Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Team Has Arrived!

At around 8.30am, Diego MARADONA and the National Team arrived in South Africa for the World Cup on Saturday, looking jet-lagged as they were greeted by media at the O.R Tambo International Airport (as reported by the Times Live from South Africa).

MARADONA blew a kiss to reporters, saying "Hola, South Africa. I love South Africa. I’m excited to be here, I love South Africa and I’m looking forward to the World Cup,".
Lionel MESSI was also subdued on his first appearance in South Africa. Wearing a white baseball cap, the Barcelona forward did not react to requests from the assembled media for a smile or a wave.
Clear skies and cool early morning autumn conditions greeted the third team to land in South Africa after Asia powerhouse Australia and Brazil . After a brief session with select TV crews and photographers; Diego, MESSI and the rest of the team left in a brightly painted luxury coach for their Pretoria base.


Vishnu said...

vamos argentina....

go back with the cup dudes....!!!

Sebastian said...

Diego = Not a morning person!

Thanks for the post, John!

GK said...

Once again.... GOOSEBUMPS!


Roy said...

Diego's certainly not a morning person, Seba's right.

Anonymous said...

u may dis i hav observed diego last few days and his facial expression clearly shown the similarity between 86 and 2010.determination and motivation

Anonymous said...

You mean....

lol thats exactly what i thought of when u said that and i havent heard this song in 5 months :P

pablo.d said...

next stop the winning of the world cup 2010-thank you

Anonymous said...

I hope we dont stop there o_O

Nicholas said...

Really enjoying the coverage you guys are doing here so far! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Pronx (Australia)
Love the white tracksuit, looks great, does anyone have the link to see more photos of the team landing in South Africa, and also videos of the team being farewelled from AFA headquarters Buenos Aires.

Mike said...

Thank you for translating everything in english, and keeping us up to date with our albiceleste Seba. Without this blog there isn't many other english speaking webpages that give as much detail and coverage of the teams affairs. I've never been able to feel
so close to the team before.

We went through hell qualifying together.. It's time to make history and win the world cup together.


John said...

Hola Pronx!

Here is a video from YouTube which was taken when the team departed from the AFA headquarter.

Anonymous said...

Pronx (Australia)
Hola John

Thankyou so much for that link, what great support, love and loyalty for the team. My heart goes out to the team, will support you 100%, may that push them to be world cup winners. Love you Argentina, show the world the beauty of Argentine football.

andaman said...

The only reliable english news source on the albiceleste.

Thank you Seba.

Agree with you that Diego is not a morining person.

andaman said...

to Pronx (Australia)

try the news photo service.

put in "world cup 2010" "argentina football team" "maradona" or any name of the players in the search box for the pictures.


Anonymous said...

Seeing that this is word to word copied from another site, this isnt a source. maybe some sort of guideline for discussion, but not a source itself :P. The actually source is those who went out there and got it for their site. this is just reporting what they report and giving opinions/comments. which is nice

andaman said...

I found this link for the pictures

departing BA and arriving Johannesberg. lots of pics

Mohd said...


i do not agree that maradona is that sharp and that everything he is doing is part of a plan...but still a very interesting article.

Anonymous said...

Seba, can you give some information how NT practicing in Pretoria. Coz, no media reporting the training. It seems Maradona don't want journalist know their activities inside the camp.


salvio supporter said...

As far as I know, they're only doing some height and climate adaptation training.

Anonymous said...

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