Thursday, May 29, 2008

Copa Libertadores - Boca/Fluminense (S/Final 1st Leg)


John said...

You can't take anything away from Roman's second goal. Class!!! Class!!! Class!!!

johnny said...

John-thanks for your continued support of Boca ! With a little luck, Boca can win next week in Brazil and move into the finals. Now if only we could hire a hypnotist to work with Seba and get him on board. He's actually been pulling for CLUBS FROM BRAZIL !! I think he is going to paint his next car yellow and green !

Seba said...

Easy Johnny! Easy! hahaha!

One thing is to adopt a team from Brazil (because of my time living in that country) and one VERY DIFFERENT thing is to support their national team! That'll never happen, my friend!

Wait...I don't know which team would I support if Brazil ever faces Boca Juniors! That'll be a tricky one. Nah...nah...not tricky at all...where's that yellow and green paint you were mentioning?


John said...

C'mmon now Seba. Poor Johnny has been through a lot already.

Don't worry mate, we'll get him in the second leg.