Friday, May 28, 2010

The dream takes off today. Godspeed Argentina!

As I write this, a couple of young ladies with Argentina tops and very tight shorts are surrounded by a Johnny DEPP look-a-like (sort of!) -well, to be honest he is just dressed as Captain Jack SPARROW and is wearing an Albiceleste shirt- and four girls from a fan club called: Las Kuncitas (Little Kun Girls or something like that).

This bizarre series of events is taking place just outside the AFA Ezeiza Headquarters where minutes from now (Friday afternoon in Buenos Aires), the national football team of Argentina will depart towards the airport and will do the three kilometres that separate the training ground with the international airport.

Oh...but wait a second? Where is Jack SPARROW now? A black car driven by MARADONA is just arriving to the AFA camp and all hell broke loose! Hundreds of fans jump over the car, photographers go crazy just to get the best possible pic from this whole mess and the flight departs in two hours.

I was ready to see the whole team leave in a bus right now, but Diego is just arriving. It's 4:13 PM in Buenos Aires and the flight is announced for 6:45 PM.

Diego makes it through a sea of people (without a hint of him stepping on someone's toes this time) and the fans go crazy and start jumping and singing: 'Argentina! Argentina!'.

Oh...wait! Wait! BREAKING NEWS: TyC Sports interviewing a fan who HAS BEEN HIT BY MARADONA's CAR. Here's what he says: "Yes! He rolled over my feet with his car. I'm over the moon! I was touched by MARADONA. I couldn't be happier!"

I'm learning now that Gary COLEMAN has died and I can't help but thinking: 'Does this mean we can't play all of our little guys together'? I hope not! RIP Arnold, RIP!

The team will be flying business (23 players plus 10 seats taken by the coaching staff) and on the same plane the U20 kids that are going to be helping the team in trainings in Pretoria are going to be allocated in tourist seats.

I read on his Twitter account, that Sergio AGÜERO is announcing that they will leave for the airport in about 15 minutes. But they are already late according to Kun's estimated time of departure.

Want to follow Kun on Twitter? Here's his account. To my knowledge, he is the only Albiceleste player on Twitter (got the habit from his Atletico de Madrid teammate, Uruguay striker Diego FORLAN).

It's the bizarre dimension and we are hitting a new high! Here, here, click to listen to a song the band Los Reales have dedicated to Gabriel HEINZE.

Now a few umbrellas appear on the horizon. They are Albicelestes, but they have the inscription: "NUMERO 12" (Number 12 -the nickname of the Boca Juniors barrabrava -hooligans-) and they are reporting in TyC Sports that some of those thugs are going to be travelling together with the team. PERFECT! NOT!

I'll keep watching this modern circus and will keep you posted on whether they make it on time or not!


Anonymous said...

best of luck argentina bring the cup home!

Mike said...

This all sounds like a script to a movie. A movie bound to have a great ending!!

Sebastian said...

The bus has departed. They are on their way to the airport.

Diego first seat to the right. Clemente behind him, BOLATTI next and then Lionel MESSI (sitting next to Kun AGÜERO). Last on that right hand side was Martín DEMICHELIS, recording everything with his camera.

On the left hand side...Diego MILITO, Jonas GUTIERREZ (both with cameras too) and Carlos TEVEZ behind them.

Police escort and coverage in every channel you can imagine.

In fact...if you know how to watch TN or C5N or TyC Sports online, do so right now so you can watch this thing too.

Unfortunately, I don't have links here with me.


Sebastian said...

Please...I haven't watched this last season of Lost so PLEASE, no spoilers here, but do you want to know what happens when you cross LOST with the national team of Brazil?


Great stuff!

p2bn said...

Seriously I just can't wait for the world cup to start. To be honest, even though I was upset with Diego for leaving out some team members and even though we are not the 'favourites', this year, this time, I just feel that little hope. This extra hope of having Messi with us and yes of course, bad or good, Maradona himself. I hope we can make it this time; I have promised to have a tatoo if we win :).

Vamos Argentina

p2bn said...

Ohh Seba, I think Messi twits as well; I am currently following him and it looks authentic even though there is not much tweets but still.

Anonymous said...

yes, i think i will make a tattoo if Argentina wins the cup. i don't know what kind of tattoo, and where, but i will make one. maybe a naked maradona?


GK said...

Seba, your headline title instantly gave me goosebumps....

Come on June 12!!!!

Let's hope for a safe landing for our men in white and sky blue!


Anonymous said...

They have already landed.

Anonymous said...


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