Sunday, May 16, 2010

Forza Inter Albiceleste!!!!

That’s right! Inter Milan has won the Scudetto for the fifth consecutive time thanks to a 1-0 over relegated Siena. Now they can start focusing on completing “The Treble” when they take on Bayern Munich (who also completed their domestic double) next weekend.

Most importantly it was a happy day for the Albiceleste contingent on the Nerazzurri side; Javier ZANETTI, Walter SAMUEL, Esteban CAMBIASSO and Diego MILITO. More so for ZANETTI and CAMBIASSO after both learned that they will not join the National Team for the trip to South Africa.

For a moment, Roma had the upper edge as they took a 2-0 lead away to Chievo Verona. But all that changed in the 57th minute, when MILITO took a pass from Il Capitano and then went on to finish perfectly past Gianluca CURCI to give Inter the win. That goal takes his tally to 28 goals in all competition.

In other matches, Maxi LOPEZ keeps his good form going after scoring Catania’s only goal in their 1-0 win over Genoa. It has been a great half season for him since he arrived earlier this year, scoring 10 goals in the process and single handily helping his team to escape relegation.

Don’t forget, there was also a goal from another legendary Albiceleste player; Hernan CRESPO that is. He scored in the last minute for Parma in their 4-1 win over Livorno.

I’m sure the on going discussion among fans Argentina throughout the world will be about Diego’s surprise (or controversial, whichever way you may look at it) but for now, all I wish to say is….



John said...

Also a big congratulations to Manu GINOBILI and his wife on the birth of their twin babies; Dante and Nicola!!!

Sebastian said...

I was about to comment on Manu's fatherhood! Given Felipe's height, basketball could be his sport and he could be playing for the Tall Albicelestes (or the Tallbicelestes) together with Dante and Nicola GINOBILI!

Regarding Inter. What a goal from Diego MILITO (for the importance, Pupi's amazing run and Diego's control and outside-of-the-foot finishing).

I was watching (could only catch the second half) and it was great to see our four players in action for 90 minutes.

Can't get out of my head the fact that Pupi and Cuchu won't be going to South Africa.

Any country going to the World Cup would KILL to have two players like them and yet we decide to give an unthinkable advantage to all our rivals and we leave them out!

Not to mention that Diego MILITO could very well be still cut from the list of 30 and if he isn't, he could be facing an entire World Cup sitting on the bench whilst PALERMO gets the minutes...

Sad. Embarrassingly sad.

latino said...

Congratulations Inter, now let's take the CL too :)

John said...

A couple of interesting quote from coming Inter's official website: -

MILITO - The most important goal in my life

ZANETTI - For my family and fans

CAMBIASSO - A big thank you to all the fans

p2bn said...

Messi scored 2 goals and Barcelona are the champions. Great to see La Pulga so happy. He thoroughly deserves it. Now the big one.

His twitter said Vamos Argentina, so he is ready; hope diego is readier :D

Vamos Argentina
Vamos Messi

Anonymous said...

cannot get it out my head two frigging HAS BEENS aint going to the world cup

zanetti has had over 130 caps to do something for argentina his time is long over

cambiasso in the same midfield as veron roman in cocos slow midfield cost argentina every time

we need lungs and speed and width and messi

we got that that now MOVE ON WITH UR LIVES

zanetti like ayala was vnothing but bad luck for argentina

and lets face realality cambiasso and zanetti only won serieA after the corruption and loss of cash and a aged juva were relagated for corruption

inter have only been winning it since it became a weak league


Anonymous said...

wen series A was strong inter won nothing that is very true and the generation of ortaga zanetti cambiasso were the cursed generation maradona has removed these unlucky fuckers for good

thank god

messidona19 said...

Messi finished the season equalling Ronaldo's record of 47 goals!! He really deserved another Champions League win this year... But well i'll accept it since there's only 25 days for the Wc and he needs some rest...
Now off to the Wc.
P.s: Zanetti and Milito today were immense!!! I really hate Pekerman Maradona for not picking Zanetti to the World Cup squads.

Rune said...

Great day for us argiefans!!
I will never forgive Diego for not picking Zanetti.

Anonymous said...

p2bn just want to ask sm thing?? does messi have twitter account?? if so give me his account !! i didnt new he had twitter account!!! i want to add him!!!

GK said...

I love my Inter and I love the Argies on the team but I feel that Milito gets too much praise at Mundo.

Don't get me wrong, he is a great player/goal scorer but he hasn't been as good as he can be in the second half of the season. How many chances did he miss yesterday before he finally scored? Inter should have won at least 3 or 4 nil yesterday. He is caught offside far too often.

I would still like to see him go to South Africa and I would easily put him ahead of Lavezzi, Palermo and Aguero but my first choice strikers to be paired up with Messi would be Higuian and/or Tevez. Just my opinion....


Sebastian said...

GK, I can't believe you! The man scores the goals that gave your Inter the Coppa Italia and then the Scudetto, plus a vital goal vs. Barcelona -with two assists in that 3-1 home win- and you still argue that he missed some chances???

Seriously. What does he has to do to be accepted?

Not to compare or anything, but if you think like that, you have to crucify BATISTUTA because he missed a golden chance vs. Holland before BERGKAMP put us to the sword in 1998.

EVERY striker will miss goals. It's those that go in what counts. And MILITO's got plenty of them to show for.

GK said...

Haha, I figured I would get some kind of reaction from you Seba. It is just my opinion. He misses chances, every striker does I agree with you, but maybe I just notice his misses more because I am an Inter supporter. What really gets me about Milito is him being offside so frequently. He is an Argentine version on Insaghi! And I also feel his form has dipped recently (in league play anyways). Again, I think he is a world class striker but when it comes to the national team I would just prefer the likes of Higuian or Tevez before Milito. I would still love to see him and all four Argies from Inter go to South Africa (I'm a die hard, non-biased!, Inter fan). I would just have Milito third in my order to be paired with Messi. Assumming Messi continues to play as a striker for the national team.

Sorry Seba, but I have to agree with Maradona here, haha!

Sebastian said...

No need to be sorry or apologise, GK!

But after your explanation, knowing that you agree with MARADONA in your consideration of MILITO, I'm assuming you'd have no problems seeing MILITO walk out of Inter and welcome Martín PALERMO as his replacement.

Am I right? ;)

Anonymous said...

Milito critics must acknowledge the fact that Messi and Higuian also miss great chances. I've watched Milito for years, he is as technically sound as they get.

Anonymous said...

Milito has averaged .08 more goals per game to date than Gonzalo Higuain.

GK said...

Seba, you must have missed the part where I said I world easily put Milito over Palermo, Lavezzi and Aguero? Of course I wouldn't want to see Palermo put on the Inter shirt. I simply said that Milito wouldn't be my first choice, I don't see what the big deal is.

Here is my order of prefered strikers for the national team....

Lisandro (even though he wasn't chosen I wanted to put him ahead of the others)

Remember that list is for the NATIONAL TEAM and not Inter Milan. Of course I would welcome almost any of these strikers (exception of Palermo and Lavezzi) to Inter Milan but we are doing just fine with what we have.

Hope that made things a little more clear fellas :)

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