Friday, May 30, 2008

Playoffs News - No Back To Back For Manu & Oberto

From the time the ball was tipped off, they knew they had huge mountain to climb. At the beginning it looks like that the Spurs were firing from all cylinders but as time when by, the ammo just seemed to run out. By then it was all over. The LA Lakers won by 100-92 to clinch the Western Conference title by 4-1 against the Spurs.

So the main question here is that where did it all go wrong them? Old legs, maybe. Wasted opportunities, maybe. A below par performance from Manu GINOBILI, definitely. Spurs only win in this series came from a game, which Manu played one of his best performances in the post season. Tonight he only had 9 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists & 2 blocked shot.

But I will not take anything away from Manu, as far the whole season is concern. He did carry the team through tough times especially when both Tim DUNCAN and Tony PARKER were injured. He never complains about his status being a bench player. He gave 120% when every time he was brought in. He finished off as Spurs top scorer during the regular season. For his reward, he was named as the NBA Sixth Man of the Year.Fabricio OBERTO too in some ways perhaps will also have a season to remember. He finished off the game with 2 points, 1 rebound, 2 assists & 1 steal. As always, he was doing the little things that others wont do. Despite the arrival Kurt THOMAS, he still maintains his place in the team as the starting center.

Its time now our heroes to get some much deserve rest and prepare for their next challenge of the year, to defend our precious gold in Beijing.

So who I should be supporting from now onwards? It must be the Detroit Pistons, provided that they re-activate Walter HERRMANN back into the team for the Finals, if they make it.


rj said...

One of the main reason why Spurs lost to Lakers, they have a poor shooting which you compare on their previous games. Also the free throw shootings, they missed more free throw opportunities and they have also feel the pressures. But I think next season they will try to bounce back on what they experienced this season.

Sheedism_IV said...

well they were mafiad i believe. you know LA they have lots of influences since magic's era.

spurs got outnumbered by the referees.

next year will be a though matchup.

between la and san antonio

thank you argentinian. i will have my say to that. to my pistonian people.

we will assure victory over boston.


Sheedism_IV said...

i have my say in that lakers celtics favored match up this year.

i believe it was all fixed.

Yaj Nitsuga said...

Lets not get into the "all the games are fixed" conspiracy.

Every team gets screwed by a few bad calls...Spurs did go to the line way more than the Lakers. Champions overcome those calls.

The reason the Spurs lost this series is simply that they didn't play well enough. No consistency off the bench, only one good shooting game (the one they won). Bottom line, not enough offense. In 3 of the 4 losses, if they could have made the big shots they may have won...but time after time they missed crucial buckets.

As for who I'm rooting for now...the Celtics. I've always liked KG and hope he gets a title so he can get that monkey off his back. Also, being a big KU fan, I've always followed KU alum Paul Pierce.

I'm looking forward to seeing Splitter in a Spur uniform next season.

VJ Rabid said...

Hey John,

Thanks for checking in.

I think what happened to the Spurs in Game 5 is pretty straightforward. They ran out of gas again. It's not like the guys choke - they just get tired, and especially with Manu hobbled, they don't have a guy athletic enough to create scoring opportunities or finish at the rim. The Spurs offense keeps dying on them as a result.

Driving the ball into the teeth of the defense does a lot more to shift the position of a defense than passing out of a double team in the post.

The Spurs gave a valiant effort all season, but the support corps is way too old and it's time for some serious retooling. But with the right moves, they'll be right back where they left off next season. I have written a whole column about it on THE CAVEMAN NETWORK, and it includes an Albiceleste!


VJ Rabid

P.S. Here's the link :

halley said...

agree, the spurs simply ran out of gas and the lakers played like they wanted the championship more than the defending champs. the spurs also missed a lot of critical shots and just like before, their supporting cast didn't helped the spurs' trio that much.

i can't blame manu for the spurs loss. even if he's playing at his best, his body just won't and so he's missing shots he could've made, given enough rest. the every-other-day routine of the conference finals took a toll on him. and besides he's been exceptional althrough the regular season. so, i'm really not disappointed in him. =)

as for the bench players of the spurs, they just didn't gave it their all. they were simply the missing pieces. the spurs really need to retool their team, which i'm pretty sure they will, and adding young and athletic players like tiago splitter would be a great idea.

the spurs had a great season, it's just the lakers outplayed them in a lot of aspects. guess we'll have to wait for the next season.

i'm going for the pistons this time!.. it's going to be a tough game 6 at the palace.

p.s. thanks for visiting my blog john. i'll be visiting your blog every so often because i know you'll be having some updates about the upcoming beijing olympics. Vamos Argentina!..

Anonymous said...

You gotta give a lot of credit to the Lakers. Nobody .... nobody ... has denied Parker's and Manu's dribble penetration as well as they did. The Lakers perimeter defense was incredible and the reason why the won the series. It limited the Spurs Big Three and it limited the role players because they weren't getting easy shots.

The Spurs need to spend the summer reloading their supporting cast. They need a lot of different things to happen. 4-6 new rotation players are required. They do that and they'll be a frontrunner for the title again next season.

On Tiago Splitter, word is that he's heavily considering re-signing with Tau. Lot of reports out of Spain saying that's his preference right now. Many reports elsewhere list it 50-50 for him being a Spurs player next season.

John said...

Well thanks for all the comment coming in. I'm sure all of us need each other shoulder to cry on for what has happen.

As we all agree, Spurs have to start rebuilding their team. It is high time for the older player to be replace.

The big three need some new and refreshing supporting cast to help them next season.

As for Tiago SPLITTER, I've heard about those rumours that he might not be coming next season.

Now the Spurs should have learned from Luis SCOLA experience, or else they might just repeat the same mistake again.

Anonymous said...

The Spurs did a woeful job woo-ing Scola. They never showed how deeply they wanted him. That's why it was always so darn difficult to sign him. The minute they trade Scola to Houston, it becomes as easy as pie to bring him abroad. Houston's management did a better job of showing him some love. Everyone likes that. I get the feeling the same thing is happening with Splitter. The Spurs officials should get on a plane right now and go chat with him in person. Get Duncan on the phone line too. Flame those competitive desires of Splitter.

Josh said...

Ha ha ha! Sucker! The Spurs lost, and no more Manu flops.
He is gonna be fined next season. And Fabricio Oberto sucks @!#$

Daniel Arellano said...

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Filbert Karo said...

Hey, Josh. I could always tell your mom and dad what you just wrote.

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