Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Playoffs News - Manu & Spurs In Big Trouble

It’s hard to imagine but that is exactly what situation is for San Antonio Spurs. After overcoming a gruesome first round series against the Suns, they seems to have lost all that energy that brought them here in the first place. Just like in Game 1, they were battered and bruised by Chris PAUL and the New Orleans Hornets, losing 84-102.

But the reality is, Spurs are not playing in the same level that they were supposed to and now the Hornets are punishing them for this. Their defense was frustrating the Spurs all night and one could be asking who is the real defending champion actually?

Manu GINOBILI did whatever he could but his was poor from the 3 points (1-5) and had a game high 5 turnovers. Definitely not like his usual self. He finished off the game with 13 points, 4 rebounds & 7 assists.

Fabricio OBERTO was switching defensive duties with Kurt THOMAS but was struggling on most occasions. He only manages to post 4 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist & 1 block shot.

Spurs will need to re-group and come up with urgent game plan to counterfeit these hard to control Hornets. Or else the dream of winning back to back might just look something that is far beyond reachable.

With the real bad news, comes the slight good news…

Walter HERRMANN was in action (for about 1:26 min) again for the Pistons in game 2 against the Magic. Pistons win 100-93.


VJ Rabid said...

Hey John,

The Spurs are in fact in deep you-know-what right now.

They got blown out for the second game, and even Tony Parker couldn't get untracked.

Chris Paul is looking unstoppable with his always-keep-the-dribble-alive and change-speeds-and-directions game.

Due to the Spanish and Kentucky Derbies, I didn't cover the game today, but I did follow it.

Speaking of the Spanish Derby, Argentina's Lionel Messi will be starring in Real Madrid vs. Barcelona tomorrow - check out my coverage!



VJ Rabid

P.S. Catch some highlights of Pablo Prigoni balling in the Euroleague Final Four!


Anthony said...

Great job on the site. I agree that it has certainly looked like the Spurs are in big trouble. I do feel that as the series shifts to San Antonio they will find the winning formula. They need to control the tempo more and get the ball to Duncan more often. 2o shots for Duncan in 2 games won't cut it. They can't stop Paul, but to allow him to create so much for his teammates can't happen. I also think they need to challenge the Hornets more physically. I think this series with return to New Orleans tied up at 2 games a piece. But, you make a great point that possibly the older Spurs may have exhausted too much energy running up and down with the Suns. Good thing that series didn't go 7 games!

halley said...

I totally agree with everyone of you. The Spurs were battered by CP3 and his swarm of bees, I mean teammates. They still probably have a hangover from the strenuous series against the Suns. The BIG Three aren't the only ones who need to step up their game, everybody has to right now. They are in BIG trouble if the Hornets keep winning their way. The Spurs won't give up anyway and I know they'll find a solution to this series.

Anonymous said...

Never count out the champs, they are down but not out. They protect homecourt and go to NO and steal game 5 then its a diff story. If they do not lose that 3rd quarter they are in good shape. No time to panic, CP3 is amazing and that is a up and coming team but I trust Timmy, Tony, Manu and coach Pop to do their job.


John said...

Keep that optimism spirit alive Jack!!!

I do hope the real champ will turn up in San Antonio. I want Manu to make all those shots happen and turn things around for them.

I want OBERTO to lift his game and be the defender he's supposed to be.

I want PARKER to be creative and Tim DUNCAN to improve on his fundamental game.

Then we'll just have to wait and see how Game 5 will turn out to be then.

nbarountable said...

Oberto is having a really difficult time out there. He cannot defend David West. West is too quick, too strong and too good. Oberto has no advantages in his favour. It doesn't look like there's anything he can do to limit West. Bad matchup.

Oberto could do a solid job on Chandler if they switched Duncan across to West.

MBoss said...

hi john , i'm an nba-ita.blogspot.com blogger. Thanks for your comment inside our site.
Well...Hornets vs Spurs series... I think that New Orleans is an undestimated team. CP3 is probably the best Point Guard in the league, but he isn't the only good player in the franchise. Stojakovic is a marvelous shooter, West and Chandler rebounds everything and the bench is a good bench. San Antonio is one of the best team in NBA history, Argentinans are very good players (Manu is fantastic and a very clutch player), but maybe they play too monotonous. Byron Scott is a good coach and he knows to beat San Antonio (My forecast: NO - SA 4-2) bye