Saturday, May 03, 2008

A Goal From Carlitos, Kun & Ayala

If there is one thing that sometime people don't realize about Carlos TEVEZ is that he scores during special occasions. Yesterday was that different at all. Against the same club he help to save them from relegation, for the same club he actually scored against last season.

RONALDO might have been busy picking up awards here and there, but in this match anything he has done was overshadowed by TEVEZ 30 yard powerful strike. More importantly, the result will certainly put the pressure back on Chelsea who have to beat Newcastle to stay in contention for the Premiership crown.

In Spain, with Leo FRANCO, Maxi RODRIGUEZ and Kun AGUERO all starting, Atlético Madrid badly needed to win against Recreativo to tighten their grip for a place in next season Champions League.

Captain Maxi created the second goal with a powerful run down the right and his low pass into the six-yard box was slotted home by Kun, his 18th goal of the season. But the day belong to birthday boy Ingacio CAMACHO who scored two goals.

What has actually really happen to Real Zaragoza this season? Last season there were one of the front runners for a place in the Champions League and Diego MILITO was every La Liga defenders worst nightmare.

At the start of today match against Deportivo La Coruña, they are lying in the relegation spot. With Recreativo losing to Atlético, a win is a must to see them moving out of the bottom three.

For one moment it looked like it wasn't going to just happen for until Roberto AYALA scored a dramatic winner in the 94th minute. He even cried after scoring that goal.


Anonymous said...

Guys HUGE HUGE HUGE News, Chelsea are willing to put up 80million Euros almost 160 Million for Messi. Looks like Roman wants Messi and anything goes. He also is planning to get Aguero as well. We might have a Messi and Aguero line up in the EPL. I hope both player stay in the EPL though. Here is a link.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about that stay in La Liga.


John said...

Not absolutely not Chelsea!!! No way!!!

enganche said...

Do you think Roberto Ayala is regretting turning Villarreal down last summer to instead sign for Zaragoza? Hmm, let's see, compete for a Champions League spot next season or fight to avoid relegation? What would you choose? Ayala made the wrong choice.

Speaking of Villarreal, how about the play of Gonzalo Rodriguez? After basically two years ago out due to injuries he's back and is playing well for Villarreal in central defense. Maybe a recall to the national team is around the corner?

John said...

Thanks for your comment, enganche.

Gonzalo RODRIGUEZ was huge promising talent and then due to his injuries faded out from the scene for quite sometime.

It took a bit a while for him to get back to his form. I can't find any bigger testimony to that seeing Villareal playing Champions League football next season.

A re-call to the National team you say? Why not.

I say he could fight for a place alongside Martin DEMICHELIS and Ezequile GARAY. These days I'm noy so sure about Gaby MILITO.

johnny said...

Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope that NO players from Argentina head to Chelsea, least of all Messi !!!!! I can see Barca letting some players go, but I would be shocked if Messi was one of them.