Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Will he become 'The Little Pipe'?

Excuse me for the attempt of a joke there, but Gonzalo HIGUAIN is rumoured to be a hot transfer target for Sir Alex FERGUSON.

Manchester United could be Pipita's next destination. There's nothing confirmed, but the rumour is out there and after a season of austerity at United and a chance for them to end the season trophy-less, I wouldn't be surprised if they decide to splash some cash in the off-season to provide Wayne ROONEY with some help up front. Or is it that ROONEY is on his way to the Bernabéu?

Don't you love and hate the silly off-season for the very same reason: transfer rumours?


Sam Kelly said...

Bloody hell I'd love this to be true. Not only would he be playing for a club I like once again, but he'd be relatively cheap too thanks to Madrid's ridiculous dislike of him (and Lord knows Manchester United don't have a lot of money thanks to the current owners, whatever Fergie says).

There's no way Wazza's going to Madrid. I mean it'd be hilarious, but it just wouldn't happen.

Anonymous said...

There is no way this would happen. Pipita is one of the top 4 strikers in the world under the age of 24. Madrid is goofy if they sell him. Aside, even they know the problem is their defense. Sure, they can score, but they can't stop anyone from scoring against them. Look for them to shore up their defense...Maybe they can add Mascherano.

Anonymous said...

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