Sunday, May 11, 2008

Glory Glory Carlitos

This season has seen the closest battle ever in the English Premiership in recent times and I must say I’ll be glad to have Man Utd winning the title anytime over Chelsea. That is for sure.

But for one player in this United team, his journey in English football is absolutely EXTRA-ORDINARY.
For me, the stage was already set in last season’s finale when West Ham came to Old Trafford for a must win game to avoid relegation. And it was this little fella that scored the winning the goal that help the Hammers survival in the Premiership thus earning a round of applause from 70,000 attendees who watch that game. Among them was Sir Alex Ferguson, whom I believe knew exactly what he wanted to spearhead United’s challenge for the following season.
If Fergie needed to thank one particular player for helping United retaining their crown this season, no it’s not RONALDO or ROONEY or NANI or GIGGS or SCHOLES but without a doubt it has to be Carlos TEVEZ himself. If you think I’m simply being biased than let me give you three reasons why: -

- It was he who scored the only goal at Anflied against fierce rival Liverpool back in December

- It was he who scored a last minute equalizer against Spur back in February

- He also scored a last minute equalizer against Blackburn in April.

Take away them, and United will have already conceded the title to Chelsea even before the kickoff against Wigan.

From the way it looks like, TEVEZ is the type of player that is made for those special types of occasions and should definitely lead United’s attack in Moscow. After all we already knew how special he was a long time ago. But we will get into that later.

For now, congratulations to him on becoming the third Argentine player to win a Premiership medal with the Red Devils, following the footstep of Juan Sebastian VERON (2003) and Gabriel HEINZE (2007). Truly a living legend.



John said...

In other result on Sunday, Fiorentina move back into fourth place to boost they’re of qualifying for the Champions League after defeating Parma 3-1. Mario SANTANA scored the equalizer in the 39th minute before further goals from SEMIOLI and OSVALDO ensured La Viola’s win.

In Spain, Federico FAZIO notched his third goal in two matches after scoring in Sevilla FC 2-0 away win over Real Betis.

Leandro ROMAGNOLI scored from the penalty spot in Sporting Lisbon 2-1 win over Boavista in Portugal.

In the Russian league, Christian Omar MAIDANA scored the equzlizer for Spartak Moscow in the 1-1 draw against PFK Samara Kryliya Sovetov.

Finally in Greece, Dario FERNANDEZ was on target for Panionios in their 2-2 draw with AEK Athens.

Mathew said...

Have been a United fan since 02-03 season..and a Tevez fan since wanted him to join United last year..i was jumping with joy when I heard the news...He made and extraordinary effort to gel in so well with mates out there and that showed in his games too...Would love for him to continue at united for many more years...(what else he has made me a Boca fan too)..

He effort for the team cause was typefied in the Utd-Barca game when he was hounding the Barca defenders and mids big time..I am just waiting for him to do those samba dances from his Corinthian days..( or was it just a brazilian crowd attracter thing??) ..anyways I hope good for him in the future and hope he and Messi can bring Argentina the world cup next time over!!!..

-Clare- said...

congrats for the title!

although i would like to see liverpool lifting the trophy (i'm a diehard fan btw!=D), you guys deserve it.

so ur a tevez fan? if i gotta choose one player from man u, it gotta be ronaldo.
He's insane. how on earth did he managed to score so many goals in one season?

btw, which country are u from? i doubt ur from msia(my country) right?

i love talking football. lol. =D

John said...

Thanks for your comment Claire.

Actually I am from Malaysia. A passionate Albiceleste supporter from Malaysia.

I like Liverpool to because of Javier MASCHERANO. It's a pity that you guys could not make the trip to Moscow.

Do feel free to drop by anytime.

Oliver said...

I agree with you my friend. But we should give credit to all the players not just Tevez.

If Ronaldo didn't score 30 odd league goals this season we would not have won the league, if Rooney didn't score the 13 league goals and supplied countless of assists we would not have won the league, if Ferdinand Brown Vidic and Evra weren't exceptional all season we would not have won the league. If VDS didn't make some crucial saves we would not have won the league. Anyway you get my point, its all down to the WHOLE team not just to one player. Yes, Tevez is exceptional and yes his goals have been of great importance to United, but there again all goals have been important to United. So credit goes to all the squad.


Shuggo said...

I totally agree with what you say about Carlos Tevez. I am a massive United fan and he has been amazing for us this season.

Great Blog!!!


-Clare- said...

i wrote one super long comment and there was some error. O_o

oops.. my bad, ur blog title doesnt seem msia.
lol. so what is this albiceleste? a footie team? im sorry, im just blur. lol.

its a pity that liverpool cant do a showdown with man u.
man u might just get trashed by liverpool. lol.
they are pretty strong in european matches! haha..


Corinne said...

Tevez has become one of my favourite player too. His contribution is exceptional. When he first joined United and during his first few games, i was really frustrated but Sir Alex knows best. Look at all the important and nice goals he has scored.

Congratulations to Man United.

Glory Glory Man Utd as the REDS go marching on and on.

Let's get our total of 18 titles !!!

Mathew said...

Albiceleste refers to Argentina's white and light blue t-shirt...correct me if I am wrong...

johnny said...

Fantastic for ManU and Carlitos ! On a negative Albiceleste note however, Cuchu Cambiasso suffered a bad ankle injury this weekend. Unclear when he will be able to play again and likely suffered ligament damage. Might mean some interesting decisions for Coco in the next few months.

Fraser Mitchell said...

I am a Pompey fan but enjoy watching the big 4 play, especially against each other.

I rate Tevez highly - as mentioned above he was outstanding against Barca in the second leg and outshone Ronaldo, who looked to be suffering from stage fright.

I don't agree though that its down to him alone tht Man U have done so well this year. They have strength and depth in the side and Tevez has been on the bench for a lot of games I think.

As I mentioned in my own blog, Ronaldo is a quality player but needs to stop diving and looking to the referee each time he is tackled to become a truly world class player and to stop the jeering from the English fans who hate to see that.

John said...

Spot on Mathew!!! It is the national colour of Argentina.

WinsonKOH said...

I had been a Man Utd fan for quite some time, since Eric Cantona era I enjoyed every game on TV. Till now I still watch them play every week and I think there were ups and downs between the season when D.Beckham left Man Utd.

Sir Alex Ferguson signed C.Ronaldo as a replacement for him. I can't accept it at first, then he starts to improving after the World Cup in 2006 and became a better player. If it wasn't for him and other players like R.Giggs, P.Scholes, R.Ferdinand, W.Rooney, the Barclays Premier League would've not been won. I'm glad to say Manchester United did a fantastic job for winning the league in style. :D

Robin said...

Reds did it the Carlitos way, he's a great asset to United and all the fans.

Thank you Argentina for Carloz Tevez!

WinsonKOH said...

Opps i left out Tevez, yea he came at the right moment at the right time. Manchester was right to buy him because he was doing good at West Ham and they doesn't want to sell him at first. Then after some time Tevez was released from the contract and Man Utd officially sign him up. :D