Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Playoffs News - Oh No!!!

As you all would have known by now, the Lakers won Game 4 93-91, after controversial decision by the referee in the dying seconds. It was clearly that Brent BARRY (he was spectacular tonight with 23 points from the bench) was foul and should have been sent to the free throw lines.

But I don’t know what to say about Manu GINOBILI, which I have to say, was horrendous for entire the game. He didn’t manage to post any points until 1:32 left in the third quarter. If he was at his best, maybe just maybe Spurs would have got this game. In total, he only manages to post 7 points, 1 rebound & 6 assists. This is really sad.

Fabricio OBERTO also struggle heavily wasn’t even able to have a shot and only had 3 rebounds & 1 assist.

The signs don’t look good for the Spurs to pull something out of Game 5 which will be played in LA. I’d hate to see Spurs going out at this time having realizing how close they came to clinch back to back championship. Much more for so Manu’s sake, after having a great season.


Mhel_Garrido said...

It was a pity the Spurs lost. Manu played terribly and Brent Barry filled in his shoes. Its a big hole that the Spurs have fallen into but like what they always say, it takes four wins to win a series. Good luck to the Spurs, I hope this loss brings out the sense of urgency in them and bring out the best in all their playres. Go Spurs

Rodrimol - JP Riera - Lucas Molina said...

que lástima! espero que ganen el próximo!
muy bueno tu blog y gracias por tus comentarios!

Un abrazo!

Anonymous said...

Why would they make a call that they'd avoided making all night? It was a push-and-shove game, and the refs swallowed the whistle all night, I have no idea why you (and others) think that the refs would suddenly about face and call that, at that point in time.


Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate that the call wasn't made. Here's hoping for a good Game 5.

halley said...

yesterday, i was so disappointed about the spurs losing to the lakers and getting themselves into a hole they once dug [the hornets series]. but this hole is deeper and obviously harder to get out of. and indeed, manu had a horrendous game but that gave way to brent barry, who's had a noteworthy game.

have i lost all my hopes to the spurs? i'd probably said yes if you asked me yesterday. but now, my hopes are high that the spurs could still win. i'm not expecting but i'm pretty hopeful. Go Spurs!..

cheer up john!!.. =)

Dave said...

The Lakers have done a great job of defending the Spurs backcourt all series. That's why the Spurs are losing.

Than and the way LA has so many more scoring options. After the three best scorers of either side, LA has 5 players better than the Spurs fourth scoring option. That balance is the difference right now. The Spurs trio is still outplaying the Lakers trio, and Bowen is doing well defensively, but there hasn't been enough scoring help from the supporting cast to win games.

Those two reasons are why I didn't like the Spurs chances to get back in this series. LA will close it out in Games 5 or 6, probably Game 5.

Yaj Nitsuga said...

Dave - I agree with you on the reason the Lakers are winning is the defense on Parker and Ginobili...neither has gotten into the paint with any consistency. Lakers have been overplaying them to force them baseline, packing the lane, and taking a chance on the Spurs role players won't hit a high percentage of threes. Barry almost made them pay for that strategy.

Don't agree that they have too many weapons on offense. Lakers as a team shot just 44.7%...that's with Kobe hitting 14-29. The bottom line was that they hit timely shots and the Spurs didn't.

with-malice - That was a foul. If that had happened to Kobe he would be on the line. The league even admitted a foul should have been called. Still, there's other reasons the Spurs loss, so you can't put the blame on the no-call. Spurs gave up too many offensive rebounds and shot poorly...even Duncan who hit on only 10-26.

John said...

Noth that I'm trying to be biased but the fact still remains the same. THAT WAS FOUL!!!

Okay, I haven't lost hope just yet. I remember the Lakers lead the Suns 3-1 in a playoff series but ended up losing 4-3. So things can happen again.

But the only problem for me is that if Manu doesn't get his shots going. Then, it might just the end of the season for the Spurs.

halley said...

right you are john!.. [sigh]