Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Playoffs News - Manu Stings Hornets In Game 7

This was the game of their lives for the current season. The rule was pretty much simply, winner takes all, loser go home. That should not be a problem for the Spurs but there was one minor issue that they needed to settle. Playing against the Hornets, in New Orleans. Why you may ask? Because in three previous games, the Spurs were butchered in the third quarter and went on to loose by double digit.

But in these sorts of situations and you need one man to start the fire and keep the flame burning. That man is non-other than Manu GINOBILI. Remember last year series against the Suns? He did just that again, killing the Hornets in the last two games to take the series. Eventually Spurs won this game by 91-82 and win the series 4-3.

It was very much game, with Spurs dominating the first 3 quarters but the Hornets surge back in the fourth. Four free throws in the final minute from Manu ensured that the game was beyond Hornets reach. He was the high five performer of the game, posting 26 points, 5 rebounds & 5 assists.

Fabricio OBERTO was a sensation in the defensive duties and did a terrific job in taking over the mantle from Kurt THOMAS. He proved that Big Pops made the right choice by putting him in the starting five. He had 9 rebounds to go with his 4 points & 2 assists.

Now we’ll have another tough series coming, against the MVP and the Lakers. Another heavyweight clash in the making can’t wait for that.


jmutzer said...

Manu is the best!

(I'm at school now)


jcanu the sports guru said...

The Spurs just know how to win. High character and clutch performers fill this roster. New Orleans was a great team, but it usually always comes down to experience in the NBA and the Spurs have so much of it.

The Lakers will be a very tough test, especially Lamar Odom because SA does not have any answers for him defensively.

But in the end, I expect the Spurs to march on behind Duncan, Parker, and Ginoblii and meet Boston in the Finals.

Emily said...

Thanks for the comment! I was really impressed with the way the Spurs have been attacking the offensive boards lately. I mean how many second and third chances have we been getting in the last two games that were not there in the first 5.

I really think that Duncan was still forcing a lot of shots, especially those hook shots when in the second half when he had to move left and into the middle of the lane.

I was thinking the same thing the commentators were: The Hornets only really have one threat, one play, they aren't nearly as deep as the Spurs. We have so many ways of attacking!! We are going to have to go into game 1 with the Lakers the same way we went into game 7 with the Hornets. Parker is going to have to come up big and so is Ginobli (sp) but I think someone else is going to have to step up on the outside and I would love to see Udoka have a good night!

Anonymous said...

Manu was awesome last night, and Udoka had a great defensive game.

I'm really looking forward to the Lakers series. I think we'll have more favorable matchups against them.

salvatore said...

Manu is BIG !!!

Anonymous said...

I hate to say I told you so, but well I did say as long as San An can protect HC they will be fine. I was yelling@ the tv the first quarter when Manu had a few silly plays, as well as Parker and Timmy. I had a feeling they were due for 1 in NO. Now vs the Lakers, which will be a tough matchup for them, but Gasol is a horrible defender, sure they did a good job on Boozer but Timmy is no Boozer, and Coach Pop knows the Lakers quite well. He will be ready. If the big 3 for San An can keep a smooth game going for the series they will be ok. Let Kobe get his and and I really doubt they will play zone defnese because Lakers have a few players that hit the 3 very well, I.E Fisher,Sasha,Radmonvic and Kobe and Odom can hit it as well. I can not wait. If they can manage to steal 1 in LA that will be GREAT! Lakers can take a game in San An but if they play well enough it wont be easy. They do play every other day though, too many game 7's happend and the NBA needs to catch things up for the finals to happen on time.


halley said...

Manu is the Man!!.. He was simply outstanding!.. I can't see the Spurs without him.

The Spurs are now to Hollywood, where I'm sure KB24 is itching to face them. This is going to be another noteworthy series. Now it's time for KB24 and Manu to face off. Yeah I know Tim Duncan is there, he'll be taking care of Pau along with Fab Oberto and Kurt Thomas. As for the point guards, I don't think Derek Fisher could hurt Tony Parker in any way. TP is simply free. The Lakers also have to watch out for Ime Udoka and I'm sure Pop is going to put in Brent Barry this time.

Filbert Karo said...

Personally I am a Hornets and a Lakers fan, so it looks like there is going to be a little difference.

But I'm just saying that. It shouldn't mean anything.

Yaj Nitsuga said...

I love Manu's game and understand the props thrown his way...but Gino shot only 6 of 20 in Game 7. Although he did lead all in scoring, 30% isn't a good shooting night.

I feel a lot of credit goes to the team defense, holding the Hornets to 40.2% shooting on a day the Spurs shoot just 39.5%

Big props to the bench also, Udoka, Horry, and Finley go 6-11 from behind the 3pt line. That equaled the 6-16 three point shooting by the starters.

Now it's the Lakers...this is the one team I don't want to see the Spurs lose to, especially in a Conference Finals. I feel the Spurs match up well...but we'll see.

You can see more of what I think about the matchup at 2fansView.blogspot.com

Captain Howdy said...

Spurs did prevail on their experience (greater then Hornets) but i think that Lakers, this year, have something more to prove. Tipster a final Detroit - L.A

http://www.sanantoniospursblog.blogspot.com said...

Manu is deceptively one of the closest players to following Michael Jordan.

Josh said...

BOOOO! I hate Emanuel Ginobili. He is a big flopper. The best of all time. and the Spurs flop and they are dirty!

and Soccer players expressions are retarded.

and Manu should play soccer, they are good at flopping.

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