Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lacklustre performances from our Group B rivals

Since Argentina won't be playing any more friendlies from here until our World Cup debut with Nigeria, I though we could take a look at what our foes from Group B have been doing lately.

After impressing last week with a 2-0 in Saitama over Japan, Republic of Korea have lost to Belarus 0-1 on Sunday.

A solitary strike by Sergey KISLYAK was enough for Belarus to win this match and now Korea will likely put up their strongest lineup to face Spain on Thursday, also in Austria.

The explanation for this defeat could be found in that their manager HUH Jung-Moo is still giving his fringe players a run before he makes the final cut to trim his list down to 23.

By the way...HUH Jung-Moo is part of the 'DUNGA Club'. What is that?'s just a figure I'm using to say that he was one of the players who kicked the hell out of Diego MARADONA when Argentina faced Korea in 1986 in Mexico. DUNGA did it in 1990 and for both, the result was the same: a disaster! Here's hoping Diego gets the same result against HUH and if destiny has it, against DUNGA too if we meet in South Africa.

You don't believe me that HUH Jung-Moo kicked the hell out of Diego? Here's some proof!

Nigeria, on the other hand, also gave some subs a run facing a familiar side to all of us like Colombia.

The Super Eagles went 1-0 down on 29 minutes after Carlos VALDES found the back of the net for Colombia.

In the second half, Haruna LUKMAN tried his luck from outside the box and levelled for Nigeria to make it 1-1.

Greece were not in action this weekend but they will get a taste of what it is to face a South American team when they meet Paraguay on Wednesday.

Speaking of Paraguay, Argentine-born Lucas BARRIOS, has scored against Ivory Coast on Sunday to make it 2 goals in 2 international friendlies (his first score coming against Ireland a few days ago). I guess Argentine strikers are a hot property these days, aren't they?


Anonymous said...

What the hell? Did anybody read the article in Clarin where defenders were playing forward positions and vice versa....what is the point?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

where in the new york area can i get together with fellow argentines to watch our team in the world cup ??

Anonymous said...

poor italy let that argy get away didnt they well paraguay and italy need to try win some how might as well play argys THE SCUM ...japan scored 3 times vs england sadly 2 in there own goal so it ended 2-1 to england but england failed to score ,i think playing with youth team and sub team and blending and going over things and two fine results vs germany and uraguay argentina dont need any more games lets just hope it doesnt lead to a slow from the start performance thel be fresh and tactics in place but no games for a few weeks can make you stale.. lets hope they hit the ground running...people talk of disorganised diego yet he has his 23 and his starting 11 england italy and spain dont even seem close to it

diego knows what he is doing shut players away in camp work on things over and over

Roy said...

To the anonymous talking about the article in Clarin, I read it. It was just an exercise thing to get used to the feel of the ball, the ground, etc...

hugo said...

Diego got it right. What's the point of playing these friendlies? To finally pick your 23? A couple of weeks before the cup? And be embarrased in front of teams that are not in the WC? Diego made up his mind, took his group to SA, no useless games. IMHO

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