Monday, May 31, 2010

South Korea World Cup squad is announced

Following the news posted by Roy with the 23 men from Nigeria, South Korea have revealed their World Cup squad a day after they found out that defender KWAK Tae-Hwi will miss the tournament due to a knee injury sustained on Sunday in a friendly they lost 1-0 to Belarus.

KWAK Tae-Hwi had scored 4 goals in 12 appearances for the Tigers of Asia, an impressive average for a defender.

Here are the 23 names chosen by manager HUH Jung-Moo. In Mundo Albiceleste we always write the surnames in CAPS. Koreans (as many Asian countries) put surnames first, first and second names later. That's why we are using the capital letters first and keeping the surnames in the same order as they are used in their own country).

KIM Young-kwang (Ulsan)
LEE Woon-jae (Suwon)
JUNG Sung-ryong (Seongnam).

KIM Dong-jin (Ulsan)
KIM Hyung-il (Pohang)
OH Beom-seok (Ulsan)
LEE Young-pyo (Al Hilal, Saudi Arabia)
LEE Jung-soo (Kashima, Japan)
CHA Du-ri (Freiburg, Germany)
CHO Yong-hyung (Jeju United)
KANG Min-soo (Suwon).

KI Sung-yong (Celtic, Scotland)
KIM Bo-kyung (Oita, Japan)
KIM Nam-il (Tomsk, Russia)
KIM Jae-sung (Pohang)
KIM Jung-woo (Gwangju)
LEE Chung-yong (Bolton, England)
PARK Ji-sung (Manchester United, England)

PARK Chu-young (Monaco, France)
AHN Jung-hwan (Dalian, China)
LEE Seung-ryul (Seoul)
YEOM Ki-hun (Suwon)
LEE Dong-gook (Jeonbuk)

That's 13 players from the local K-League.
Seven players with the surname: KIM.
Six players with the surname: LEE.


Anonymous said...

talk about originality :P

Mohd said...

off topic:
seems Higuain agreed on madrid contract extension for 3 millions...of course money is not of my business but to agree to get pain half what benzema gets paid is just stupid from higuain!
the only player in madrid squad who deserves to get paid more is ronaldo, instead it seems he won't even be rated as a third class player!

Allan Ng said...

When I visited Korea about ten years ago, the tour guide told me there are only about 4 major surnames in Korea: Kim, Lee, Choi and Park. All others are very rare.

Anonymous said...

What about Yung-Ho? No sightings hu? Not going to lie, I do not know anything about the Korean team.

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