Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ginobili (On Game 4 Against LA Lakers)


halley said...

the deep fear that you're feeling for game 4, i think, is similar to what i feel. i couldn't even dare to check on the scoreboards. i'm at work by the way but i'm checking it later, after the game. [crossed-fingers]

Anonymous said...

Manu was such a disappointment, I am quite sad about this. I am from LOS Angeles but hate the Lakers. Well I never count out the spurs but its going to be very tough to win 2 games@Staples.


VJ Rabid said...

John and Seba,

This was a game of squandered opportunities, of everything falling just a little short.

The Albicelestes played very subpar games. That blown give-and-go sequence between Manu and Oberto told the tale. Manu only had 7 points, and Oberto had none. The Spurs depend on Manu to step up and Oberto to take care of the little things.

Unfortunately, nothing, big or small, went well for the Spurs, and that's why they're heading back to LA in a 1-3 hole.

I have my column up on Game 4 :


Let's hope for better luck in Game 5, so we can see a Game 6 and a Game 7 after that.


VJ Rabid

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salvatore said...

NOOOOOOO ... it's finish

Dave said...

Poor Manu. It's a tough way to end your season; underperforming like this. Long summer ahead.