Sunday, May 18, 2008

From Manchester To Moscow, With Love

We at Mundo always believe in sharing our space with others who would like to post an article on our blog, just as long if it has some connection with the Albiceleste. For me personally, I have always fascinated to read people who support other clubs or team, to hear from their perspectie about a certain Albiceleste.

So with the Champions League Final fast approaching, I was on a mission to look for any Red Devils supporter out there to give his/her thought about a certain player for this match. Good for me, I need not to go that far as I have already found the best person for this job not that far from where I live. So take it way Senor Alwin....


What happens when you mix oil with water? The same result in football will be mixing Argentina and Machester United. Both liquefied elements that don’t seem to mix well. To me, both these teams represent my favorite foot baling nation and club. Well, born a Malaysian, we are left much to be desired about the state of our local football. Hence I seek solace and happiness in both these teams and we go years back.

I’m not going to talk in depth about what the Albiceleste has done for me for this time, as we know this is a blog focused on Argentina and many of us share the same passion and experience for the national team. What I would like to do now is to talk about Manchester United in this blog and I’m also going to proclaim that I absolutely disgust the English national team because I think they are utter rubbish. I always long to see Argentina beating England anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Not so much of a rainbow connection here right.

Hence it would make absolute sense if an Argentine plays for my favorite club. Moreover, the ultimate dream came true when my favorite player signed for my favorite club in 2001, talking about killing 2 birds with one stone. The player donned the No.4 Jersey and carried the nickname “La Brujita”. The smile on my face was beyond measure and after 51 appearance and 11 goals to his credit, the “Little Witch” flew from Old Trafford to Stamford Bridge. I guess it’s enough about Seba VERON for now; as I know many of you here have your reservations about it, fully respect your opinions.

The number 4 jersey was not left off the hook as the next player to don the jersey was a tenacious left-back who played center-back for his country. Senor Gabriel HEINZE who in his first season was voted as the FANS’ PLAYER OF THE YEAR despite the ROONEYMANIA hitting the waves at that time. Just picture this; an Argentine defender goes into the English club folklore ahead of an Englishman who was cooking a storm, a moment to cherish without a doubt.

As time went by, VERON and HEINZE have become part of a Historical Archive. Many people would consider VERON as the “Man of Mystery” but I guess he is a “Man of History” these days. Both these players share 2 things in common. The first as highlighted before, they wore the number 4 shirt. The second is that both gentlemen always split the opinions of fans equally, some absolutely adore them, and some absolutely hate them. This is something I got to learn when I visited this blog where Argentine fans come from all walks of life.

I guess enough of the golden oldies. As we look forward to the future, or shall I say on the 21st of May 2008. Compared to both VERON and HEINZE who successfully split the votes, there is a man out there that does just the opposite.
People absolutely feel the power and passion of this guy. He can do something what the above two guys failed. He can draw the crowd with some scintillating displays, fast pace, quick footwork and never ending work rate. He is short and out of shape, he has got 2 great feet and he came from Boca and NO He is NOT Diego MARADONA. The person who can command all the above attributes that represents the Red Devils and Albiceleste is of course the “Apache” Carlos Alberto TEVEZ.

Carlos TEVEZ, or the Brazilians call him Carlitos, yes even the Brazilians love him. He was introduced to the Champions League this season and with 528 playing minutes under his boots, 4 very important goals especially the goal at the Stade Gerland and 1 assist, one might say a job well done. The importance of that away goal at Lyon helped to push forward the Man Utd juggernaut to the final.
We must come to terms that there is more to Carlos TEVEZ than just banging in the goals, he is forward, not a striker. From what I think, the difference between the two is that a forward contributes more by making off the ball runs to draw defenders away; they play behind the striker and assist the striker on most occasions, contributing overall to the game.
This is exactly what Sir Alex needs when he faces Chelski at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow on the 21st of May 2008. He needs to start TEVEZ to play alongside ROONEY. Sir Alex called him his LION, at time, you can’t dispute this because you see the way he chases defenders is like a lion let loose on the gladiator circle, starving for days and wanting to win the meatball back.

Since 1999 every Man Utd fan awaits the day another final will beckon, and now we are just days away. I would love to see TEVEZ starting the match. He has come off the bench on a few occasions during the course of the champion’s league, but he needs to start this. I would want him to achieve the double from which he has already got his first League winners medal last weekend. People in England love him and he is a legend in Upton Park already. He needs to chase John TERRY whom I think will be playing with an injured elbow and give him a hell of a time.

So please TEVEZ, please show us, not only the Man Utd fans but football fans in general that Chelsea will not win the Cup because it’s in Moscow. You see the “rainbow connection” between Moscow and a particular owner of a London club. Let’s put that aside, put football into focus and the final will be the first time two English teams meet at the biggest stage in club football. Fair play to both teams and we get a spectacle to feast our eyes on.
This is a plea for you TEVEZ, I know you will play with your heart out, you always do, this time is going to be something extra special, and it’s the biggest final in your club career. I wish you the best. At the same time, you will provide me with a chance to finally silence some Chelsea glory hunters around me once and for all. What better to have an Argentinian involved on such an auspicious occasion I pray.

In the end, my passion for both the Albiceleste and The Red Devils is just like the composition of blood running in my body. The BLUE BLOOD (deoxygenated) representing ARGENTINA and the RED BLOOD (oxygenated) representing MANCESTER UNTED. No other person will make it more complete except for Carlos TEVEZ to have a master class performance. He has both the BLUE and RED that keeps me going. Just like in the past, something which VERON and HEINZE did proudly when they donned both these jerseys.

* Just a food for thought, wonder which team will Juan Sebastian VERON would be supporting in the final? Since he featured for both these clubs before.



Seba said...

What a wonderful article, Alwin!

You explained your feelings in a brilliant way and I'm sure you will have your life on hold until the end of those breath-taking 90 minutes on Wednesday.

I will be supporting Manchester United but only because they have TEVEZ and they face Chelsea. I'm not a Man Utd fan and I must say I was a hater but they have convinced me they are not the "Red Evils" as I thought they were. They play very attractive football and I respect the incredible relationship the club have with its fans around the world.

There are a few things I still dislike about Manchester United and Alex Ferguson is top of that list! haha! But again...Carlitos has made sure 99 or even 100% of the football-mad Argies will be supporting Manchester United on Wednesday. thing about TEVEZ that I've realised. The Champions League is the only major trophy he still haven't won at club level. He won the league title in Argentina, Brazil and England (everywhere he played). He won the Copa Libertadores, the Copa Sudamericana and the Intercontinental Cup with Boca Juniors and he is still in with a chance of lifting the Champions League trophy.

Perhaps the FA Cup is the other trophy missing in his room, but I'm sure he'll win it in the future.

When asked about it in an interview, he said: "I don't pay attention to those stats. I love to play in the finals and the finals need to be played to win. That's what I do. That's what I'll do on Wednesday if I have the chance to play. And to be honest, I need to win the World Cup with Argentina."

He forgot about the small difference between club football and international football. Perhaps because he can't tell the difference and he plays with everything he's got everytime he takes the field.

John said...

Seba, isn't that's the TEVEZ that will all have grown to love. Always giving 110% in every game he plays.

By the way Alwin, thanks for your contribution. I believe you have summarized your feelings for the Red Devils and Argentina to brilliant perfection!!!

As always whenever there is an Argentine, you can count on my support all the way.

Devilzz91 said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog John, letting me know about this.

If any passionate Manchester United supporters are reading this and looking to write, send me an email and I'll consider you for a job on my blog!

Anyway, I'm with John on a 2-1 win for Manchester United. Hopefully this final will be exciting, because as we know, Chelsea and Manchester United encounters can be excruciatingly drab..

I'm predicting a goal from Rooney and possibly one from Tevez if he starts. Tevez has been an instrumental player for us this year, scoring some of the most important goals. It's only a matter of time before he signs a permanent deal with us.. my only hope is that he goes back to Boca only when he's reached 30.

Chelsea are a very negative and defensive team and so I'd predict that they will be lucky to get the one goal, if they do, it'll probably come from their midfield, possibly Ballack who has been in sensational form lately.

Come on United, do this for Fergie!

Oliver said...

Great review Alwin.

I don't really feel confident about this match, I've got a feeling that Chelsea will win the match but lets hope United do win it.


sikamikanico said...

I really aren't as well informed of the players these days as I should be (most football these days on Australian TV is on pay TV only, including Premier League, which is irritating). So thank you very much for this perspective ahead of tonight's game!

Alwin said...

Hi Guys. Thanks for the comments. I can only hope for the best for TEVEZ and GANG. I really love to see him score, this is biggest stage for him in his club career. Glory Glory Man UTD, Vamos APACHE!!

Anonymous said...

Great article, John. I'm hoping a huge RED victory and a goal from Carlitos (as you wrote, that's how we call him here in Brazil).

I can't wait for the kickoff!

Come on United!

Robin said...


You rock John!