Monday, May 12, 2008

Playoffs News - Manu Posts 15 & Spurs Brings Series Even

Jack was spot on!!! San Antonio Spurs did what they had to do and have now even the series against the New Orleans Hornet with 100-80 win. Finally the defending champion has managed to win convincingly against the surprise package of the season.

The Big Three responded with a high definition offense, which saw five players with double-digit points, including two from the bench. Tim DUNCAN had a gallant effort in defense posting game highs of 15 rebounds & 4 block shot including 22 points.

“We’ve got to play Game 5 the same way we approached Game 3 and 4,” Manu GINOBILI said. “That is going to be huge, so we don’t have to have any satisfaction with what we just accomplished. We are the same way we started.”

Manu was again pick as a starter, posted 15 points, 4 rebounds, a game high 8 assists, 1 steal and 1 block shot. With a doubt, a tremendous effort from him.

Fabricio OBERTO was given extended minutes towards the latter stage of the fourth quarter as Spurs have already established a comfortable lead. He manages to post just 4 points only.

Now the series will head back to New Orleans, in which Spurs must avoid the same tragedy, their suffered from Game 1 & 2.


Dingo said...

It seems like ancient history now, but we had slim margins at the half in both of the first two games in New Orleans -- four and one respectively. Those leads weren't enough to save us from third quarter collapses.

This time we led by 13 at the half and never looked back, thanks to tremendous play by our Big Three in the second and third quarters.

If the Spurs are to win one of two in New Orleans, they'll need to shut things down again in the second quarter. And they've shown they can do it.

halley said...

yes!!.. i wished for this moment to come and now the series is even to 2-2. the Big Three were great and what i was loving through the game was Fab Oberto, he was simply superb!.. the spurs' defense? is to simply stop everyone who doesn't wear the #3 jersey on the hornets. why stop cp3 anyway, if you can stop everybody else? superb defense of the spurs!..

Martin Andreasson said...

I do believe that Spurs have the edge on Hornets now. Their playoff experience will come into play and also the face that Tony Parker is on fire!
The only thing that can save Hornets is Chris Paul and Home cout adnvantage.

Take care!
/ Martin

JaCa said...

Hi John,

Iam pretty sure that the Hornets will take the series lead again. Home court advantage matters much. Chris Paul will have a big game, so will David West. I mean he missed some easy shots in Game 4..

How do you found my blog?

Greetz from Germany,


Scott T. Bergen said...

The first four games are now irrelevant. It is down to a three game series. This is where the Hornets' inexperience will show. All they need to do is blow one of two games at home and it's over.

If the Spurs can weather what is likely to be an emotional, frenetic first half in game 5, it could be over in 6.

DMtShooter said...

The Spurs' biggest advantage in this series is Popovich over Scott. The Spurs make adjustments; the Bugs do not.

To wit, is Scott even aware that his bench players -- Wells, Wright, Armstrong -- can provide some decent minutes and, if nothing else, hard fouls on the Ginobili and Duncan? If Popovich were coaching the Bugs, you can bet that both men would be battered by now... and that the series would be 3-1 NO.

Finally, every team needs to stop with their own Big 3 thing already. It's too generic to be of any interest to anyone, and the Spurs have rings; they can do better. Amigos? Musketeers? Kings?

America's White Boy said...

The Spurs went through a phase in the middle of the season where they looked mediocre. The age of their players stops them from being dominant every game, which you witnessed in the first two games of the New Orleans/San Antonio series.

When the Spurs went back home for game 3 and 4, you noticed that they went back to what they do well (defense and the ability to get Manu and Parker points in the paint). Chris Paul was too much for Bowen to handle defensively, so they switched him over to Parker and thus Paul wasn't as effective.

I think it would be a great story if the Hornets pulled out a win in the series. New Orleans is a fun team to watch and the nucleus of the team has only been together about two seasons. Chris Paul is good for the NBA and the Spurs are a great team, but I think it's time for a fresh team to come out of the West, other than the Spurs or Lakers.

Yaj Nitsuga said...

I'm watching game 5 as I write this. I figure the Spurs have a good shot at winning this in 6 or 7. They have won 11 straight playoffs at home and if they played the Hornets 4 times in New Orleans I would be willing to bet they would at least win one. Wouldn't you?

I'll post my thoughts on game 5 when it's over at

Anonymous said...

San An have their backs aganist the wall again. Down 3-2 now, going back to San An on thursday. This is a MUST win, win or go home! and if they lose 1 more game this series so much for a repeat. David West was a monster in that game 38 points 14 rebounds, and CP3 had 22 an 14ast. San An must must win that 3rd quarter if they have a shot to reach the CONF finals. San An has to protect HC Thursday night and with a win plat a game 7 Monday which is good and will give them plenty of rest. I was hoping the would go up in HT by 7 or 8 but they only went up 3 and shots started to go in for NO and San An missed shot after shot after shot. This reminds me a lot of the 2002 WCF when the Lakers played the Kings, the up and coming team vs the veteran champs, Kings with a 3-2 win almost had the series in hand but lost in 7. Will it happen again I really hope so.