Friday, May 02, 2008

Playoffs News - Jazz Ends Scola's Dreams

They did everything they could to force Game 7 but just couldn't muscle against a Jazz that is more than superior at home. Perhaps they key factor here was that two defeat the Rockets suffered at home.

So once again Tracy McGRADY will say goodbye to the post season in the first round. As Luis SCOLA he will look back at what has been in fantastic season in his NBA debut.

He started off as a bench player struggling for minutes and often getting into foul troubles. Slowly he was getting use to the pace and eventually became a core figure in Rick ADELMAN plans for the Rockets. Tonight was just one of his usual contribution, 15 points, 9 rebounds and 1 block shot.

I feel he will leave this season with plenty of highs as he is a proven gem in the NBA. And the Rockets must look forward to next season with plenty of optimism, especially when YAO Ming returns from injury.

Go gets some rest Luis, Beijing 2008 is waiting for you.


halley said...

During the regular season, the Utah Jazz proved that they are ready for the playoffs. Luck didn't just get them to where they are now, which is the semis, it is because they are really good. And when they meet the Lakers, Kobe will realize that his team should've never taken the 1st seed. For the Lakers-Jazz series, it'll be the Jazz.


I think it is better that Pop decided to let go Luis Scola. Look at him now, he's developed into a great NBA player and I know he still have a lot to offer. And he'll be showing it to us next season.

Vedran Agovic said...

Great stuff here mate! I love the Argentine football players.

Gastón said...

Great post. See you!