goal vs. Siena last week. The Coppa Italia decisive strike vs. Roma earlier. The third goal vs. Barcelona in the semifinals first leg (which eventually sent Inter through to the final). Goals vs. AC Milan in a match no Inter fan want to lose. These two tonight...

You know when you follow a band from the moment they were only playing at your local pub or were not known to your entire country and then all of a sudden they hit it big and you have to stand how all the new-comers are now talking about how great they are and how loyal fans they have always been?

Well...that's exactly how I feel now when I read on the Argentine media and from Argentine journalists on Twitter. NOW! And not during the course of his fantastic season for Inter, they are praising Diego MILITO and asking themselves whether he should be MESSI's partner up front during the World Cup instead of HIGUAIN or TEVEZ or the rest.

Now! Because he happened to scored at the Champions League final. Because, frankly, I saw of Diego MILITO the same things he's been doing since he joined Inter and even before that, when he was at Genoa and scored 24 goals in Serie A last season (for the record, he scored less goals in Serie A for Inter this time around -22-). He's been doing it even when he played for Real Zaragoza.

But it's only now, with the RESULT and the exposure, that everybody seems to realise how great a striker he is.

I don't think I'm ready to accept all those bandwagoners now. They have always neglected Diego MILITO and, to use a famous MARADONA quote, I hate 'panqueques' (pancakes) who would turn upside down on the eve of a performance like this from this or any other player.

What does that say about them? Does this mean they only watched Diego MILITO played tonight?

There you have it! It's off my chest. But I'm warning you, I'm not going to stop praising Diego MILITO and telling you how I believe MESSI-MILITO is the best possible combination we have for Argentina to play up front in the World Cup. I won't stop until I'm proved wrong on the pitch. Until they play an entire match and they show me nothing. I just hope I would at least get the chance to see that ONCE. I'm willing to be proved wrong and hear all about it from you or my friends in Argentina or anyone. At this point, I just don't want to be denied of that chance of seeing them together in action.

I'm basing my case in their current form and in the kind of compatibility both players will have if they get the chance to spend 90 minutes together on the same pitch.

That's it. End of rant. I'm sorry if it wasn't classy! hahaha!

As for the rest of the evening, what a pleasure it was to see Javier ZANETTI lift that trophy. I know he is hurt deep inside and if this victory helps him heal faster, then I'm twice as happy.

Esteban CAMBIASSO was immense again tonight. There's no doubt I'll miss both of them this summer (even though where I live, the World Cup will be in the middle of winter!).

Walter SAMUEL should have been yellow-carded for a tough foul on Arjen ROBBEN, but got away with it and then he put up another solid performance at the back.

I feel sorry for Martín DEMICHELIS, but I guess it's better that four Argentines won it instead of just the one.


johnny said...

Two goals from Milito and he also very easily could have had two assists ! I agree that Milito would be the perfect complement for Messi, and it's a real shame that it might not happen. Higuain is a fine striker but I don't think he will mesh with Messi as well as Milito.

So Seba, let us hope Maradona gets a big light bulb over his head about this !

Anonymous said...

Hey Milito impressed me, NO DOUBT! Personally I was never a fan of his because well he never did much for us. Granted he has never gotten many full games(If any that I can recall) but he was a shinning star tonight. His goals were QUALITY and Seba I am on the bandwagon express of Milito's; HOWEVER it does not change the fact that I still will take Pipita over Milito. Inter scored on countering, ball ahead and BAM goal! But not for a second do I doubt that Milito would come in and give us a spark but then again will he even get minutes in the WC?


p2bn said...

Every time Milito hit the goal, I was thinking, someone must be realllllly happy. Ohh well this was the only way I hoped inter win and even if they had lost I wanted him to score. But it is history now and just the way he pushed into the world cup squad, he might as well have pushed into the 11. But in any case, I am feeling hopeful now, very hopefully; need to prepare for the disappointment as well cause the hope if getting too bigg now.

Vamos Argentina

Anonymous said...

i told you so still doesnt change the fact when he slips on argentinas shirt he becomes a litttler girl with piss in her nickers cruz was exactly the same one big fat coward at nt level milito looks out his depth i hope winning this and doing so well helps him realize how good he is and to stop shitting his pants for argentina

Sebastian said...

To that Mr. Anonymous (4th comment).

I would totally accept that criticism if he had enough time to even 'piss in her knickers'.

Comparing him to CRUZ is absurd.

And what a wonderful Argentina supporter you must be, talking like that about one of our best forwards and one of our World Cup squad members.

Shame on you.

Hua said...

I am an Inter fan and what Milito did this season is absolutely wonderful. I wish him best luck in the world cup, but considering how Maradona ignored Zanetti and Cambiasso (two wonderful world-class players and a lot better than many on the world cup roster) I am afraid the Prince will spend most time on the bench.

Rune said...

Fantastic game by Milito! What a player! Great game by all 4 argies. It was an incredible moment to see Zanetti lift the cup. I will never forget this evening. I will never forgive Diego…..

He should have dropped back fast as hell the moment Milito headed the ball to Sneider….but he was to slow. I have said it many times before: Demi is not a great defender, so I am not saying this because of this goal. But this was another evidence. He is not great, you guys always tend to over rate him. He is good and very important to our team cause he is, after Samuel, the best defender we have. He is a warrior with great heart. But he is not a really great player. He was, and is, too slow. Just like Samuel and Heinze. Two warriors, but still slow. Samuel is always ok in this aspect at Inter cause he has a speedy guy(Lucio) next to him.
I see this as a potential problem in the world cup. We have a very slow defence, maybe apart from Otamendi who has ok speed. But if we are to play defensive counter attacking football it doesn’t matter, we don’t need speedy defenders. However if we want to attack and dominate the games, it could be a problem with big, slow defenders.

I am one of those who think a Milito-Messi partnership would be the best for Argentina. Higuain is great, no problems with him, I just believe Milito would be even better paired with Messi.

Batigol9 said...

there is absolutely no doubt after this gam that Milito should partner Messi yesterday.Wht he did yesterday was incredible.I don't know what else he can do to earn a starter spot!!!

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