Thursday, May 22, 2008

Playoff News - Bad Night For Manu As Laker Takes Game 1

They were very much tired after that gruesome series against the Hornets. In fact, they even had to sleep on their plane during the trip to Los Angeles. But just how much did this game could have cost their chances of progressing further? Especially after you had a 20 points lead during half time.

That was the case for San Antonio Spurs as they could not hold on to their lead and went down to the Lakers 85-89. Most of the damage came from MVP winner Kobe BRYANT.

Manu GINOBILI had a really tough night, posting just 10 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists & 1 steal. It was really tough for him after being guarded by Sasha VUJACIC throughout the game. I would say that Fabricio OBERTO fared better in containing Lamar ODOM as he posted 4 points, 4 rebounds & 1 steal.

From this game, all I can say is that Spurs have manage overcome their lethargic condition and I do expect them to try and win Game 2 before the series heads back to San Antonio.


uberjam said...

I agree that the Spurs will try to be more consistent effort-wise during the next game. Game 1's are always tricky since teams are still trying to feel each other out. Of all 7 games I think it is the one where an upset is most likely to happen. It almost happened today.

And it is true that many have written off the Spurs from the moment the post-season began, given the tall order it has had to face in the Suns and then the Hornets. But as Rudy Tomjanovich said before, you can never underestimate the heart of a champion.

I am a Lakers fan at heart but I have a deep respect for the Spurs franchise. Whatever the outcome of this series, I believe the winner will be worthy of representing the West. Heck, I believe who wins this shall win it all. :D

GnightMoon said...

That was the death knell for the Spurs. They had to win that game. There is no way they are going to take 4 of 6 from the Lakers. That was their shot and they blew it. Goodnight Spurs.

Duncan played fantastic. If somehow he can keep playing at that level and Ginobili can step his game up, then they can at least be competitive. But I can't see them taking 4 of 6 from a team as good as the Lakers, who have the best player and by far the better bench.

halley said...

the spurs had the lead, but i guess they just couldn't keep up with Kobe's surging shots, given that some of them slept in the plane. it was a great win for the lakers.

but you what i think, the spurs will get back and try to steal one game at the staples center. they just have to win altogether. hopefully, manu and tony will get their rhythms back =)

and i'd definitely love to hear your opinion about my entry regarding the Game 1 win of the lakers.


Yaj Nitsuga said...

Sick...that's what I felt after the Spurs blew that lead. I hope it was just fatigue. Their plane broke down in New Orleans and with a convention in town, no hotel vacancies. They finally got out of New Orleans at 6:30am Tuesday. Obviously they didn't have practice that day.

Spurs won't use it as an excuse and this series isn't over yet. Any 4 out of 7, those 4 don't have to include Game 1.

John, hope you don't mind that I added a link to your blog on mine.

Anonymous said...

No Worries, San An is more of complete team. They will be fine. It was a bit of a fluke that the Lakers came back.


John said...

Thanks for adding us into your blog Yaj Nitsuga.

And thanks for info that the plane was actually broke down in NO. On top of that, no hotel available for them.

Conspirancy against the Spurs?