Thursday, May 29, 2008

A mention in The Guardian

One week ago I saw a feature on the English newspaper The Guardian, called The Knowledge, about managers with spells in three or more clubs from the same city (anywhere in the world).

It was a very interesting article and after I read it, I thought: "Wait...there must be at least one manager with such a career in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo". So I did a little research (not very exhaustive) and I thought I'd drop them a line.

Turns out they published the information I sent them and I got a mention in today's edition of The Knowledge.

I thought I'd share it with you:

Scroll down to the last subject, called: WHO HAS MANAGED THE MOST CLUBS IN ONE CITY (2)?


Roy said...

Sweet man, congrats:).

And thanks for the article too, lol. It's very informative(and living in Canada, I'll take any information about anything South America related).

John said...

Well done Seba, it's that easy to get something like the Guardian to mention your name on their blog.

Thanks for sharing those wonderful information.