Thursday, May 06, 2010

Argentina 4 - 0 Haiti - Highlights


GK said...

Nice in depth post game report Roy, hahaha.

How was the match? I didn't see any of it and am unable to watch the highlights until later tonight....

Anonymous said...

estudianties 3-1 tonight great game by veron played 70 minutes ran the show angeleri clearly a good fullback also watch both games on net

maradonas Z team beat haiti 4-0 very convincing for a bunch of no hopers and ortaga got to wear the 10 shirt bless him

great night for argentina football and anyone i repeat anyone writing sucvh things as ortaga being considered for world cup has a mental illness

Alex Camacho said...

Of course you are right re Ortega but I think it is equally madness to have Palermo in the conversation. He was never good enough and certainly not now. And the fact that our coach has a mental illness does not help.

Fadi said...

Putting me as a goal keeper for Haiti is a better option than this guy :)

Anonymous said...

maradona looks like che...

GK said...

Maradona told TyC Sports: "The guys got my message very well. I told them all of them had one chance and they knew to profit from it. There were high peaks in form. I liked several players. I got into this match looking for some men (for the preliminary squad). I think I got some."

I hope he isn't serious.

King Aguero said...

Who started vs Haiti?

johnny said...

Great performance from Andy D tonight in Porto Alegre. When he is right, he is better than Veron, Aimar, Banega, Pastore and whomever. A nut ? Yes ! Great player ? Yes !

Lopez,India said...

Hello Seba,
Please find below link .!
Can you please translate each and every word said by diego here. Yesterday I had a dream and in that dream I saw diego has called up zenetti ,Riqueleme and Benaga also he had a fight with Heinze and now Heinze decide to quit the national team saying that we two could not stay together ,our thinking doesnot match . Hope my dream will come true before the world cup :) and Argentina will lift the world cup again.
vamos argentina

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