Thursday, May 22, 2008

MESSI: "I will go to Beijing, no matter what!"

As Linda said in one of her comments on a previous post, Lionel MESSI has ended with the speculation that suggested he had chances of missing out on the Olympic tournament to stay with Barcelona and play the UEFA Champions League qualifiers. But Lionel himself has grabbed the bull by the horns and said at a press conference: "I'm going to Beijing. I'm the one who gets to decide and the Olympics are something that doesn't happen everyday and I may not have the chance to play there in the future."

Technically, Barcelona can't prevent MESSI from playing in the Olympics (like Bayern Munich is doing with DEMICHELIS or Milan with KAKÁ) because he is still U23. The only chance for him to be sidelined was if the player himself decided to skip the trip to Beijing. But Lionel is truly motivated to play in Beijing.

"I had enough rest while I was injured. I want to go to the Olympics because it's an amazing event and I want to live that experience".

"We don't even know which team will Barcelona face in the UCL Qualifying stages, but our team doesn't need me to win matches. We've got plenty of players that can help us win. I know the people at Barcelona can understand my decision."

And there was even time to talk about the coveted number 10 shirt. Will he be wearing it in Beijing?

"I'm wearing number 19 so far and I'm happy with it. I don't think the number of the shirt really matters. The important thing is to play well and do the job."

We've got our star-man in Beijing. Happy days!

8 comments: said...

great one from a great player like Messi , I am sure Barca can do without him and I am sure they will have no problem release but then they have got no choice as they have got to obey the laws

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Seba said...

No worries. That's not spam, mate!

John said...

I remember Germany's legend Jurgen KLINSMANN once saif that the most coveted prize that he ever won was his bronze medal from the Seoul'88 Games.

This was a real surprise to me especially coming from someone who has won a World Cup (1990) and Euro (1996).

His reason is because in a career span of a footballer, a player might only have once chance to play in the Olympics.

First and foremost it is highly unlikely that Barcelona are going to get a tough opponent in the qualifying round of the Champions League.

They've got the personnel that could make up for MESSI's absence.

By the way, this is something off the topic. But did you anyone of you realized that there might be chance that TEVEZ could face Boca in a United jersey?

proud2bnepali said...

coool!! one more reason to love him...such love for the u guys see it often? no way...he is so humble inspite of being the greatest and that just increases his greatness...

The road to 2010 begins August the 7th........

Vamos Messi!!
Vamos Argentina

allan ng said...

If Messi doesn't want the no. 10 shirt, then I am sure Aguero will take it. He wore it in World Youth Cup last year and he looked good in it. This Argentine side is undoubtedly the strongest team at the Games, on paper at least.

Tevez playing against Boca? I wonder what Diego will say about that!

By the way Diego was in Cannes promoting his biographical film. Has anyone seen it?

Linda said...

I think the discussion about the no.10 shirt was mostly about Barca - since Ronaldinho is leaving, some are saying that Messi should take the 10 shirt there.

(I'm perfectly happy for Roman to retain the no.10 shirt for the Olympics.)

Romy said...

I think Roman will wear the number 8 again when he'll play at the olympics. He wore it against Guatemala in april and it has always been his preferred shirt to wair when it comes to the albiceleste.

John said...

It is never going to be easy for any players to wears the no.10. If you know what I mean.

To make thing comfortable for Roman's sake, I feel it is best he wears his usual no.8 jersey. After all, he rarely dissapoints in that no.

My preference would be Kun for the No.10.