Sunday, May 23, 2010

Diego's press conference. Complete transcript

Diego MARADONA gave a press conference on Sunday night and this is the complete transcript of what he said.

"I apologise for this weather, guys! I wouldn't have wished for this"

On the Canada friendly:

"I told my players what's going to be our lineup for tomorrow vs. Canada. We are going to play at the best of our possibilities because that's what our shirt deserves. We won't have our first choice central defenders, but we are prepared to play a great game. But I'm not going to tell you what's going to be my starting XI here today."

On Diego MILITO's performance in the Champions League final:

"I'm not surprised for what MILITO has done. He played a great season. But so did TEVEZ, so did MESSI and Kun AGÜERO. I will use whoever I see is doing better. I don't have starters and substitutes. All of them can play."

"MILITO ended up confirming I was right in including him among the 23 players I'm taking to the World Cup".

"The match itself was discrete in my opinion. But Inter won it fair and square with two great goals by Diego MILITO, who also played some great passes. I think he was the best player on that pitch on Saturday. Without a doubt."

On the pressure he is under:

"I feel no pressures. Neither do my players. Pressure feels the man who has to wake up everyday to see if he can earn enough money for his children to eat that day. I don't have pressure".

On how important Lionel MESSI is for Argentina:

"If the ball goes through Lionel MESSI, we've got more chances to win. We need to train hard and get the message across to all of my players' heads that we need to be a team and play like a team. With the added value that we have MESSI playing for us".

"I think MESSI is getting to this World Cup better than I got to Mexico in 1986. He's got a better supporting cast. But each match is unique. He needs to know how to read games and to know what he needs to give to the team".

"I did that in 1986. I insist: if the ball goes through him, we've got more chances of winning".

On how he feels these days:

"I'm heading to my fifth World Cup, first as a manager. And I've got great players that are really motivated. I couldn't be happier."

"I'm great. I'm happy. I'm happy to have 20 players already working with me. To be able to build up our squad. To train with them and see they are happy. They are anxious to get to each training session and I can assure you they are training at a supersonic speed. I'm thrilled with my players contraction to work".

"I've got to have them with me. I've got to keep working with them in Pretoria. We can't speak about starters or substitutes. I've got 23 warriors and any of them can play".

"Ariel GARCÉ could have a chance to start. I mean, all the players I called up can do a job for me. We need to wait for those training sessions in Pretoria that could be morning and afternoon."

"A World Cup is won and lost in the little details. I need to have all my players at the top of their motivation to give me what I need from them at any moment".

"I'm reaching this World Cup in my best moment. I'm in a good place regarding everything I was lacking of before. I'm close to my daughters. My parents are healthy. I've got my girlfriend. I've got a jog. I can wake up everyday".

"I grew a beard because my dog almost ate my mouth and left me a big scar. Now since Dalma and Gianina (note: his daughters) told me I look good with a beard, I'm keeping it."

On testing different players and different systems since he took over:

"I've tested and I'll keep testing. We've got a lot of players who deserve to wear the Albiceleste, but we can only take 23 to the World Cup. I have tested a lot because I had my domestic national team. How many managers did that before?"

On the difference between preparations for the 1986 World Cup and now:

"In 1986 we spent 70 days together as a group. We are 20 days way from the World Cup and I still don't have my 23 players together. But what can you do? We need to adapt to what FIFA says. Anyway, we the few training sessions we had together these days, I think my players got my message and they know what we will be playing for".

On Argentina's chances of winning the World Cup:

"We know we're not favourites to win the World Cup. But we are going to present a good fight to anyone who stands in our way. "

On his personal head-to-head record with DUNGA:

"I'm tied with DUNGA. He beat me as a manager, but I beat him as a player in 1990. It's a draw. We'll see what happens if we have to meet in South Africa."

On what he thinks about how people sees him as a manager:

"I don't care what people think about me as a manager. I couldn't care less. I've got my 23 players and I'm ready to die with them."

On how he feels after the first few days working with most of his 23 players:

"What I wanted was to have them with me. Talk to them. Have meetings. Things I couldn't do during the year. I see a good bunch of guys. I see this is a solid group of men with great character. I think we are going to have a great World Cup".

On how he sees people in Argentina with the Bicentenary celebrations and ahead of the WC:

"Our people are excited because of the Bicentenary and because we are going to the World Cup. We are already focused on the World Cup. Our fans will show their support to us on Monday. It'll be a great motivation for my players so they can keep improving as a team and as a group of human beings".

On his colleague Marcelo BIELSA and the job he is doing in Chile:

"Marcelo BIELSA is doing a great job in Chile. He changed the collective minds of the people of Chile and I wish him the very best. When we were going through a tough time in the qualifiers, he called us and gave us all his support. "

On whether he would be willing to sacrifice playing beautiful football just to get a result:

"I don't want to win at any cost. If I quit on the beautiful game with the kind of players I have, it'd be a sin. If we treat the ball as we know, we will be OK. If we start using long balls, we won't".

"I've got a great deal of respect and admiration for José MOURINHO, but I think he defended too much against Barcelona. Even having the players to try something different. But football is like this and whoever is the winner, is right. I think it was a very thin thread and if it wasn't for that goal they didn't give Bojan in the last minute, we would all be talking about how Barcelona would have beaten Bayern Munich on Saturday".


Anonymous said...

It's gonna be a really interesting tournament for Argentina. I kinda don't know what to expect. Whatever quibbles we have about Maradona's decisions going in to the tournament, now is the time to get behind Diego and his team. I for one cannot wait!

Anonymous said...

when he said: "I don't want to win at any cost" i became really angry. sounds like an excuse for me for a fail. the only thing that counts is winning, this is the only rule in football. maradona should have learnt this lesson from bilardo.

however he later said: " football is like this and whoever is the winner, is right", so i can go sleeping without worries.


Anonymous said...

Dan said
Bottom line we have the players and the talent to win it all. How everyone comes together is the difference. Remember, players play, and coaches help....but the players need to show up on the pitch. If we win a couple of games easily in the qualifiers it will go along way for our confidence.

Justin said...

Interesting that he was happy to discuss Milito, but didn't say a word about Cambiasso. Or Zanetti. Was he asked about those two?

Anonymous said...

above that is not what he meant he is saying he would rather win with a argentina flair than not HOW YOU READ SOMETHING ELSE INTO THAT IS TYPICAL STEREOTYPING OF DIEGO..



that kind of football wins you things benfica/estuianties/chelsea shall i go on

its great football conbining solid hardwork with great attacking players

i think really diego does see us as favorites but why jinx it

if veron plays like he did against barca in the club world cup no-one wil be talking of xavi, veron gave him a lesson that day and in fact massively out played him all that competition he doesnt need to run like a 25 year old the rest of the team will do that for him...

and his still quicker and more mobile than cambiasso.....

i think 4-4-2/3-4-3/3-5-2 are all formations Argentina can tinker with and 4-3-1-2 off course

i like the solid 4 it allows a 3-5-2 like shape but with a extra defender then we can drop one out and go 3-4-3 or 3-5-2

im guessing at ultra attack tomorrow

3-4-3/3-5-2 messi behind tevez and higuain and dimaria wide in midfield


Anonymous said...

Diego was getting a bit upset/annoyed when the reporters brought up Pupi and Cambiasso name up.

Anonymous said...

Well, I know how your feel, most of you, about Zanetti and Cambiasso. But, do you think rite now is necessary talking or debating their place in NT? Just keep it until WC is over. If we loose, you can say whatever you want. Considering Maradona statements, in some parts I agree with him. Especially about Messi. Messi is lucky having such a great talent to support him, not like 1986 team. But, still it depends on how Maradona could technically or tactically make the best formula so Leo can show his potential.
Yes, coach is right to say all the players has the chance to make a starter. None of them is substitution class. It means, Milito has the chance to make a starter (possibility 50:50). Overall, very motivating words from the coach. Hope he can transform it and player understand the message.

Anonymous said...

Another things. Maradona said, Leo must learn how to read the game and do what he can do for team benefit. This is the key. READ THE GAME. Coach consider, the opponents will do everything to stop Leo with solid defense even hard tackles.
As a player, capability to read a game, makes Maradona different. Brilliant and absolutely genius! Play the ball intelligently! Maradona had analyze how Inter stop Messi in CL semifinal. Yes, I hope Maradona can teach Messi (all players) to read the games. As coach said, every match is unique.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry diego.i'm extrmly sorry....
He misunderstanded us.yes he' a genius...
He is making our squad as we dreamed.i'm sure in june we'll see the most attractive play in the wc,it wont be spain,it will be we,argentinaaa.let me explain you...
Upto before 2 months we're expecting a starting elevan with schiavi,sosa,bolatti,palermo...etc.but what maradona have done,by giving everyone some tough time,he've his 23.and i'm sure he's having the possible best 1 even though some wont agree.(all the players can attach to different positions.)
Now i think after working with his 23,he'l understnd how the players wanna play.and the hardworkers will definitely be in,with suitable formation.and i'm sure,seba milito(sorry i forgot diego) will be the starter,atleast for the second i predict a 3'll be messi,pipita,demaria.and when deciding about the mid and back,maradonna will never go for 3 defenders,it'l be 4 sure.since heinze nd samuel is a must.i really wish to see burdisso playing as RCB.and i see clemente/gutierez obtains RB.i go for clemente,because thats his pos.
Now about midfielders,maschi is a must,and so veron will.the third spot i'm sure maradona will give it to maxi,why?he'l show he's ahead of bolati nd else
RESULT:Arg. plays in more beauty than that of barca and more the formation
'Comparing with barca
Weak positims:
1.RB:alves is more atacking,but when considerin defndng our kid can match
LB:not actually,but u will think.any body have watched marsille,he's a leader...
Two cmf:clearly behind xavi(veron,but not very),and cnsdring maxi,he's hving more dfnsv qualities.and he's having more fitness.and dimaria and pipit pisses on ibra and henry/pedro. can you believe maragoda???

LM10ARG said...

Thank you maradona for saying that it'd be a sin not to play beautifully with the players we have. But u have to prove it now in wc.
Thank you again for saying that Bojan goal should have been given and otherwise interpoli wouldn't have done this, Barcelona would've won again.
There is ONE and ONLY ONE way football should be played and that's beautifully. Does beautiful/offensive football deliver???
Example: Spain from EURO 08, germany from wc 90, france from wc 98 etc. and Barcelona from 2008-09.
And I am sure I will be receiving a lot of offensive replies but I don't care about people who have to praise ANTI-FOOTBALL in this site only coz a particular "team" has 4 Argentines.
Finally, GO ARGENTINA and PLAY LIKE 2006 WC...

msi2 said...

Wait... Germany from 90????????

Haha what a laugher.

Argentina4life said...

hey seba thank you very much for this wonderful translation!!! specially that daughter part .ha ha. and yes we believe u DIEGO. go on and bring back the cup to ARGENTINA. VAMOS ARGENTINA!!!

Anonymous said...


LM10ARG said...

msi2, just coz it didn't go Argentina's way doesn't mean Germany played bad football in 1990. Granted it wasn't a penalty but Argentina played anti-football in 1990 and Germany was brilliant throughout the tournament scoring many goals. Sometimes Argentina even played for penalties from the 1st minute. I am just a fan of Argentina, not an Argentine. So I will not have quite as the same feeling as an Argentino would. But Argentina played anti-football in 1990 and to me it was enough to justify Argentina's defeat. Italy played anti-football in 2006 but they only won coz of referee's blunder against Australia. Anti-football wouldn't be as effective as one might think if not backed by poor refereeing.

batigol9 said...

wiining at any cost is much better than losing,believe me we have been losers for 24 years now and it was one dissapointment after the other,time to change

Rune said...

SEBA or anyone:
Does the game today kick off at 4pm, Buenos Aires time? Or 4.30pm? Or maybe 5pm? I have read so many different kick off times on various argentine web sites these last days.....When is kick off?

Anonymous said...

You know Maradona is. When he said doesn't like winning at any cost, not necessary to say Argentina will play beautiful footbal. Coz himself as player had done 'winning at any cost' with Bilardo in 1990. Maybe the appropriate one, he search for 'effective football'. From 2 last games (vs Uruguay and Germany), it's obvious Argentina play effective games. Not in terms 'anti-football'. Of course it depends on the opponents. You can't play aggressive and attacking football against team like Brazil-Germany-Spain, unless you have to. So, in competition like WC, the most important is playing smart.


Mohd said...


the match kicks off 19:30 GMT (7:30 PM GMT) which i think means 4:30 PM Arg time.

Anonymous said...

1.00 am in india

Anonymous said...

go away u LMARG10. we all know u r not for argenrina but it doesnt mean we dont feel like argentinians for our team. i m from bangladesh and i m also not from argentina but i really feel for my team and i can easily say i feel for them in each and every way and even more then the argentinians itself . u r just that kind of person who likes to irritate all people and give probl;ems to all? why are u irritation us? what u get from all this. if u still givepeople trouble like this and never stop the i m sur ALLAHA will punish u one day. so go away and stop irriting all of us. i have dedicated my life for argentina team and always will so i cant stand all these thing so simply go away

GK said...

Kick off is 3:30 eastern time (Canada/US) which is 4:30 Buenos Aires time. It is great how today is a holiday here in Canada so I can watch the entire match without missing the beginning due to work. And it is televised! Can't wait until kick off!

Argentina4life said...

hey guys i think south korea is becoming more and more dangerous then nigeria and greece coz they even defeated japan at their home 2:O. really we need to play very well against them!!!

Anonymous said...


you can#t be a Argentina fan if you say they deserved to lose against germany in 1990. this is the worst thing by far i heard from an Argentina fan!

and if you think germany played brilliant in 1990, then i don't want to know what your understanding of beautiful football is! germany relied on penalties and cheating from the quarterfinal to the final, like they always do! the final was pure robbery, and you are not a true fan.


Anonymous said...


Rune said...

Thanks, Mohd and GK.

Abs said...


What's next man ?!

Seriously dude, the first thing you should do is to change your nickname, coz you can't even be a fan.
Maybe you can call your self "A Beautiful Game" or "What a Joke" !!

Anonymous said...

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