Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Checho Names Squad For Canada U-20 Friendly

Coach Sergio BATISTA has revealed the twenty-man squad that will take part in a friendly match against Canada's U-20 side on Sunday.

The match will commemorate the one-year anniversary of the opening of the BMO Field in Toronto, the scene for our U-20's triumph in last summer's World Youth Cup. This match also represents Checho’s first game in charge of the U-20 side.

None of the players in this squad were from that winning team. This is mainly due to the timing of this match, in the middle of the domestic season in both Europe and South America.
River Plate and Boca Juniors are unsurprisingly the bigger contributors to the squad, with four River players and three from Boca included in the selection, while San Lorenzo and Estudiantes can claim two each.

Here is the list of names: -

Maximiliano SCAPPARONI (Boca Juniors)
Diego RODRIGUEZ (Independiente)

Fernando MEZA (San Lorenzo)
Alexis MACHUCA (Newell's Old Boys)
Federico FERNANDEZ (Estudiantes)
Julián FERNANDEZ (Atl Rafaela)
Mateo MUSACCHIO (River Plate)
Maximiliano OLIVA (River Plate)

Gonzalo BAZAN (San Lorenzo)
Jonatan MAZZOLA (Boca Juniors)
Ezequiel Benavidez (Boca Juniors)
Marcelo BENITEZ (Lanús)
Cristian GAITAN (Estudiantes)
Damián LIZZIO (River Plate)
Gustavo BOU (River Plate)
Facundo TORRES (Talleres de Córdoba)

Diego NADAYA (Instituto)
Jonatan LOPEZ (Atl Rafaela)
Eduardo SALVIO (Lanús)
Leandro VELAZQUEZ (Vélez Sarsfield)

I would definitly want to pay a close attention to this team because chances are (if everything goes according to plan), this could be the team that will come to Malaysia to compete in a Mini Pre-Olympic football tournament here (Please refer to my "Is This True" article).

All I know for now is that the tournament is on schedule and if there is any further development I'll post them here. In the meantime, due to my limited knowledge on the domestic football scene in Argentina, maybe Seba and the rest of you guys would like comment more on this list.


Seba said...

Thanks for the info, John.

However, I don't think these players will take part in any pre-Olympic tournament because they will definitely won't be a part of the Olympic team. These guys are U20 and the Olympic team will be formed by mostly U23 players.

Out of these names for the friendly in Canada, I can tell you that Maximiliano OLIVA, compared to Daniel PASSARELLA because of the position and the way he plays, had a trial at Chelsea not so long ago.

The rest are players that I don't think are the best U20s that we have.

I imagine Checho is not very happy with the timing of this match and I've got a feeling that they are only going there because of the financial reasons.

Anonymous said...

Can some 1 tell me some info about Gerardo Bruna?From what I am hearing he is the next big thing, he only 16 or 17 and was taken away by Liverpool from Real Madrid. Iv heard that he is going to play for the u-17 team for Espana. Now this does not mean he can not play for Argentina, he needs to play a senior squad for his to get DQ for another country.


Seba said...

Hey Jack! You are always very well informed about Argentine youngsters! It doesn't matter where are they playing, you just find out about them!

I didn't know anything about this guy Gerardo Bruna. Apparentely he did play one game for the Spanish U17 but I don't know if that's grounds for him to never be able to wear the Albiceleste.

I don't know where he stands on this. He probably moved to Spain at a very young age and is his choice to represent them at an international level. I don't know. One thing is for sure...if he was playing for Real Madrid and he left them to go to Liverpool, then he surely is very very good (to say the least).

I'll let you know if I find out anything else about him.

Anonymous said...

Here is a old old article about him. Hailed as The Messi of Madrid. Senior Diego was quoted as saying he can be better then Messi and Saviola. See I am not sure how accurate that is because as much as I love Saviola(Never will I forget that U-21 Tourney he had in Argentina) Messi is far ahead of him in talent. But you know what a lot of players are getting hailed as the next Messi. I am sure another "wonderkid" will pop out sooner or later I was just curious for what side he would play. I have said it many many times I do not like it Argentine born players playing else where, I can understand playing abroad for a club team and making money for you and your family but the national team colors can never be replaced. Well this IMHO. Ciao!


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