Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Mundo Albiceleste chat tonight for Argentina/Haiti!

For those of you who remember, here at Mundo Albiceleste we had a huge chat during the Argentina/Germany friendly back in March. We had a total of 132 people in the chat, which is by far the most we have ever had. We encountered a few problems during the chat, however, we worked on them and they shouldn't happen again.

With that said, we here at Mundo Albiceleste would like to invite you to take part in our chat once again for tonight's highly enthrilling, sure to be 5 star classic, world class match consisting of Argentina's C- team taking on Haiti. So join Seba and myself (John is a doubt for tonight) as we waste a minimum of 2 hours of our lives tonight watching Ariel ORTEGA's farewell match with the National Team.

So please, for the love of God, do not make Seba and myself sit through this mind-numbing match alone. Join us tonight at 7:00 PM Eastern, 8:00 PM Buenos Aires, 4:00 PM Pacific time. We'll be providing links for those un-able to watch the match.


Sebastian said...

If you're really nice, I promise we WON'T share links for you to watch the match. We may as well protect your eyes! hahaha!

By the look of things, I think we at Mundo Albiceleste will test more things than MARADONA in tonight's friendly.

Hopefully we'll be over those tiny problems that complicated a few things back when we first did this in the match against Germany.

Hope to see a good number of readers joining us tonight.

Anonymous said...

ORTAGA FAREWELL yes thats right (my fist is clenched just incase anyone says otherwise oh the anger)

Sebastian said...

You obviously missed this post from last month:

In case you don't know, it was me who wrote it. Before any other journalist came out with any sort of statement about it.


Sam Kelly said...

Don't know whether you've noticed it, Seba, but there's a link on the Olé site today to a page on their community thing. A group trying to convince Maradona to take Ortega to the World Cup.

From my previous visits, I always thought Argentines knew and understood about football. But what with Palermo, and now this, I'm starting to wonder.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me why we have so many Estudiantes players with possibilities for the WC?
Sosa, Angeleri, Brana, Veron, Enzo Perez, etc, etc?

I guess next year this team should be next to nothing as all the big European players will be looking to buy these "exquisite" collection of players? Maybe I just dont get it but why so much love from Diego for these average players?

GK said...

Diego Milito, Cambiasso Zanetti, Samuel and Inter Milan won the Coppa Italia today! A goal from Milito was enough for the 1-0 victory! One trophy down, 2 to go for our 4 Argies and my Inter Milan!

Heinze and Lucho won the french league championship as well today and they both scored in the match that clinched first place for them.

A good day for a few Argentine players, it would be great to top it off with an injury to Palermo in the Haiti friendly. I feel guilty saying that but I just don't see why he needs to go to South Africa.

Sebastian said...

To the person asking about Estudiantes' players...

Well...a few points:

Juan Sebastián VERON came back to play for them because he was born a supporter of the club and never got to play for them in the First Division. He helped them win promotion to the First Division in the 90s but then moved to Boca before emigrating to Europe.

In my opinion, Seba had a few more seasons to be played at a good level in Europe if he wanted to. That's why he still makes a difference playing in Argentina (or South America if you like, because he rules in the Copa Libertadores too).

Same goes for José SOSA. He started to play a little bit for Bayern Munich (and wasn't out of depth in a league like the Bundesliga), but didn't have many opportunities and saw in the FIFA Club World Cup a chance to return to his Estudiantes. He didn't make it on time with the loan move but both parties insisted and he's back in La Plata. Again...he is a class above most players in Argentina.

Clemente RODRIGUEZ? Similar case but he went to a different league (Russia). He got out of the map and saw in Estudiantes a great platform to be back in the radar.

The other players you mentioned?

They simply take advantage in playing for a great great team managed by Alejandro SABELLA (I'm absolutely convinced he is the perfect man for the job once Diego's contract runs out after the World Cup).

It's a team that elevates the footballers that play there. They improve playing for them and they stand out because they have a solid foundation that gives them confidence.

It's exactly what our national team is lacking.

Great players in a team that doesn't know what style they are playing. Ideal for chaotic players (Jonas, PALERMO) to stand out and for world-class talent (like MESSI) to be under a lot of fire from fans.

It happened in the past with all the players that had a great time playing for Velez under Carlos BIANCHI.

Even Omar ASAD scored against AC Milan, but once BIANCHI or themselves left Velez, they had nothing.

Except for CHILAVERT who was great for Paraguay too.

But all those players that seemed to be really special, had nothing when they went elsewhere.

BASSEDAS, CORDONE (both were fluke at Newcastle), Turu FLORES, Marcelo GOMEZ (failed at River), Cholo POSSE, Patricio CAMPS...the list goes on and on and on.

They shone because of the system and not because they were really great.

Think of Greece in the Euro they won. That's a great example.

Of course people tend to see it as logical for those players to get called-up because they see they can perform every weekend for Estudiantes, but the leap to the national team is bigger than most people think and the lack of a tested system (MARADONA's) is even more crucial.

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