Friday, May 16, 2008

Playoffs News - Gracias Manu, We Have Game 7

For the sixth straight games it is another comfortable win for the home team. But one real irony is that, it’s been a while since San Antonio Spurs had to face elimination in the playoffs.
But tonight like true champion they raised their game to conquer the New Orleans Hornets and force a decisive game 7.

And in true typical fashion, Manu GINOBILI was there again to ensure that the Spurs are not just finish yet with this series. Ultimately, he was the best contributor from the Spurs side, posting 25 points, 4 rebounds & 2 assists.
I was very happy to see Fabricio OBERTO back in the starting five though he contributed little with 4 points, 4 rebounds & 2 assist.
If you ask a Math’s genius to give him analyses of the series, chances are that he might say that the Hornets will take Game 7. All because of one good reason, they’re playing at home. Who could blame for that. On the other hand, surprises are always there. It’s just that you don’t know where it just might happen.

My only wish is that in true Argentine spirit, I want both Manu & Fabio to raise their game on Monday. And to the rest of the team, please stop that third quarter syndrome once and for all.


Anonymous said...

Who the hell knows who'll win game 7. Anyone who gives you a reasoned, thought-out opinion on "why-so-&-so-team-will-win" is flat-out lying.
No-one knows.

salvatore said...

Hello, thanks for comment in my blog ... but i'm not speak english :-(

VJ Rabid said...

Hey John,

The Spurs have come alive. Manu led the way, and Tim Duncan played well, too.

Perhaps more tellingly, the bench has stepped up. And that blindside pick by Robert Horry. Ouch!

Horry's rabbits that he pulls out of the hat often end up incapacitating the other team, so things are looking good for the Spurs in Game 7.

VJ Rabid

Yaj Nitsuga said...

Love the Obi Wan Ginobili comment you posted on my blog...may have to steal that sometime :-)

Now the NBA Playoff mantra, "Win or Go Home" has true meaning.

While I thing the sportscasters are over exaggerating when they hype San Antonio's experience factor in Game 7 (Spurs have never faced a Game 7 in any of the 4 Championship Seasons), I have to believe they can win at least 1 out of 4 in New Orleans.

Anonymous said...

Obi Wan Ginobilli, great name. I think the Spurs have performed extraordinarily, but unfortunately most of that was at home. This is no fault of their own, but homecourt seems to now have the effect that home field has in European Soccer. I just see that Chris Paul has seemed to be dominant at home, and not to forget David West. Now for the Spurs, they haven't done horrible, on the other hand they haven't done exceptionally well on the road. I'm not doubting them, but "The Trend" as I call it, has held through 17 of 18 second round games as of this moment. The only home loss was by the Magic and it was one point. In the end heroes will be made in game 7, and one time will emerge as the victors, it will be a game to watch. Thanks for reading my blog as well. Kudos,


Esteban said...

Yaj Nitsuga,

You are mistaken when you say the Spurs have never faced a game 7 in any of their championship seasons. The Spurs beat the Pistons in 7 games to win their 2005 championship and as usual in big games Ginobili was clutch as he will be on Monday. Manu expends so much energy with his style of play the 3 days of rest will serve him well and if you bet against him and the rest of the Spurs in this game you're crazy. Some teams would see the game on the road as a difficult problem to overcome the Spurs will see it as a challenge. It's not just experience after all the Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavs have experience it's past success. When you've been there and done it you play free of doubt.

John said...

I remember that 2005 Championship very well.

One that I still believe that Manu should have been named as Finals MVP.

halley said...

I don't wanna think that the Hornets have home court advantage on Game 7, what i would love to think is that both teams have a few days to rest. Rest is what the Spurs right now to recover from that strenuous two games against CP3 & Co. Manu Ginobili played very well and Tim Duncan as well, but like I said on one of my previous entries, everybody [on the Spur' side] has to step their game. They can't always rely on the Big Three. And by the way, they'd probably need ear plugs because i'm very sure the NO crowd is going to be louder than ever! Go Spurs!!!

Anonymous said...

As upset as I am by the fact that the Hornets lost Game 6. I have to give credit where credit is due. The Spurs bench understands that in order for their team to win, they have to come in and they have to fight hard. The Hornets bench didn't seem to understand that.

There are some sloppy things about the Spurs play but even when they turn the ball over, the Hornets didn't seem able to take advantage of those opportunities.

Yaj Nitsuga said...

You are right...I couldn't recall a Game 7 in any of their playoff runs, but how could I forget the '05 Championship series...especially since I did mention in a previous post that I thought Manu deserved the MVP in that series.

Relieved to see the Spurs got game 7. The drive for back-2-back championships is still alive!