Wednesday, May 26, 2010

But here, amigos, they are dressed to kill!


Sebastian said...

For the high-res version of these two pics:



Anonymous said...

the next champions of the world

Vishnu said...

Victor said...

Love the new asian tevez

Sebastian said...

To identify everyone in both pics:

Top row (from left to right):

Gustavo PIÑERO (goalkeeping coach); Héctor ENRIQUE (assistant coach -played with Diego in 1986 and was the one who passed the ball to him before that famous second goal vs. England); Fernando SIGNORINI (fitness coach); Gonzalo HIGUAIN; Walter SAMUEL; Angel DI MARIA; Diego MILITO; Nicolás BURDISSO, Ariel GARCÉ, Donato VILLANI (team doctor) and Alejandro MANCUSO (assistant manager)

Middle row (from left to right):
Marcelo DALTO (kitman's assistant); Javier VILAMITJANA (fitness coach); Javier PASTORE; Martín DEMICHELIS; Jonás GUTIERREZ; Mariano ANDUJAR; Sergio ROMERO; Diego POZO; Mario BOLATTI; Martín PALERMO, Juan Sebastián VERON; Luis GARCIA (physio) and Marcelo D'ANDREA (kitman -now you know who to ask for a shirt if you meet them!-).

Bottom row (left to right): Gabriel HEINZE; Sergio AGÜERO; Javier MASCHERANO; Lionel MESSI; Diego Armando MARADONA; Carlos TEVEZ; Maximiliano RODRIGUEZ; Nicolás OTAMENDI; Clemente RODRIGUEZ; Mario DE ESTAFANO (kitman's assistant).

Anonymous said...

Love the way the ball is stuck to Messi's feet :)

Anonymous said...

Pronx (Australia)
What a great shot, would love to have a jumbo poster of this on my wall. Will definitely have to get me a 2010 world cup shirt to go with my 2006 shirt. Will support you all the way Argentina. You bring great joy to my life.

Anonymous said...

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Sebastian said... said 'Asian TEVEZ'??

What about Kun? Or better...what about GARCE??? Who is nicknamed 'Chino' (Chinese, or Chinaman) for a reason!

No wonder the Albiceleste are so big in Asia!

What do our Asian readers think of this?

Thang Nguyen Cong said...

Hey guys, why did Bilardo is not in the picture ?

Allan said...

I don't find anyone of them Chinese/Asian looking at all... Even Uruguay's Alvaro Recoba did not really look Chinese to me.

But I did notice Messi looks like Christian Bale (Batman).

voili said...

Beautiful photo!

salvio supporter said...

Bilardo isn't there for the same reason Grondona isn't.

GK said...

There was an article in a Cadadian newspaper yesterday (The Toronto Sun), titles "Maradona hoping for dream summer".

It is a very short piece and basically explains why Garce is on the 23 man roster. Here is an piece of the article....

Garce's surprise selection to the team came as a result of a dream where Maradona's team was lifting the World Cup but the only face he could remember was Garce's.


salvio supporter said...

GK > that rumour is circulating here in Argentina too. It wouldn't surprise me if it were true... but at least, it's the least dramatic reason why Maradona would call Garcé up (considering "some other things" that are usually said about el Chino).

Sebastian said...

Random bit of information.

Here's the arrival date for each of the national teams competing in South Africa.

May 26: Australia
May 27: Brazil
May 29: Denmark
May 30: Argentina
May 31: USA
June 1: North Korea
June 3: England, Paraguay
June 4: Mexico, Chile
June 5: France, Korea Republic, Uruguay, Nigeria
June 6: Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, New Zealand, Greece, Algeria
June 7: Germany, Ghana, Slovenia
June 8: Serbia
June 9: Cameroon, Italy, Slovakia, Honduras
June 10: Côte d’Ivoire, Switzerland
June 11: Spain

johnny said...

I have replaced my laptop "wallpaper".
Instead of Palermo celebrating his goal against Peru I have the NT. Great pic. I hope this holds me in good stead with the Palermo haters.


Sebastian said...

Another bit of info: Michael ESSIEN (Ghana) is out of the World Cup.

What a terrible piece of news this.

I can't think of another player that is more instrumental for a team's chances than ESSIEN right now.

I think in a way, he is more important to Ghana than MESSI to Argentina. If you know what I mean.

I would rather have MESSI on my team, but I think ESSIEN is irreplaceable for Ghana and we've got so many options up front...

Personally, I'm gutted. I like African teams and this is a huge blow for one of them.

Sebastian said...

I can talk to you again then Johnny! hahaha!

Anonymous said...

well, if Michael ESSIEN is out of the wc, germany will be happy. which makes me unhappy. however i would prefer ghana rather than nigeria. nigeria is huge, i can't belive they don't have quality players.


Danger said...

This is our year!!! Vamos Vamos

Mohd said...

well, our friend crespo has some ideas...i think sadly he's right:

Anonymous said...

I think Wayne Rooney's a lot more central to England's chances than Lionel Messi is to Argentina's, Seba (fortunately for us, Fabio Capello is as central to ours as Diego Maradona is to Argentina's...).

I love how, in both of these photos, there are one of two differences but Seba Verón's grin is identical. It's almost as if the only purpose of growing that beard has been to frame his teeth in this photograph.

Anonymous said...

Pronx (Australia)
Thanks Pablo for the shirt info, who's your favourite Argentine club team, is your brother going to watch Boca in Melbourne.

J-ROD said...

VAMOS LOS PIBES! Argentina Campeon 2010!!

caffa said...

Vamos Argentina man im excited!!!!

Anonymous said...

ive always followed the english game because of ossie ardiles who was my hero when i was a kid i the 78 wrld cup win, im a tottenham supporter and also thats all we got over here when i was young.
i follow argentine domestic football but have not real team.
boca are also playing here in wellington n.z.

Vedran Agovic said...

Thank you for posting these, 2 awesome wallpapers :)

Anonymous said...

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