Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy birthday to Diego MILITO's biggest fan!

Today, on May 25, Diego MILITO's biggest cheerleader, who happens to be the founder of Mundo Albiceleste was born! That's right, it's Seba's birthday!

On a personal note, I'd like to say thank you to Seba for opening this wonderful blog around this time 4 years ago (though I discovered it prior to the Copa America in 2007) and giving every Albiceleste fan around the world a chance to not only share their views on the team and the players, but to also be able to get their news in english. It's very difficult to find a news source for Argentina that has as many comments from you, the reader, all in english. Later on, John was brought on board to help Seba out with the blog and eventually I was brought in to help those two out. And for all that, I say thank you Seba.

At the moment, Seba is currently sick as a dog. He hasn't been feeling well these past few days, but I think I have the thing that will cheer him right up!

Happy birthday Seba, get well and I expect the same kind of post on MY birthday! Hahaha!


John said...

Feliz Cumpleanos amigo!

For Diego MILITO sake, hope that you get well soon as he needs all the support (MILITO chant, MILITO scream etc.) he can get from you.

sabuz said...

Happy birthday seba and get well soon...bye the way you are not the only one to support milito...i'm a big fan of milito since his zaragoza days..i think he one of the most underrated stricker in argentina and perhaps in football history...i'm from bangladesh and here most of the people support argentina...argentina's flag is flying everywhere in bangladesh..

sabuz said...

By instead of bye

GK said...

Happy birthday amigo!

Riz said...

Happy Birthday Seba, get well soon..! so you,Roy,John can make another pod cast..Thanks,Vamos Argentina.


Anonymous said...

the anti argentina media farce has started i love the way things get twisted against argentina its very nuch how the media treat nintendo the same BS..

there all reporting it as tho argentina needed there strongest line up to win and that this team beat germany and that the only player differance was mesi , thats right this is argentinas strongest first choice line up that beat germany and only messi was missing,there was 4 players missing not 1 and maxi -r was back in the side so 4/5 player differance is clearly not the same team is it

but there reporting it like this so they can try and say oh oh yeah good game BUT argentina needed there very very best to beat canada its clear the media are god darn idiots...

another example of media total bullshit

when ever a god brazilian is talked about its always THE BEST,whenever a good argentinian is reported on talked about ,ITS ALWAYS ARGUABLY THE BEST

ever noticed that ,it happens all the time and i see it for what it is STUPID PEOPLE ABUSING THERE JUNALISTIC POWER in other words brazil fanboys talking out there asshole as usual

its the same with sony vs nintendo they report sony as going UP and nintendo going DOWN but its always nintendo above sony and sony are still loosing money and facing bankruptcies and its playstation brand thats dieing and nintendo have won the console war

but the media report it as sony up ITS SONYS FANS ABUSING THERE EMPLOYED POSISSION

i seriously hate the global lying fucking media

p2bn said...

Happy Birthday and get well soon. You got 16 days at most to get well ;D. After that you are not allowed to be sick.

Anonymous said...

happy brday ..

sanoop said...

happy brday ..

Rune said...

Happy birthday, Seba! Get well soon.

Pathos said...

Merr-y Birff-day, Seba! [manly grunt in your general direction]

Though I've only recently endeavored to post, I've followed this blog virtually from day one; can scarcely believe it's been four years already!
[busts out with a teary soliloquy]

Mucho kudos, appreciation and blokey Argy cheek-kisses for all that you have done and will no doubt continue to provide for all us recently deported (long story) albiceleste supporters.

(Ditto John and stat-man Roy - there is plenty of testosteroney love for all.)


Anonymous said...

i wonder if messi will be escorted from the field of play in front of tv cameras by a woman dressed up in medical fancy dress out-fit for a COUGH RANDOM DRUG TEST,SO RANDOM NEVER BEFORE OR SINSE HAS THIS HAPPENED....

nurses in outfits with huge medical cross on the front dont enter the pitch and escort players away

then find cocktails that exist only in hollywood movies in there blood stream a perforamce enhancing cocktail ......WTFE...if you mix red bull with fanta orage you can fly and if you add pepsi you can turn invisable too

corrupt fifa corrupt america

Alex Camacho said...

Both Greece and Nigeria were unconvincing in respective 1-1 and 0-0 draws with North Korea and Saudia Arabia. I was surprised by North Korea. They looked much better than I thought. Or maybe Greece is just not good.

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day Seba! Best wishes to you amigo!


Sebastian said...

Thanks amigos! I've got to say that even after being in bed for two days, this has been one of my happiest birthdays ever.

It would have been the happiest if Roy was mature enough not to call me a 'cheerleader', but he is a boy and boys will be boys. What can you do about that? hahaha!

I appreciate all your words and your wishes. I'm feeling better now.

I kept feeling sick to my stomach and (sorry to be very specific but) I just wanted to vomit and was unable to do it. That was until PALERMO tried to shoot from outside the area with his left foot and fell flat on his arse! hahaha! An image like that was all I needed to (mentally) vomit and I've been feeling better after that. So there you go...PALERMO was instrumental in my recovery. He really is touched by the magic wand!

Thanks again for your love and support!

I'm off to bed again so I can recover completely and be back at full strength really soon.

Anonymous said...

I am the "anonymous" that asked who you all were 2 posts ago. Thanks so much for your answers. My name is Alex, and I had the chance to see Argentina play in the 1994 World cup (2 first games), since I was living in Boston then. That was the experience of a lifetime and I hope to be able to see la seleccion en vivo again sometime in my lifetime.

I am very excited to have found this site!


Hua said...

Happy birthday Seba!

I am one of your first visitors four years ago when we discussed the last world cup.

I have lived in USA for over 13 years but I came from China. Did you still remember that I told you how popular Team Argentina is in China? Did you go to the Olympics in 2008?

Happy birthday and all the best wishes for you and Team Argentina!

Hua said...

About Milito, as an Inter fan, I would like to tell you he is now like a king in the front line for Inter - much the same way Drogba is for Chelsea, even the great Eto'o is playing more of a midfielder role.

That's how Milito shone - he needs the be at the central stage, he needs his teammates to pass the ball to him, and he needs someone to create chances for him.

Unfortunately from what I saw none of this is going to happen in the national squad. Milito is NOT a super sub, if Maradona insisted to use him as such, I am afraid the result is not going to be good.

Anonymous said...

saba- happy birthday and i hope you recover soon and your baby boy and argie no 9 (in a few years)is good :)

Anonymous said...

the media and tv stations and fifa hated it when Greece won the euro cup didn't go with expectations and the so called norm ,it wasnt in there best interests (HARD MONEY)i was giggling when that happened,frigging hilarious

milito is a sub and a reserve WHO-EVER CALLED HIM A SUPER SUB he is a reserve 9

Akash said...

Happy Birthday Seba

Alex Camacho said...

Interesting post by Tim Vickery on Maradona's tactics.


Lopez,India said...

Happy Birthday and get well soon. wishes from India

Anonymous said...

happy birtheday seba, and best wishes to you!


Linda said...

Happy birthday, Seba! Hope you feel better soon!

Tanguero said...

Happy birthday, Seba! Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Pronx (Australia)
Happy B'day Seba and hope you get well soon.

To anyone living in Australia, is anyone going to watch Boca juniors in Melbourne in July, Riquelme is my favourite player in all the world, really hopes he comes down, Vamos Boca.

Allan said...

Happy Birthday Seba! Get well soon!

Maybe Palermo knew you needed some cheering up. He really can do everything with (or without in this case) the ball.

Anonymous said...

Happy b'day Seba! Get well soon! and
Happy Bi-Centenary Anniversary everyone:
ARGENTINA TE AMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE YOU ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

OH my, this naughty Roy! Well, Seba, i hope you are feeling completely recovered by now, i wish you all the very best.And thinking about it: you amlos made it for the bi-centenario!
And for all the fans happy Bi- Centenary Anniversary!
TE AMO ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ARGENTINA, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anirudh said...

Happy Birthday Seba...wish u a speedy recovery....

Vamos Argentinaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@alex camacho: yup, I read it yest. He's right. Tim vickery is south america journalist (esp.Brazil). I read a lot of his writing/blog in bbc. Interesting. Opposite to many English writers which is very critical to Argentina football (and Maradona), Tim always offer different opinion and analysis. More neutral. I agree with him according to his view about Maradona and NT. Argentina much improved, and Maradona little by little create positive circumstances. They play more collective, with determination. If they can maintain and increase also choose a proper tactic, Argentina has an a big opportunity to lift the trophy.


Joe said...

Swedish journalist has snapped up a rumer about why Cambiasso was not picked. It is said because he is Bisexual?! It is said thats whats been gosiping in the argentinian media about why he was not included.

Have anyone else heard the rumer?

Irbrahim said...

hey imfrom maldives. Here we have lots of argentina fans. around 75% of the people support argentina. we are gonna watch WC on the white sandy beaches

johnny said...

From what I have heard Cambiasso ain't got nothing on Maradona, except maybe Diego is a giver and not a receiver. Live and let live I say.

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