Friday, May 21, 2010

UCL Final Preview - The Fight for Treble Supremacy

Inter Milan and Bayern Munich will battle it out in Madrid, not just to win the Holy Grail of European football but to follow the footsteps of Glasgow Celtics (1967), Ajax Amsterdam (1972) PSV Eindhoven (1988), Manchester United (1999) and FC Barcelona (2009); clubs they have accomplish to win their respective domestic double and the biggest honour in European football (Celtics actually won four in that year).

For us as fan as of Argentina, there are many reasons to watch this year’s edition. And whatever reason it is, I’m sure the final will be as exciting as ever.


I was never was fan of Bayern but somehow I had a sentimental feeling for them after witnessing the agony they had to go through after losing to Manchester United in 1999. Since then, when it comes to German football, they had a place in my heart.

When a friend of mine mentioned to me (back in 2003) that Bayern Munich has singed Martin DEMICHELIS, my first reaction was; is that a Greek player? I felt deeply embarrassed for not knowing that he is an Argentine first and foremost, as I wasn’t following the domestic league as closely as I should have.

As a center-back, what better place to enhanced your talent if not in Germany (okay maybe Italy)? He proved to be a vital component in Bayern’s defense throughout 2005 -2006 helping the club back to back double. Yet, even that wasn’t enough for him to a place in our National Team for the 2006 World Cup. After learning his fate, he admitted that he didn’t feel like living anymore.

In life, when someone feels like this, it takes a person with a strong mentality and high determination to keep going after his/her personal goals. Luckily Micho is such person as he continued to play an important role for the Bavarian side in the years to come; helping them to achieve more honours, with the ultimate prize (should Bayern win’s it) waits for him this weekend.

For Bayern to win this final, they will turn to Micho for all the help they can get as it will be his duty to stop fellow countrymen Diego MILITO from scoring. He has been caught in several occasions for lapse of concentration but let’s not take away his physical strength plus his ability in the air. There will definitely be an interesting key battle between them.


I remember following Inter Milan since the mid-nineties and thinking how dominant this club is going to be. But it never was the case as they were tag the Sleeping Giant for failing to win big silverwares despite investing millions (the Fat RONALDO, Christian VIERI).

All that has changed throughout the last 5 years as it is their turn to smile at the rest of the pack. Already the kings of Italy, the signs are right for them to elevate themselves as the Kings of the continent.

For some reason I’m sure we all know why, Javier ZANETTI and Esteban CAMBIASSO has been the main subject matter in Mundo during these last week. But I wish to put that aside now, as I will still watch them playing with pleasure even if they will be wearing the blue and black jersey instead of……

If there is one player from this Inter side that deserve all the accolades that the club has achieved is recent times, it has to be ZANETTI. In today’s football where players moving from club to club is becoming more a favourite past time, he has proven that being a loyalist is not too bad either. In my opinion, he is truly Mr. Nerazzurri.

As for Esteban CAMBIASSO, what is there left of not to be said about him? I don’t have to remind everyone here about the fact at any one time, the industrialist can both a destroyer and a creator in the middle of the field. It’s a shame that we won’t be seeing Frank RIBERY for Bayern as the Frenchmen is suspended for the final, or else we will be witnessing an interesting battle in the middle of the field between them.

Like Mico, Walter “The Wall” SAMUEL has been the heart around Inter’s stubborn defense throughout their recent successful times. Jose MOURINHO will employ the same kind of strategy that has serve them well in the previous round, therefore SAMUEL will be the key in keeping the tireless Ivica OLIC quite. Not an easy task but surely he has what it takes to get the job done.

There is another important aspect (based on motivation) from this game that I wish to highlight. When I think of CAMBIASSO and SAMUEL, I sometime tend to forget that this weekend will also present them a chance to return to a familiar territory.

I bet deep down those people at Real Madrid must banging their heads for selling Cuchu back in 2004 without realizing the amazing talent that he possess. And it’s high time for SAMUEL to put the record straight with the Madrista crowd after having one poor season with them. I don’t care what does Senor Florentino PEREZ thinks, but I will tell you that those two are Galaticos in their own right.

For the local Madrid fans who will be attending the game, there is a scary treat for them. And no I’m not talking about Freddy KRUGER making a cameo appearance during the game. And for sure it’s got nothing to do with Gabriel HEINZE either.

I’m referring to Diego MILITO (Yes! Seba must be smiling right now), the same guy who put four goals past them while he was with Real Zaragoza. There is no need to argue about MILITO ability to grab the opportunity to score when one turns up and everyone knows he can do it in a variety of ways, despite having Micho around him. If there is one player that the self proclaim Special one will rely on for a potential match winner, MILITO is the man.


One thing I feel it’s great to know that for the third consecutive year, an Albiceleste will lift the “Giant Ear” trophy. The main question here is that “who is it going to be?”

I know that some of you will be cheering for Inter so that ZANETTI being the team’s captain will be the one to lift the trophy. Interesting to know that for some reason even Bayern’s is not short of supporter here.

Looking at both ways, I have no complains at all. After all, from my experience as a writer in this blog, I’ve learned to understand and appreciate the fact that fans of Argentina comes from all walk of life.

The important thing is as a football fan, I do hope for a match that filled with drama and packed with actions. And whoever wins it, I will still be happy for him because no matter what that player is still an Albiceleste.

On behalf of Mundo Albiceleste, best of luck and Vamos to Micho, Pupi, Cuchu, Walter and Diego!!!


GK said...

I cannot wait for the opening whistle to be blown! It was a dream for me to see my Inter in the final of the Champions League and now finally it is reality. I really don't know if I will be able to contain my emotions when I see the iron man Javier Zanetti lift the Big Ears! He desrves this more than any other living footballer! The match will be a special for all of us and I am hopeing for a good, well faught tight match but then again I would be lying if I said I didn't want to see a dominating performance from the Nerazzurri.

And people let's not forget, once that final whsitle is blown and the celebrations are over we are officially in World Cup mode! No more club football until the fall. When I get home from watching tomorrows match, my Argentina flag will come out of the closet and will be hung for all to see!


Anonymous said...

Based on the individual inter has the edge. They have star with vast experience in European stage. Cambiasso and Zanetti surely can stop robben like they did with messi.

Inter will win the game IMO, the first goal will be the important factor in this game.

Sir Raul

Estadio Nacional said...

Good preview. Im not too fussed about who wins but I strongly suspect it will be Inter with Cambiasso having a great game to show what the World Cup will be missing.
Diego Milito would deserve to score the winner after his form this season.

Id prefer another team didnt join Celtic on that list at the top of the blog though but theres no avoiding it. Was great to read that on your blog ;¬]

Anonymous said...

The last news I read Messi injured in practice after clash with Mascherano. The officials said nothing serious but still worried me. I'm afraid it will effect NT preparations. Any of you can give up date information bout Messi condition? You can say Messi is not the only one our lethal weapon, but for sure, he's our biggest hope. After hear this news, I don't give a damn attention bout Champions League final..Forget it. Hope Messi get well and fit asap.

Anonymous said...

Yes it was Mascherano who hit him, but they said he's fine andit's nothing serious, also they said there would be no need for xrays or anyhing like that.

Mark my word messi is fine he'll be back in training in the next 2 days he's a warrior and nothing is going to stop him from playing

Alex Camacho said...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

samuel not the most techical will be solid FUCKING TOUCHSCREEN

Maxi Lopez said...

De Michelis was a monster before arriving to Bayern.

Ronaldo was not fight at San Siro. I watched him at the stadium: unstoppable!

By the way, I couldn't resist to remind you guys that Maxi Lopez has scored 11 gols in Serie, not 10.

Forza Inter.

Maxi Lopez said...

(Sorry for the typing mistakes, Ronaldo was not fat)

Maxi Lopez said...

"And it’s high time for SAMUEL to put the record straight with the Madrista crowd after having one poor season with them. I don’t care what does Senor Florentino PEREZ thinks, but I will tell you that those two are Galaticos in their own right".

Yes. That's something that you guys at Mundo tend to refuse to understand. Samuel was not "poor", he was un-used. Real Mardid is a club that want to satisfy its public. The defence is always very exposed. So when your partner is Fabio Cannavaro, then good luck! Samuel and Gabi Heinze are tremendous central defenders. They are just human. All the central defenders in the world can get in trouble if exposed against the fastest forwards. Even the best.

It's too bad they weren't coached by Capello or Pellegrini, the 2 only coaches who brought balance to Real Madrid. Both fired.

I know I criticize a lot amigos, but I love to read this place.

Vamos Argentina (y Gabi Heinze)!

GK said...

The final will be Javier Zanetti's 700th cap for Inter. What a special night this can turn out to be for the captain!

Sam Kelly said...

Nice preview Seba, I know you'll have enjoyed the game and it was great to see Milito shine as we knew he would do.

I'm sorry not to add anything to the discussion but as a Brit I have to correct one small part of your first paragraph:

Celtic. No 'Glasgow' and certainly no 's'!

Anonymous said...

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