Saturday, May 22, 2010

Watch Milito Goals In Madrid


Anonymous said...

I HAVE THEM RECORDED IN HD 1080i on my sky box hard-drive yes im showing off lol ....

good luck everyone i keep looking at the count down so exited now anyone looking for links for the canada game try p2p serch on google then look from there you should find one

Sebastian said...

Mohd said...

anyone fancies the idea of Milito getting the ballon dor and fifa best player next year?!
i mean why not? it has always been the player who most contributed to a special club success. well Milito has been the MVP for inter all this year.

its just his continous bad luck that at the same time where he has such club success he is going to the WC where he will barely play...but unless a player has a really huge WC, i vote Milito for the best player next year!

anyone agrees? besides Sebastian :)

Anonymous said...

Milito will be a top 5 pick, Messi being the front runner or the star player of the WC(Again Messi lol). He had a sensational year but will he win it? I do not think so.


GK said...

Any updates on the starting 11 vs. Canada tomorrow?

Sebastian said...

GK, the stupid guy from TyC Sports was like he wanted to play a speed-spelling contest or something.

He gave a probable lineup for tomorrow and mentioned eleven names in 3 seconds.

I could only get: ROMERO, Jonas as a RB, BURDISSO, OTAMENDI and HEINZE.

With MESSI, TEVEZ and HIGUAIN up front.

Couldn't hear the entire midfield, but the guy said VERON will not make it (he is tired) and AGÜERO will also be rested (arrived only a couple of days ago from Spain).

By the way...GK...what were you saying about MILITO's second half of the season? I still love you, amigo! Don't worry!

Even if you keep criticizing the next Ballon D'Or!

Amen to that, Mohd! Amen!

GK said...

Hahahahaha Seba! I have nothing to defend what I have said about his second half of the season. I have no problem or shame at all admitting that I was completely wrong and you were correct!

And trust me, there no other Mundo reader here happier than me to see Inter win Europe. I, and all Inter fans world wide owe it to Diego Milito for the Champions League trophy.

How's that? Haha

Sebastian said...

That's lovely, GK!

Shame on me I didn't bet something with you! I would be rich as I type this, such was my fate in MILITO.

There's one more thing you could do to make me happy: Why don't you join Mohd and myself and start the campaign for Diego MILITO to win the Ballon D'Or???


Take care, buddy. And congratulations to you. I know how passionate you feel about Inter. It's been a long wait for you. And now (thanks to MILITO -sorry to rub it in, hahahahaha!-) you can say it's over!

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