Monday, May 26, 2008

Playoffs News - Manu Strikes 30 Against Lakers In Game 3

If there is one thing about the Spurs is that playing in front of their own fans tends to bring the best out of them. Not since the first game against Phoenix Suns in the first round, they had trouble seeing off their opponent at home. The Lakers became the latest victim as Spurs manage to pull one game in the Western Conference Finals, winning 103-84. The Lakers still lead the series 2-1.

Manu GINOBILI has never been like himself as far this series in concern during the first two games. In the previous game he posted as low as only 7 points. There was also some concern about his injury. But all that change tonight.
As a true competitor, he exploded into the arena to help Spurs win this game. In neck and neck battle between him (as the NBA 6th Man) and the leagues best man (Kobe BRYANT), he posted 30 points, 2 rebounds & 1 assist.

There was also a much better performance from Fabricio OBERTO who posted 7 points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist & 1 steal. Indeed a great effort from him.
Spurs will play Game 3 on Tuesday, should they maintained this kind of form we could see the series going square with 2 game each. But please remember that the Lakers too have their own agenda and will try to steal a game on the road. Another epic battle is definitely on the cards


VJ Rabid said...

Hey John,

Manu was brilliant. He couldn't miss, and displayed his subtly evolving game.

Tim Duncan was great as usual, but the Spurs peformance is now dictated more by their backcourt's now.

I feel that the blowout victory is good not just for the Spurs confidence, but for them to get some rest. They need every bit of it and Champion Air is lucky that the Spurs aren't suing them.


VJ Rabid

P.S. Congrats on beating the Catalans. Check out Lorena Bernal, the Argentine-born Miss Spain 1999 :

Yaj Nitsuga said...

Now that's the Manu the Spurs need!

I've said it time-n-again...Duncan is the anchor, but the Spurs go as far in the playoffs as Manu and/or Parker can carry them.

Here's hoping they can get Game 4 and turn this into a 3-game series.

Thiên said...

Hello from Texas. Saw your post on San Antonio Daily Photo and had to visit you. I LOVE the Spurs and watching Manu bend his body around his opponents is spectacular, esp. when it's the Lakers and their foul-mouthed fans are yelling expletives at our home court.

I'm glad the guys showed up for Game 3 and I have a feeling they'll take Game 4 and the series. I'm also VERY happy that Manu had such an awesome game. Watching him is such a great joy b/c of his passion to do well. You can see it in his face. And tonight, every tough foul seemed to fuel him.

Someone commented on an ealier post about this series that they feel the series is over. For Spurs fans, the series is not over until someone wins their fourth. And even though no one in the media (at least in the US) gives the Spurs a shot, we have hope. We haven't written our guys out. And sorry NBA, but you may not get your Celtics/Lakers dream matchup as you have promoted all playoffs.

See you after Game 4!

Randy said...

Also here in San Antonio we love Manu...

The Spurs have kind of been 2 teams this year; the good Spurs and the not so good Spurs.

halley said...

Manu was back home and he was feeling every shot. And so, every shot just went into the backet. He hands were burning and it shows on the scoreboard. He finished the game with 30 points and what's so nice about that is he's only played for less than 32 mins.

That was good decision-making for Pop. Pop knows that Manu's injury is still fresh [which I think Manu is trying to ignore] and has to have enough rest to gear up for the next game.

The very key to Manu's superb performnace is definitely rest. If you start playing him with huge minutes in each game, he gets frustrated and noticeably exhausted. So, I think it was really nice for Pop to think of resting Manu.

And Fab Oberto? My goodness, I totally agree with one of the commentators. I recalled him saying that Oberto has been a superb passer this postseason and Oberto is indeed helping his team a lot, maybe not in scoring but in rebounding and helping with the ball movement.

The Spurs still need one more game at home to tie the series to 2-2. And will soon find out about that possibility tomorrow.

khandor said...


Thanks for visiting my blog.

As always, your comments are highly appreciated.

IMO, here's where this series is at:

If Ginobili plays like he did in Game 3, and Pop sticks with his new rotation … i.e. playing Brent Barry & Robert Horry instead of Ime Udoka … the Spurs are going to end up playing 7 games in this series against the Lakers.

Will they vanquish LA to reach the NBA Finals?

I have too much respect for Phil Jackson and this year’s Lakers’ crew to answer that question just yet.

All I can tell you is that this series is going to go 7 games and probably be decided in the final 3 minutes of the last game.

In my judgment, at their best, these two teams are exceptionally even.

Jio said...

The Lakers just won with one call that will be considered "controversial". Well, the Spurs just lost in the second chance points department and that was a key part of this game.

BTW, thank you for dropping by my blog. :D