Sunday, May 16, 2010

MESSI leads Barça to another La Liga title

He needed two goals to equal RONALDO's record (the real RONALDO. 'O Fenômeno' from Brazil, not Cristiano) of 47 goals in a season playing for Barcelona and he did just that. He scored two in the very last game against Real Valladolid and helped his team win the league and do it with a record-breaking 99 points. Only in La Liga, MESSI scored 34 (same as RONALDO in 1996/1997) an also equalled that record. He did that, by the way, playing in 35 matches (30 as a starter).

MESSI beats Antonio DI NATALE of Udineseand Didier DROGBA or Chelsea (both with 29 goals) and he only trails Luis SUAREZ (35 goals), though the Uruguayan did that whilst playing for Ajax in the Dutch Eredivisie, which has a lower coefficient when it comes to calculating how much one goal is worth in that Golden Shoe ranking.

Real Madrid, on the other hand, could only manage a 1-1 draw at La Rosaleda and Málaga saved themselves from relegation. Gonzalo HIGUAIN finished second, only behind MESSI, in the top-scoring charts in Spain with 27 goals.

Hey, I'm even reading Barcelona are the best champions in the history of all the domestic leagues in Europe, getting 99 points, two more than Roberto MANCINI's Inter in the 06/07 season.

If there are any doubters out there, not only MESSI claims the Pichichi Award (given to La Liga's top-scorer) and European Golden Shoe this season, he also shared the top of the assists charts with Sevilla's midfielder Jesús NAVAS.

Congratulations to Lionel MESSI and Gabriel MILITO for being key elements in such a fine championship-winning team.

Whilst this marked the season of Gabriel MILITO's return from a long-bothering injury, it also gave us the chance to witness an out-of-this-world kind of performances from Lionel MESSI.

By the looks of it, that's exactly what we are going to need from him in the World Cup.


Anonymous said...

Seba, what is your take on this article? I have to say pinche Espana, hope this is not true!

Rune said...

Has Messi really made more assists than Xavi?? Messi has 10 or 11 assists in the legue this season....or am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

No, Xavi had a total of 18 or 19 assists in all competitions for Barca.

Rune said...

Yes, I have seen EVERY minute of every Barca game this season. And in my book, Messi has 10 assists in the legue and 1 in the european super cup. I know some say he has 11 or 12 assists in the legue, but I don't think that is right.

Anonymous said...

rune i can go 1 better i have every game harddrive recorded in HD EVERY SINGLE BARCA GAME THIS SEASON

Anonymous said...

so a playmaking second striker come forward winger matched the goals scored by a great 9 ronaldo that is far far far far more impresive than ronaldos record plus all his other records changing direction per game dribble distence AND ON AND ON AND ON so messi is cleaning up with records like maradona did in napoli maradona broke so many serie A records

i think with practice messis free roll in the argentina side will come good maradonas right he needs freedom and he needs 360 degrees of turn not 180 that the wing gives him i think swoping with dimaria and playing wide left instead of wide right will be dangerous also a non expected tactic for other teams i cannot wait for the wc seriously we got some goal scoring talent there hoping it all clicks into place

how is datolo doing at club level just wondering as he maybe a sub winger i like that guy no excuses plays well as winger or left side of midfield 3 and a scorching shot on him

oh another question were in the line up at palermo does pastore play and what formation im guna have a look online for it i was just wondering if the guy is upto playing center midfield with just 1 defensive partner rather than two like xavi and roman

vceron is better suited to playmaking in a 4-4-2 with wingers roman and xavi seem only good wen covered by 2 hardmen

and for all the opinionated people id like to state a FACT

messi has scored 2/3 goals brases and hattricks in every game this season that didnt include xavi and iniesta so the whole messi need xavi is proven opinionated crap and factual evidence proves messi scores 2/3 goals in every game this year that didnt include xavi AND iniesta

so make of those factual stats what you will TODAYS GAME BEING ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF THIS FACT

i noticed little attempts vs germany to use clever movments in one case messi had the ball passed by veron jonas stood still and looked like he was going to defend rather than push on as messi got the ball and ran towards veron into midfield the left back and the cb's steped forward to close messi and left a huge gap wen this happened jonas them sprinted forward and veron released the ball messi just gave him it didnt work but you could see it was a very effective movement and i think defenders forgetting jonas and looking at veron messi dimaria and higuain will allow jonas to counter attack with speed and power
same aplys dimaria wen given space its very dangerous

we need are team working on these things maxi is inteligent but his a has been in terms of lung power stamina and he has no speed but movement and touch is still world class i was thinking datolo on the left instead of dimario and dimaria right

imagine trying to mark down dimaria and messi

jesus h christ scary

Sebastian said...

Hi Rune, does sound surprising, but according to Marca's stats page, Xavi has 9 assist in La Liga matches.

But here's the thing...they either didn't update it or they made a mistake but they are still keeping MESSI on 9 assists when it was VERY OBVIOUS he had an assist for Pedro in Barcelona's second goal today.


MESSI stats:

Xavi stats:

Sebastian said...

Of course Marca's stats are not official. It's just what's handy right now.

I'll see if I can find something official.

Rune said...

I see, Seba.
I think I remember that the commentator in one of the recent Barca legue games said that Xavi had 14 assists in the legue.

Jamie said...

Anon- I like your thoughts on the wingers. I feel like the WC will be decided by the aggressiveness/effectiveness of DiMaria and Veron. I appreciate your optimism, and I hope those around Messi seize those chances to advance.