Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lets keep Mundo Albiceleste what it is

After several warnings, I shouldn't be explaining my self on why am I deleting some comments.

I'm not going after anyone in particular. I'm just deleting comments containing insults and foul or abusive language.

You don't like your posts getting deleted? Just keep the insults and bad words out of them or else they will keep getting deleted.

It's got nothing to do with being politically correct as there has been a lot of examples in which we made fun of things and took serious stuff rather lightly.

We are all for a bit of fun, but even if some people don't understand it, this is a place made for Argentina fans all over the world and it has always been an example of camaraderie with the occasional heated argument between two or more readers, but they almost never crossed the line and when they did, those messages got deleted and those readers understood.

I hate to go on and delete comments when I could be using that time to come up with new ways of improving Mundo Albiceleste, but I hate it even more when I think of young fans from different countries logging in to read news and comments about Argentina and find messages that are not appropriate and that sometimes could have a lot of meaning if it wasn't for the unnecessary use of foul language.

It's got much more to do with the way those messages are written (with a lot of F words and C words) than with the content. Some times I feel sorry because the content of some of those messages is not that bad and some others it is clearly interesting, but as soon as we spot a curse word that is not appropriate, we have no option but to delete that comment.

Those messages have nothing to do with Mundo Albiceleste's goals, style and identity.

So here is my call for everybody to keep Mundo Albiceleste what it is and what it always has been.

Thank you.


Alex Camacho said...

Thank you Seba for keeping this a forum for intelligent discussion and conversation rather than a place for posturing and name calling.

Anonymous said...

someone kissing sebas butt.

but i do agree :P intelligent convos only

johnny said...

Not a minute too soon. I've been guilty a time or two, but lately it has at times been out of control. Like anything else, if you let it go on and on, then it becomes much more difficult to end it. And, as you say, a pity because some of the posts filled with obscene language have also included pertinent, and at times funny material. Staying on top of the "deletions" is a pain but will add to the Mundo "experience" in the long run. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Mundo Albiceleste Rocks, You do what you gotta do to keep it this way.

Anonymous said...

you are 100% correct seba,
thank you.

Alex Camacho said...

Does anyone know if we will have to deal with much altitude in South Africa?

Alex Camacho said...

I see it's 1750 meters in J-burg and around 1350 in Polokwane, not Bolivia but not insignificant. Is the coaching staff still ignoring this as they did in WCQ?

Dave P said...

agreed Seba as always, just just prepare for some great football and hopefully get some pleasing results this coming month of June/ to FRANCE then JAPAN...ciao

Anonymous said...

Guys I have BIG NEWS:

LZ said...

Thank you, Sebastián and team. I am pretty new to this blog, but precisely one of the first things I noticed was the intelligence, mutual respect, sense of humor, and camaraderie displayed amongst bloggers. I am a woman, I may add, so I especially enjoyed the healthy way of having collective fun without incurring into insults, the usual sexist jokes, and unnecessary cheap shots. In fact, I was so excited about my discovery that I wrote a congratulatory and supporting note to the blog owners right away (and you wrote me back thanking me for the feedback! How nice was that?!) I have been coming back since, although I confess that the tone of some postings lately had deterred me from visiting more often. Any "cool down" note I posted when I saw those capital letter-insult-filled messages was of course ignored by whoever posted it in the first place (they would just shout louder). This said, I see how being on top of deleting posts is an absolute pain. On the other hand, it is yet another expression of how seriously you take your blog and your readers. Thank you for preserving this awesome space--one that makes it possible for all genuine Argentina fans scattered around the blog to come a little closer when it really counts. Vamos Mundo Albiceleste! Vamos Argentina! Luc (LZ)

Roy said...

Thanks everyone for the kind words. We try and stay on top of things to keep it clean and fun. Debates are more than welcomed on the blog, after all, it's one of the aspects that makes this blog fun. But do remember to keep it clean. You can get your point across without the use of foul language.

LZ, it's nice to see you around again. Male or female, everyone's welcomed on this blog. Hopefully we see more of your comments on the blog!

Alex Camacho, there is an altitude factor in South Africa, but it won't be nearly as much as it is in South America (Quito, la Paz, etc...). As a matter of fact, in 1986 when we won the World Cup it was at altitude (if I'm not mistaken Mexico City is over 2000m above sea level). But yes, there is altitude, but the players will be in South Africa about a week or two before the tournament actually begins. So they should get used to it.

Dave, you're going to France and Japan? Have fun and be safe!

To the anonymous guy who posted the link, it's actually an interesting debate. I know not only in this sport but other sports as well, the "sex before/during a tournament" thing is debated. Of course it can tire you out (I remember a few people talking about Demichelis' personal life becoming a factor a while back and blaming that on his poor performances) but the team doctor seems to say it's fine. I read the article in spanish earlier and from what I remember they mentioned something about no partying. About how sex is "ok" but no partying.

Vishnu said...

i was going to tell to you owners that the use abusive language is increasing in the comments especially against the one who should b respected the most by any argentine fan.

so y cant u juz make those commentators inaccessible to the blog if they r continuing this? It is possible right?

ninan said...

This blog is exclusively for mature and civilized people.

All those foul mouthed savages can join osama bin laden's blog

GK said...

Its a real shame that a post like this has to be made on such a great site like Mundo, especially so close to the event we have all been waiting for. Hopefully this will be the last time it has to be mentioned.

Thank you Seba and keep up the good work fellas!

Maxi Lopez said...

Keep the good job SEBA! We are having a hard time with the trolls on the Argentina blog too. Things will get harder now that WC is coming. That is the blogging cost of futbol, the most popular sport. Vamos Argentina.

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