Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bad news for Gabriel MILITO

I've learned today that Gabriel MILITO will miss an additional three months due to his knee injury. He was believed to miss 6 months but he will now be sidelined for 9 in what's a really huge blow for him.

We wish him a speedy recovery!


John said...

I feel pitty for Gaby, I really do. He arrived at Barca with full of promises but turns out to be a disastrous season both for him and the club.

I do hope he recovers soon and maybe we will get to see the Gaby that we were used to seeing in Zaragoza.

Also not to forget, a big congrats to Alejandro DOMINGUEZ!!!

A historical moment for him and Zenit St.Petersburg winning the UEFA Cup.

Anybody say the game?

Seba said...

I watched the game. There was always going to be one winner and that was Zenit.

Rangers played to keep a clean sheet and they couldn't.

Zenit saw out, Olympique Marseille, Villarreal and Bayern Munich on their way to the final and they were the best team by far.

Nice to see Alejandro "Chori" DOMINGUEZ celebrating on the pitch with an Argentina flag.