Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The list of 23 chosen by Diego MARADONA

Diego POZO

Gabriel HEINZE

Juan Sebastian VERON

Lionel MESSI
Carlos TEVEZ

The seven players cut are:
Sebastian BLANCO


Fadi said...

The first time i feel Maradona makes the perfect decision :)

Anonymous said...

are you allowing posts hellooooo

Anonymous said...

Not big surprise. Milito must on the list. As predicted, Garce on the list. So it's good news for Milito's fan..hehe. Lavezzi is a good player, but this time Maradona has to be realistic, Milito is on-fire. But anybody can give information bout Garce? How good is he actually, in fact I never follow Argentina league...with 6 strikes, what system will Maradona use? Is he gonna take 4-3-3/3-1-3-3/3-4-3 besides 4-4-2 as fix pattern? For me 6 strikers is too much for 4-4-2 system, except against Korea or Greece. I just consider Messi will play in in midfield role as he plays Barcelona recently. What do you think, Seba, Roy...


Anonymous said...


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i hope my inteligence doesnt offend and i hope this has helped me point out the weakness of OPINION VS FACT fact always wins

consider ARGENTINA THE FACT TEAM OF THE WORLD CUP i like the squad its 50% worker 50% pure talent and are forward 6 is jaw dropping

now we know guys i think a group meet somewere so we can gang mastermate over pictures of the squad well spank my ass and call me messi

its just wait for the first kick off now i cannot wait

Anonymous said...

For being so "inteligent" you're spelling is horrible

Mohd said...

how maxi makes it instead of datolo is a wonder. datolo never really impressed with napoli but in a brazillian fasion, he kept his best for the international games. maxi is awful since he joined liverpool.

however, including Milito and especially Pastore is great news. i just hope they are selected to play an important role and not just spectators.

Anonymous said...

@Mohd: To be honest, I am convince Milito will spend lot of his time as a substitute, unless Higuain play poor. The big chance for him to make starter, if we success collect 6 point from 2 games (Nigeria and Korea) so the Maradona will rest Higuain and Messi as well for knock out round. Palermo only use in crisis situation (that's why Maradona called him 'santo'). I just feel Pastore can be a key player due to Veron condition (red card or fatigue).


Anonymous said...

FIrst, nice blog. It is now in my "favorites" bar and I'll be following you thru the WC!
Second: I don't know much about futbol, just enough to realize that I play really bad. But, may be Maradona is onto something with his "four centrals" defence? Everybody is playing two forwards, no wings, do you really need a mobile lateral defender? That can be covered by the midfielders. So, it may point to a team that will be mainly defensive, with one or two creative MF and two forwards. And yes, we have the best there!

GK said...

I like this list. I'm a little surprised that Datolo got cut, I thought Diego loved him? Happy to see Milito there, I always knew he would get the call.

Now we know our 23 man roster, we know our starting backline and we know that Messi will be paired up with Higuian to start. But out midfield still has some tinkering to be done. I know Maradona listed the starting 11 for the Nigeria match but I hope our midfield see's some changed before them. With the midfielders availible I think it would be ideal to use the diamond formation in the middle of the field. I would like to see something like this....

Mascherano (centre holding mid)
Jonas/Maxi (right wing mid)
Di Maria (left wing mid)
Pastore (centre attacking mid)

I love the idea of Pastore on the squad, now I just hope he is used.

Anonymous said...

Javier Zanetti Takes World Cup Disappointment In His Stride

Alex Camacho said...

It looks like the debacle of last week has colored the expectations of people for this week. Compared to last week, the whittling down this time is an improvement, but the fact remains that Garce is not a proper international defender (even tho I like him as a River fan) nor is Palermo a proper international striker. Just looking at these choices alone he has screwed up. Coloccini would not be my choice over Zanetti, G. Milito, or Garay, but I'd take even Coloccini over Garce. And I'd take Licho or Saviola over Lavezzi, but Lavezzi is still much better/versatile than Palermo.

Yes, at least most of the worst of those included were eventually cut, but this 23 is still shocking, with Heinze, Otamendi, Garce, Bolatti, and Palermo in rather than G. Milito, Garay, Zanetti, Cambiasso, and Licho (each of these is like for like), not to mention we are still very much missing creativity in the middle of the park.

Anonymous said...

peckerman took 6 forwards did he not 4-4-2 dosnt change just because you take 6 forwards

Anonymous said...

what can i say with maxi who has been really aweful in the last few years, palmero no need to say anything, bolatti bearly plays for fiot and veron should not be the main man as his day has gone.
we can win the world cup but i have no expications as i had in other world cups.
no matter what i will always support those who wear the blue and white even if i dont think they are the best for us.
vamos vamos argentina and today i got my long sleeve 2010 shirt yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its awesome

Anonymous said...

garce is in for a reason he is very versatile across the back line i think he can play all 4 positions maradonas squad is made up entilrly of players that can do many things in many areas apart from the two ""9's"" palermo and milito there strikly strikers C-F's messi can play on both wings behind strikers up front tevez also dimaria both wings jonas both wings ,clementie both sides of defense, the entire CB list is fantastic anywere across te back for some of them others not so much but still good



i mean seriously thats scary shit right there

Alex Camacho said...

Scary in a bad way, why would anyone fear your second lineup, w/ Palermo leading the line?

What's the point of versatility if you are mediocre in each position? HEINZE, OTAMENDI, and GARCE are not world class. For some back ups, ok better to have versatility for cover at various positions. But you don't need it at every position, certainly not at the expense of quality. And some of those excluded were versatile and world class (Zanetti, Cambiasso).

Palermo doesn't even have versatility, he's mediocre at his only position. If you want versatility, why not have Licho instead of Palermo? You already have Milito and Licho can lead as a 9 but also play anywhere across the front.

And where's the creativity? In the hands of an old man and (maybe, but I doubt Diego will trust in him) a young but promising Pastore. Why not various options where you most need it?

Joe said...

Common guys i am for one very happy that maxi got in instead of datolo. Mohd you are truly misstake as i am a Liverpool fan i can surley tell you Maxi has been great for Liverpool. His had 4 assist and one goal in 11 games. With just a little luck he would have had another 3 goals. But i can tell you for sure, Maxi has been great for Liverpool. Benitez cant stop raving about him. And Maxi has World cup experience thats very important.

Datolo on the other hand has performed quit well for the national. But he flopped in Napoli and i really do not know how his been in greece.

On another subject i just today for the first time watched our 6-1 loss against bolivia. I dident dare before. But our defence and Carizzo were awful. Carizzo got take blame for two goals.

Anonymous said...

i don't know many players who are in the squad. i have a question:

how tall is romero? and how tall are the defenders? please don't tell me they are all smaller than 6 inches! 2006 Argentina has the shortest squad of all, and maybe the payback was kloses header, when he beaten the most shorter sorin.


Anonymous said...

my friends who are liverpool fans are not raving about him and they even joke on a free was to much.
i watch the epl as im a spurs supporter and sadly have not been impressed by maxi and as i said i like maxi but he does not deserve his place this time around.
oh its rafas job to try to give players confindance.
i had to laugh when this year he "guantered 4th place" rafa has lost it as have liverpool who may have to sell their batter few players-torras,mach and a past it gerrard

Alex Camacho said...

I agree with Joe, Maxi has not been bad, and at least some others agree, certainly better than Gerrard. At least some Liverpool fans consider him the bargain of the season.,19752,11669,00.html

GK said...

Well Maradona has been full of surprises since taking over 2 years ago and maybe there are more to come. To some peoples surprise (not mine) Milito made the final cut. So instead of seeing Messi paired up front with Higuian/Tevez do you guys think it is possible to see Messi play in his Barca role in the right mid and have Milito up front paired up with Higuian?

It is possible.... sorry if I am getting you excited Seba, I would love to see this happen as well :)

Alex Camacho said...

I think it will be Messi on the right, Higuain or Milito up front, and di Maria on the left. Frankly i think that's better, because di Maria is more of a natural winger than Higuain, and really messes defenders up. Hopefully he'll take his opportunities well.

Behind you'll have Gutierrez, Mascherano and Veron.

Then you'll have Otamendi Samuel Demichelis Heinze.

Anonymous said...

3 in the back in playing Russian roulette. It will not happen.

msi2 said...

alex camacho>

looking at comments over Insua's season is leaving me really angry at the lack of quality fullback Argentina will suffer in the next years.

The inferiores in Argentina dont form anymore quality fullback, because all the kids want to be the new Messi, Tevez or Mascherano or even Ayala. It's tougher and tougher to find quality fullback, center forward and even quality goalkeeper. We cant produce talent always for the same posts.

Anonymous said...

re maxi
sorry guys 3 assists and 1 goal (were any vs the big 4?)hardly inspires me to believe he is on current form worthy of a nt place.
im not maxi bashing cause i will never forget what he did in the last w.c for us but a the moment you could pick and their are far more deserving players of a place in the nt infact their are a lot of players who should be ahead of maxi on his currant form that at best = avarage.
always pick those in form not on repuation/sentinmental reasons and maxi is the latter.
look at brazil with ronnie and pato, not good enougeh form = not going.

messidona19 said...

Since Perotti has been injured and has missed the world cup, I think it would be fair to choose Maxi as our back up winger/right midfielder rather than Datolo... As for the others i'm really satisfied that all of the players which i was upset about making the 30 list were thrown out of the 23 man squad... Now the squad looks cleaner although it's definitely not our best.

Joe said...

Alex Camacho

Thanks man for posting the pages. I was about to.

Pablo D

Everyone got a right to an own opinion. Thats what makes everything more interesting. In my opinion Maxi deserves the plays befor a player like Datolo. But maybe not a player like Lucho.

Good for us Ronnie missed out. But his stats speeks for it self this season. 15 goals and 16 assists. I feel sorry for him. But even he deserves the place before player like Elano and Baptista.

Anonymous said...

Hi, can someone tell me.. who do we have now that we didn't have in the qualifiers, and who did we have in the qualifiers that we dont have now? thanks.

PS: im talking about the qualifieing matches that we did very bad on.

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